Critical Thinking

“Critical Thinking”? More like “Simplistic Whining”?

by Skip March 25, 2017

This from the last of a post (“Why College Graduates Can’t Think”) sums up a lot: More to the point, that explains why employers keep complaining that college graduates can’t think. They’re not being taught to think. They’re being taught, in too many of their courses, to “oppose existing systems”—without regard for any objective appraisal […]

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GrokTALK! for the week of 1/10/2015 – the Video

by Skip January 10, 2015

To go along with Steve’s audio posting of today’s GrokTALK!, here’s the video:    Segment 1-Darlene Pawlick                          Segment 2-Dr. Jason Sorens                      Life Update                                    Ethics and Economics Education of NE    Segment 3-Kevin Kervick                               Segment  4 – Grokster time “Social Justice” for Critical Thinking                             Random thoughts and links

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Yes, we MUST be critical of their thinking (or what passes for it)

by Skip February 3, 2013

Political correctness, CYA, a lack of blame-shifting / “not my fault and not my responsibility” and a total lack of “critical judgment” – what a combination we see.  And the Educational-Industrial at work (School Board Associations, Administrator Associations, and Public Teachers Unions at these Government schools purport to be all about “public education” and how […]

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