Cultural revolution

The undercurrent Revolution is bubbling up and now we see it

by Skip October 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders wasn’t kidding when he talked about setting a Revolution into motion.  Problem is, he’s about 140 years late – Joel Kotkin has the observation on our own Mao’s Revolution (emphasis mine): It’s increasingly unfashionable to celebrate those who made this republic and established its core values. On college campuses, the media and, increasingly, in […]

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Cultural Marxism and the Origins of ‘Modern’ Sexual Morality

by Steve MacDonald January 15, 2013

Here’s some “light viewing” to go with the morning coffee (eeeee), courtesy of Blogger Adam Cahn. Adam has this posted on his site and provides some bulleted highlights (can I still use the word ‘bulleted?’)  Go check them out whether you think you have time to watch this or not.  Odds are good you’ll make […]

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