Cultural Marxism

Quick Thought – On the fallacy of “Self-described Experts” by Maura Sullivan (Democrat Carpetbagger in CD-1)

by Skip September 7, 2018

which “Supply Sullivan” wants us to swallow: hook, line, and trigger. I haven’t watched the WMUR debates yet but will do so because, well, I should.  Still, this sound byte from their News caught my ear (emphasis mine): “I believe the veterans in Congress are going to lead on this because we have an unassailable […]

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You Can Start by Renaming the “White” Mountains

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2018

The denizens of the gentrified Portsmouth and Hanover ‘Class’ (and a few wannabes from Keene) are at it again. These easily offended liberals and their minions are getting uppity over local reactions to a fledgling plan to assuage Granite State White Guilt. New Hampshire is Too Damn White™. This from people living in places zoned […]

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It’s what the Left does – normalize what used to be taboo to accept their even worse

by Skip June 14, 2018

Comparisons, comparisons.  First, go back and read this.  Remember, the media ‘fessed up to “normalizing” homosexuality. Now this:  Bernie Sanders Says Liberals Are Turning the “Radical” into the “Mainstream.” And now this:  Drag queen superheroes show — ‘Super Drags’ — coming to Netflix: ‘They’re going to save the world’ So, normalizing Socialism and Communism.  Now add to […]

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Notable Quote – Roger Kimball

by Skip June 13, 2018

On what rot the 1960s wreaked upon today (emphasis mine):  “Only a few periods in American history,” the New York Times intoned in an editorial called “In Praise of the Counterculture”: … have seen such a rich fulfillment of the informing ideals of personal freedom and creativity that lie at the heart of the American intellectual tradition. […]

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I guess Scala or Galdieri haven’t heard the latest, have they?

by Skip June 10, 2018

Social conservatives will grumble, but they don’t appear to have the juice to make the popular governor pay the price for this,” Scala added. “There just aren’t enough voters, even in a statewide Republican primary, who will vote on these issues. That was true when it came to repealing gay marriage, and it’s true today.” […]

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Irony Alert: NH Gov. Diversity and Inclusion Council ‘Listening Sessions’ All Took Place in Towns Won by Clinton in 2016

by Steve MacDonald June 8, 2018

I’m trying to wade through the preliminary report from the Governor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion. The first thing that struck me was that their first foray into information gathering included “Listening Sessions” in three locations. Durham, Portsmouth, and Claremont. Yes, the diversity and inclusion council chose to begin their excellent virtue signaling adventure by “listening” to […]

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So, Tim Allen is going to try to out do Roseanne?

by Skip May 21, 2018

Between the two of them, Roseanne’s reboot and the impending reboot of Last Man Standing, I know of two NETWORK shows I may actually watch with some regularity (actually, I did LMS because the writing was always quite good and the chemistry between the talent showed through in that they did like it each other).  […]

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FIRE Gives UNH “Green Light” for Free Speech (Say What!)

by Steve MacDonald May 16, 2018

Greg Moore took me by surprise with a tweet about how the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) had given UNH it’s highest rating for free speech. Say what? As a regular critic, I commend @UofNH for revising their speech code, civility code and "bias incident protocol" to finally begin embracing free speech on campus. […]

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Marriage and the NHGOP

by Op-Ed May 12, 2018

By Carolyn McKinney – (Reposted) To advocates for removing “traditional” from marriage in the NHGOP platform. First, you are guilty of using the most frustrating and pernicious leftist debate tactic. To try to make your case, you use examples outside the norm – such as families who adopt, grandparents raising their grandchildren, single parents due to […]

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Deep State Warfare – The Global Deep State vs. President Trump

by Steve MacDonald April 27, 2018

Former NSC Staffer Rich Higgins was fired by H.R. McMaster. Probably because he truly understood what Mr. Trump was trying to do in the war against the Deep State. In what has been labeled as “The Rich Higgins Memo” he analyzes the global ruling class war against Mr. Trump and his country class supporters. Here’s a […]

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Could my favorite movie of all time be made today?

by Skip January 7, 2018

So which do you prefer: safe spaces or “Blazing Saddles”? (H/T: Powerline)

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War on Christmas – how can she say that “Jingle Bells” isn’t related to Christmas

by Skip December 17, 2017

EVERYTHING to Progressives/Leftist/Socialist HAS to be either indirectly racist or outright racist.  And if it isn’t, they’ll make sure that those invisible, unconscious, racist dots get connected somehow and some way. Boston University theatre professor Kyna Hamill recently argued in a research paper that the popular Christmas song has racist origins. “The legacy of ‘Jingle Bells’ is one where […]

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Catching up Part 4 – NHDP Chair Ray “Bomb the Hague” Buckley throws the “You will be made to care” card at Sununu

by Skip October 23, 2017

That would be gay Ray “Bomb the Hague” Buckley of the militant LGBTQRSTUV (and whatever other letters have been added this week – I’m too busy to keep up) wing of the Democrat Party that will use any and all issues.  In this case, he decides to use the Democrat Cultural Marxism tactic of  “you’re […]

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Has it come to this?

by Skip September 12, 2017

How far will the Left force the rest of us to go for “equality”? (H/T: Powerline)

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A professional Muslim singer can refuse to sing at a Christian church but a Christan…

by Skip March 12, 2017

but a professional Christian flower artist / photographer MUST can’t refuse a gay marriage? “That’s such a sticky situation”. Er, NO, it is not.  Only Political Correctness (aka, Cultural Marxism) makes it plausible ONLY if you really don’t think about it.  And most of these Precious Snowflakes are never challenged to really think. “Everyone agreed […]

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How we got to this point (in part)

by Skip September 18, 2016

Political correctness grew out of the Marxism of the first half of the 20th century, particularly via the “critical theory” obsessions of the Weimar-era socialist Frankfurt School. Similarly, with their purges, speech codes, and purity tests, college campuses in the 21st century are essentially a recreation of the internal terror wars of the Soviet Union […]

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The ACC’s adoption of Cultural Marxism gets a smackdown big time

by Skip September 17, 2016

First the NCAA and now the ACC have decided to strip North Carolina of any championships, especially football (as that is the time of year) because its state’s legislature decided that your chromosomes determine which bathroom you should go to with the passage of HB2. I am glad to see that Gov McCrory has stayed […]

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Notable Quote – Theodore Dalrymple

by Skip May 31, 2016

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they […]

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Progressives are the Racists

by Skip May 28, 2016

(H/T: Powerline)

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It seems this is a feature, not a bug: Yalies sign petition to repeal First Amendment

by Skip December 20, 2015

Absolutely gobsmacking!  Here ARE the Elites-in-waiting at one of the most prestigious school in the world and here in America.  One would expect that these wonderkids would “get” our history, given how many Presidents, Congresscritters, and Supremes (and others in lofty places in American society) it has graduated. Micro-aggressions, safe spaces, ability not to be […]

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An observation on these college Precious Snowflakes

by Skip November 28, 2015

As we have been watching, the culmination of the Frankfurt School efforts has intersected with the elementary Ed crowd’s “show up trophy and self-esteem-o-rama” and the landing pads of helicopter parents (will SOMEBODY please stick a stick into that rearward prop??).  This from Powerline’s Ammo Grrrll seemed sufficiently cogent in summarizing how to salve their […]

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Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip November 18, 2015

On what Progressivism and its tool, political correctness / cultural Marxism, has wrought in the Ivory Tower (emphasis mine): But whatever responsibility attaches to the parenting that produced those brittle Yalies, a larger portion of blame goes to the monolithic culture of academia. Where progressivism reigns, vigilant thought police will enforce a peace of wary […]

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Well then, why didn’t Paris have a “safe space”

by Skip November 15, 2015

The inanity of this crybabies-on-campus just keeps going, prattling on about non-existent “white Privilege” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool”), “violating safe spaces” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool”), “micro-aggressions” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool”),  “trigger warnings” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool), “college is supposed to be a healing space” (funny, […]

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Political Correctness – it really IS about silencing opponents and criticism

by Skip November 11, 2015

And when you manipulate definitions of common words and socially suppress even the speaking of ideas that “cause hurt and pain”, you win the argument because any opposing ideas, philosophies, or arguments can no longer even be expressed.  Doubt me?  Just listen to Bruce Jenner’s own words (emphasis mine, reformatted): BRUCE JENNER: MEDIA CAN’T SAY […]

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Free Speech? On college campuses, that’s considered HATE speech

by Skip September 3, 2015

Orwellian: freedom from religion is religious freedom.  Owellian: freedom of speech has become freedom OF speech.  Both of our fundamental rights are being redefined to its exact opposite by the Marxist Left a la Political Correctness and “never offend anyone”. GraniteGrok’s response to that is short and pithy: screw you.  If you can’t withstand criticism, […]

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“How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party”

by Skip August 24, 2015

Rarely do I repost an entire article little commentary – this will be one of those times as the content and style of the piece is such that it hangs altogether on its own.  To pull a snippet here or another one from there would be a slight to the author and I still haven’t […]

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Appropriate, given our GrokTALK! banter on “Left handed Albino Lesbian Studies” feminism

by Skip January 10, 2015

And the applicability of such a degree to today’s job market: “Left handed Albino Lesbian Studies” – heh!  I guess none of them would like the line that I see on some T-Shirts: “Yeah, now go make me a sammich”  

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The University Where Nobody Gets Raped

by Steve MacDonald September 21, 2014
Thumbnail image for The University Where Nobody Gets Raped

Watching Liberals dance around their own cultural Marxism is fun, but rape is serious business.   Parents will want to consider alternatives to sending their daughter into sexual bondage at some progressive rape emporium, no matter how big their “endowment” is.    

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Well, isn’t that the purpose of Political Correctness – to eliminate speech?

by Skip August 27, 2014

Political Correctness = Cultural Marxism.  Or if you prefer, Orwell’s doublethink.  Eliminate the use of words and you eliminate the ideas they stand for.  Why do you think our schools and politics are so PC? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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The Battle of Competing Resentments

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2014
Thumbnail image for The Battle of Competing Resentments

The Democrat party is the party of labels, stereotypes, and prejudice.  It is the party of division.  It feeds off this division to pursue power based on what it promises it can do with that power to get any given division of society whatever they claim or can convince them to think they deserve.  These […]

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