Currency Wars

Where’s The Gold? The Risk To The Dollar From The Shift

by Mike August 9, 2013

GrokTalk! This week – I’ll cover the strange conundrums of the gold and currency markets, such as:

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Domestic Currency Wars?? Texas Wants Its Gold Back!

by Mike April 9, 2013

We warned you previously of the danger of global currency wars, and that the trouble could come in two major flavors: Competitive devaluation, most recently in the form of massive printing by the Bank of Japan. Nations moving away from Dollars as their reserve/trading currency. We told you about the gold purchases and repatriation by […]

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Japan’s Printing HOW Much?

by Mike April 6, 2013

We’ve been warning for some time of currency wars (competitive devaluation), which is the 21st century equivalent of the 1930s “beggar thy neighbor” tariff policies. Late last year, when campaigning for election as Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe made it very clear that deflation was his fear, and reflation was his plan, not to mention the […]

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Pushing On A String – Dollar Without Visible Means Of Support

by Mike April 1, 2013

We already know that the Euro is pretty much held up by Leprechauns and rainbows, but what’s holding the Dollar up? Thanks to currency wars, which the G20 swore off for just long enough to hold their news conference in February, the aggressive printing of Euros and Yen are driving investors toward Dollar investments, even […]

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The Spiral Begins – Competitive Devaluation, AKA Currency Wars

by Mike February 12, 2013

Updated and bumped: Less than 24 hours after we brought you this warning, we read that The world’s biggest banks are begging the leaders of the G20 nations to avoid a currency war. From The Blaze: The world’s biggest banks on Monday begged the Group of 20 economic powers to work together to avoid a […]

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Exorbitant Privilege vs Pushing On A String: The Decline Of The Dollar

by Mike January 21, 2013

It can’t happen here; We’re too big (to fail?); The whole world wants Dollars; We could never become The Weimar Republic/ Zimbabwe/ Greece/ 1960s Britain… After all, OUR financial wizards are too smart to let that happen! Not so much! Just because Ron Paul has been telling us for a long time that the Federal […]

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