BlogHeadlines of the Day – you knew they were coming, didn’t you?

by Skip March 8, 2018

Hollywood’s Oscars Night Tanks as NRA Membership Skyrockets The audience for ABC’s Sunday annual telecast of the Oscars declined for a fourth consecutive year, according to Nielsen data, dropping to an all-time low of 26.5 million viewers. The dip of nearly 20% from last year put it under the previous low of 32 million in […]

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The Interviews, Week Ending 3-3-2018

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2018

Another week’s worth of interviews in one convenient package on topics from parents, kids and the culture, gender equality legislation, the epic breakdown in Broward County, catching vote-stealers, and building up a political website with reach. (Plus, an extra six minutes with CNHT chairman Ed Naile.) Subscribe to our Spreaker RSS feed Also Available on […]

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The Trans-Bill is Back and There’s Gonna Be Trouble…

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2018

The Trans-Bill is back (HB 1319) as Kimberly Morin joins me to talk about the legislation, how it threatens actual rights, violates women’s privacy, carves out special exceptions, and why we don’t even need it. Follow GrokTALK! on Also Available on Google Play

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Victoria Sullivan – Kids, Culture, and Violence

by Steve MacDonald February 26, 2018

New Hampshire House Assistant Majority Leader Victoria Sullivan joins me to discuss kids culture and violence in the wake of the recent Florida shootings, with a focus on her recent article at NH Political, “The Truth No One Wants to Hear.” Also Available on Google Play

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Every school shooter you’ve heard of came out of public schools

by Steve MacDonald February 20, 2018

While the professional left and their collectivist herd bleat and low about the government watchdogs that failed again having more power to watch over this or that, the political Right is having an increasingly constructive discussion about how we got here from there. We built a culture in which celebrity is our highest aspiration. From “Lifestyles […]

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Democrat: “We cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with pride when our babies are being slaughtered.”

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2018

Full-time pro-abortion progressive Kamal Harris had a thought the other day about the recent shooting in Florida. We cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with pride when our babies are being slaughtered. — Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) February 16, 2018 Planned Parenthood (PP) gave $81,000.00 dollars to Harris who, as California AG, […]

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“Gun didn’t change. We changed.”

by Steve MacDonald February 18, 2018

So, the Media and entertainment culture is to blame. WATCH: Washington sheriff after latest school shooting: “You started glorifying cultures of violence — you’ve glorified the gang culture, you’ve glorified games that actually give you points for raping and killing people. Gun didn’t change. We changed.” H/T John Burt – Facebook

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Breaking News: Snowflakes Don’t Like Being Called Snowflakes

by Steve MacDonald December 8, 2017

Recent research has uncovered another one of those ‘water is wet’ discoveries. A new survey by insurance firm Aviva found that 72 percent of 16 to 24-year-olds believe the term “snowflake” is unfairly applied to millennials. 74 percent of respondents took it a step farther, arguing that they believe the use of the label could have a negative […]

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The NFL’s Kneel-a-Palooza Isn’t What They Think It Is and They Don’t Even Know It

by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2017

The NFL’s Kneel-a-palooza is beginning to grate on my nerves. Team owners and players think they are doing something meaningful, but they’ve been shepherded into advocating a false-narrative that feeds the progressive mission to kneecap the culture, and most of them don’t even know it. Much like the hands-up-don’t-shoot meme, (which was a complete fabrication […]

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by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2017

From William Kilpatrick at Crisis Magazine. Europe is currently in the process of submitting to Islam, and America also seems destined to eventually submit. If you have young children or grandchildren, it’s likely that they will have to adapt at some point to living in a Muslim-dominated society. It won’t necessarily be a Muslim-majority society because, […]

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Whole Foods Lowers Prices: Commits Treason Against Pretentious Foodies

by Steve MacDonald September 3, 2017

Chicago Trib Reporter Rex Huppke has some fun at the expense of the stereotypical Whole Foods Cultist. The beef? Amazon is lowering prices. Good grief. Now eating ground beef that has been animal-welfare-rated won’t seem so special. And the days of silently mocking people who eat irresponsibly-farmed salmon are over, all thanks to a corporate […]

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REALLY?! White People Have No Culture?

by Steve MacDonald September 2, 2017

I have no idea who this is but she is interesting, and she makes some important points, from the perspective a person who has lived many years in a former Eastern Bloc country (Hungary) looking Westward at the nonsense going on in America.  

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Reaching Out to Texas

by Ellen Kolb August 29, 2017

The news coverage of the epic flooding in Texas leaves me overwhelmed. It’s good to hear about relief efforts that let those of us at a distance reach out with practical help. I’m sure your inbox and social media feeds are full of appeals which you’ll respond as you’re able. Here are a few that touched […]

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We Will Never Win the Culture War if We Give Them an Unimpeded Run of the Field

by Steve MacDonald August 12, 2017

Jonah Goldberg provides a glimpse into one of the better reasons for perseverance at this often-thankless blogging hobby. It’s our frick’n culture too. I’ve been arguing for 20 years that conservatives need to give up on the idea that we should set up a “parallel culture” for the simple reason that it’s our frick’n culture […]

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What Kind of Sexism Is this? Parents Stop Naming their Kids Caitlyn

by Steve MacDonald May 13, 2017

There are so many sorts of sexism these days it can be difficult to keep up. Much like the legislative sprawl that leads to your being guilty of breaking some law you never knew about, meaning you are always guilty of something, being a sexist pig is as easy as saying that there are so […]

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Target Stores Scale Back After Down Year

by Steve MacDonald February 2, 2017

Target Corp. is dumping projects and tightening their belts as they reevaluate their “growth strategy.” After sales and traffic continued to slide during the holidays, Target Corp. is scaling back big portions of its innovation agenda to double down on its core business. The Minneapolis-based retailer has killed Goldfish, a secretive e-commerce start-up it green-lighted a […]

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by Steve MacDonald December 23, 2016

SteynOnline. As recently as a quarter-century ago, Her Britannic Majesty’s Government, in order to contain a domestic emergency, was willing to impose internal travel restrictions within the United Kingdom on those suspected of terrorist associations, in order to prevent some fellows from Newry or West Belfast flying to Manchester or Birmingham and blowing stuff up. […]

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Not to be celebrated but truly is an indictment of our current culture: Post-Truth

by Skip November 21, 2016

Andrew Breitbart famously said “Politics is downstream from culture.  Keep that in mind…and just sigh… ‘Post-truth’ chosen as Oxford Dictionaries word of year LONDON (AP) — Oxford dictionary editors have chosen their word of the year: “post-truth,” a term sometimes used to describe the current political climate. Oxford Dictionaries said Wednesday that use of the […]

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The Cloward-Piven’ing of the EU is continuing; take notice

by Skip October 1, 2016

Alternatively: proving the Libertarian idea of open borders is a recipe for disaster. Emphasis mine: The continued flow of MENA [Middle East North Africa  -Skip] migrants into Europe remains the defining factor transforming the internal political dynamic in the European Union. The more than 1.5 million people who entered the EU last year, as well […]

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The Only Good Muslim is a Bad Muslim

by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2016
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The Senior Editor at, John Zmirack joins me for a conversation about “refugees” from Muslim nations, the absence of persecuted Arab Christians among these relocated populations, and how the only good Muslim for American culture, is a bad Muslim. Download this Segment | Listen to the Podcast

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LGBT Politics in the Waning Days of Obama

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2016
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Dr. Michael Brown joins us to talk about LGBT politics, the Transgender bathroom edict, and the course of cultural politics in the waning days of the Obama years. (Download this segment) (Full Podcast) Podcast RSS Feed  

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That is Called Conquest

by Steve MacDonald April 29, 2016
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When someone comes to your country and they embrace the habits, language, and traditions along with (or even in place of) their own they are advocating your nations worldview, culture, and values. When they refuse to assimilate or integrate, and demand you honor their language, habits, and traditions before your own, that is called conquest.     […]

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Men Have No Say? Then Why Make Them Pay?

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2016

[Bumped- because it came up on today’s GrokTALK!: Originally posted Feb 9th, 2012] The short-lived Komen for the Cure controversy over funding for Planned Parenthood ignited more than a few debates in the verse, more of them about abortion as it turns out than breast cancer screening. And we (men) were “reminded” of a few […]

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GrokTALK! March 26th, 2016

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2016
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This week our special guest is John Zmirak, Senior Editor of The Stream, and our guest host is Max Abramson as we discuss Mr. Obama’s photo op with Che Guevara, a conversion therapy bill, efforts to clarify concealed carry applications, a self-defense bill, the Brussels’ Muslim ‘sprouts’ and more.  

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Trump Populism, Why Cruz, Apple, Morality, and More…

by Steve MacDonald March 22, 2016
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ICYMI – From Feb 20th, 2016, Trump populism, why you should vote for Cruz, Apple vs. privacy, moral equivalency and more… Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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The Pre-Show…

by Steve MacDonald March 17, 2016
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When we get done prepping for the program on Saturday morning we often turn the recorders and cameras on and talk until the show starts. If you happen to be on the site already you’ll catch it on UStream. If not, here it is. The pre-show is available in a (sort-of) limited release; it is only published […]

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Is It All Just Too Much Work?

by Steve MacDonald March 17, 2016
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Four out of ten Millennials can’t be bothered to eat cold cereal. Too much work (wait for it). My kids eat cold cereal. Tons of it. We go through so much milk we should have our own cow. Cows? Cows might be too much work. But washing a bowl and spoon? The dream of all […]

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Candidate Cults of Personality

by Steve MacDonald March 13, 2016
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Kevin Kervick (Masters in Psychology) joins us as we talk Mizzou and the price of social engineering, candidate cults of personality (danger! danger!), why did Carson run, some clarity on an old Rubio scandal, and we set the table for the rest of the program. (Listen to the Full Podcast Here.)  

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March 12th, 2016 Podcast

by Steve MacDonald March 13, 2016
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This week we talk about SJW’s, Social engineering, morality vs political factions, the need for internal self-governance, fascists versus communists, Ruling class distrust of voters, and the latest Republican primary news.  

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Tomorrow on GrokTALK!

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2016
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Join us right here tomorrow morning, along with guest host Jane Cormier, as we discuss the passing of Justice Scalia and the Supreme Court vacancy, the South Carolina Primary, the latest Project Election fraud revelation from the New Hampshire primary, and a lot more…  

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