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Communitarianism vs Free Market

by Skip December 20, 2015

Yes, once again I trekked over to Treehugger for a post that complained that IF Congress failed to renew the wind and solar tax credits, up to 100,000 jobs would be lost.  Well being the Free Marketeer that I am, I could not let that go and waded into the comments.  A couple of them […]

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Under the veneer of “the market”, the socialist appears – Lurch

by Skip December 12, 2015

Ah yes, John Kerry, US SecState, extols “the market” as it adapts to “the signal”.  Well golly, he sounds like an Austrian economist, doesn’t he, as he pontificates while at COP21, the big UN sponsored wealth redistribution fest under the umbrella of saving the planet. But I guess he thinks we all be stupid, eh […]

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Socialism: the epitome of income inequality – a Venezuelan observation

by Skip December 11, 2015

I just don’t understand the hoo-ha over Bernie Sanders who is about as Communist / Socialist that has run for US President since Eugene Debs (even as Hillary is trying hard to out-Left him).  Socialism has NEVER worked, but I guess that with the “divide everyone” war on American citizen by Obama and the nonstop […]

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Yet again, no response from the email originator

by Skip September 28, 2015

Ah yes, another email example.  Just like with my reply to the NH Rebellion email missive (here), I got one (actually, I’ve gotten a whole SLEW of them) from a group that wishes to keep the Export-Import alive (or in reality, back from the dead as its authorization has already passed) has not been returned.  […]

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Yet another example of Government thinking it can better the marketplace

by Skip August 19, 2015

The American marketplace is the amalgam of hundreds of millions of people making multiple decisions on the products they want and at the price they wish to pay.  Inferior and overvalued products and services languish on the shelves – people need to have the sense of obtaining more value for their money than the value […]

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Senator Rand Paul on The Clintons

by Steve MacDonald August 14, 2015
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c/o Paul Rowan Brain |  The Federalist “A lot of the people who have influence in Washington are either wealthy corporations or wealthy people and they buy their way, they buy access. You may have heard about the Clintons. They sell the access, all right, so they have become worth hundreds of millions of dollars over […]

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Crony Capitalism – so, Rusty McLear & Alex Ray want taxpayers to do their advertising for them?

by Skip April 25, 2015

UPDATE:  I knew I forgot something – from the NH Constitution: [Art.] 10. [Right of Revolution.] Government being instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security, of the whole community, and not for the private interest or emolument of any one man, family, or class of men; … ******** Crony Capitalism – the combination of […]

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GrokTALK! April 25th, 2015 – The Videos

by Skip April 25, 2015

Yes, tech problems this morning galore and as a result, the video from the first segment on GrokTALK! with NH State Rep Max Abramson on a Legislative Update was lost (the livestream cam kept cutting out – sorry Max!). However, we marshalled on and hopefully next week, things will go a bit better. Segment 1b – […]

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‘Balsams Boondoggle’ continues with hearing on Senate Bill 30

by Kimberly Morin April 22, 2015

Yesterday the New Hampshire House Finance Committee held a public hearing on Senate Bill 30 (SB 30). The bill is “AN ACT relative to the establishment of redevelopment districts in unincorporated places.” It also changes the amount of the bonds the state can guarantee from $25,000,000 to $28,000,000 (the exact amount “needed” for the Balsams […]

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GrokTALK! April 18th 2015 – The Videos

by Skip April 18, 2015

Well, no Pre-Show this week as the livestreaming software decided to be quite contrary and refused to start a few times.  But, a good show with Max Abramson, Jorge Mesa-Tejada, Carly Fiorina, Pete Ingemi, and Kevin Bloom all giving up a part of their Saturday morning to be with us – and you! Segment 1a […]

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Whereby NH Rebellion misses the obvious answer to their question

by Skip January 16, 2015

THE LONG MARCH CONTINUES. The NH Rebellion walk to draw attention to the role of big money in politics has four routes this year: Dixville Notch, Keene, Nashua and Portsmouth. The finish line is at the State House on Jan. 21 — in celebration of the late Doris “Granny D” Haddock’s birthday — but the […]

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I guess he doesn’t see the irony in his company’s name and his words…

by Skip September 8, 2014

Owner of Liberty Bell Cabs in New Orleans, Tony Makhoul, called Uber a “cyber terrorist organization.” Liberty Bell – that artifact, that symbol, from our past – a symbol of our Independence and our Freedom.  Freedom for our lives and freedom in our marketplaces.  Or rather, the freedoms we used to have.  You see, Makhoul […]

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Shame on AFP / NH for getting partisan in the NH Republican Gubernatorial Primary

by Skip September 2, 2014

Yeah, this is a “bite the hand that fed ya” type of post – I was named AFP’s National Activist of the Year back in 2011 and Steve was named AFP’s National Blogger of the month in December 2012.  I would like to point out that this post also shows that while we have friends, we must […]

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Democrat Innovation – ‘Make Appliances Unaffordable For Most Americans’

by Steve MacDonald September 1, 2014
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The Obama Administration is convinced that their latest planned regulatory regime for everyday appliances will put more money in people’s pockets by forcing changes meant to reduce the cost of operating them. People who can’t afford a car do save an awful lot of money on gas.  I suppose we could apply this same thinking […]

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Data Point – Small Business Friendliness (or is that friendless?)

by Skip August 8, 2014

“…Thumbtack, a website that matches customers to businesses, and the Kauffman Foundation, a think-tank, asks thousands of small businesses annually about local requirements for hiring, regulations, zoning, licenses, health insurance and training. They have enough data to compile (somewhat subjective) “business climate” grades for 38 states and 82 cities. One surprising finding is how little […]

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Jeanne Shaheen – Jack-In-The-Box

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2014
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From Citizens for a Strong NH Jeanne Shaheen – Jack-In-The-Box

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The Measure of the Man: Walt Havenstein

by Tom July 13, 2014

It goes without saying that you can tell a lot about a person by the political contributions they’ve made. There are many, many candidates and political organizations (PACs) to choose from, and people obviously tend to favor those that most closely align with their passions and principles. We give our precious time and money to […]

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So why aren’t the US Senate Republicans saying much about our foreign invasion, Kelly Ayotte?

by Skip July 7, 2014

Re: here.  Here’s a GREAT reason why and it has nothing to do with being intellectual, being ideological, or philosophical.  And it COMPLETELY explains…. Many people are wondering why Republicans are not doing more to stop the Illegal Alien influx, and more specifically not stop President Obama’s approach.   We can answer that question….. This guy, Tom […]

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From Public Servants to Rulers

by Skip June 20, 2014

Sadly, we see in this Obama Administration (but starting before it, I’m sore afraid) another instance of public servants now believing that they are above “their” law and have become Rulers when their illicit behavior affects those of us who are just law abiding – a double standard. From Betsy’s Page: This gives the scandal […]

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Workforce Housing – Bob Ward: “YOU HAVE YOUR FUTURES! YOU HAVE YOUR AGENDA 21s!!!”

by Skip May 19, 2014

That would be Bob Ward, the SanborntonTown Planner screaming those words at NH State Rep Jane Cormier when the Planning Board held an “information session” on May 1st on six amendments that wound themselves making more of the town open for workforce housing.  It was obvious that actually educating folks as to what was really below […]

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Here is a great example of Rent Seeking

by Skip February 22, 2014

Rent Seeking: An example of rent-seeking is when a company lobbies the government for loan subsidies, grants or tariff protection. These activities don’t create any benefit for society, they just redistribute resources from the taxpayers to the special-interest group. Among those industries that are most apt to seek demand tax relief for what is just […]

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The KRONIES! The evil intersection of Big Government, Big Politics, and the US Chamber of Commerce (aka Big Biz)

by Skip January 27, 2014

Sadly, this cartoon parody is true – Crony Capitalism is not capitalism at all, merely the collusion of politicians willing to “listen” to Big Biz’s / Special Interest Group’s lobbyists to influence legislation in rent-seeking “favors” that distorts the true marketplace and shift the advantages to themselves. Go over to for more and find […]

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President Obama complains about Income Inequality. How about your Cronies?

by Skip January 7, 2014

We all know that President Obama hates rich people (“I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money“) and he sees “income inequality” as something to be done in additional to use as a political campaigning club.  Instead of trying to lift up the poor, he’s all about redistribution in a retributionist fashion […]

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A fact – but not an answer

by Skip December 29, 2013

Advantage Guinta in the “Answer the Question” category.  Host of WMUR’s Closeup, Josh McElveen, asked what I thought was a simple straight-forward to US Senator Kelly Ayotte:  Is there a collective unity or is it still as fractured as it was Nov 7? Well, you know, just like any place, there are divergent views within […]

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From the Crony Capitalism Files: Michelle O’s CGI Connection

by Scott Morales October 26, 2013
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It was only a matter of time after the hysterically botched launch of that the repugnant stench of crony capitalism would seep through the cork and its putrescence would pall over the nation like a smog of rotting fish shrouding commuters on a crisp afternoon in Beijing. A stench so steamy and acrid that […]

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Taxpayer Overcharged Again? Fisker’s Default Of $168M Mostly Written Off – Part Two

by Skip September 23, 2013

But WAIT!  There’s MORE!  Mike had this post concerning the demise of Fisker Automotive – one of the failed “green” attempts of the Obama Administration in trying to show that his Smart People could pick industries and anoint individual winners better than the venture capital pros who do this for a living.  Of course, they’ve […]

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An excellent example of “rent-seeking” and “Crony Unionism”

by Skip September 12, 2013

Rent-Seeking: The expenditure of resources in order to bring about an uncompensated transfer of goods or services from another person or persons to one’s self as the result of a “favorable” decision on some public policy….Examples of rent-seeking behavior would include all of the various ways by which individuals or groups lobby government for taxing, […]

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I dream of Jeannie Shaheen too – and it’s a nightmare.

by Skip August 11, 2013

Once again, WMUR’s Closeup – this week’s edition where Shaheen was the subject of two of the three segments.  I listened and just have to make some comments She makes the claim that the Senate has passed more bills than the House.  Actually, the House has passed more bills than the Senate, but I guess […]

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Hey, I thought Dems were against Corporations making political pronouncements!

by Skip June 30, 2013

Johnson & Johnson, Ascension Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, H&R Block, NFL, NBA, PGA, NASCAR, MLB Who else?  Who DON’T we know about? As I mentioned here, it seems that the Federal Government has such a vested interest in Obamacare that they are willing to go after “the most vulnerable amongst us” – […]

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Data Point – Nowadays, it seems that Crony Capitalism pays

by Skip May 16, 2013

“In 2009, Strategas Group realized there was going to be a lot more government intervention into the economy, and stocks of companies that exhibited “the greatest lobbying intensity” might outperform the broad market. So the firm created a 50-stock “lobbying index.” …My take: Two ways to make money in 2013 America: add value or have […]

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