Notable Quote – Obama Care was Built to Drive Health Care Costs Up

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2018

“Government interference limits administrative costs (for Hospitals) to 20% of all spending. So, 80% has to be “spent” on care and only 20% on operational costs. The only way to make more money is to spend more on actual care. The best way to do that is to charge more for the same care. So that’s […]

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Tales from the BudComm – outsourcing an answer?

by Skip December 6, 2017

Sometimes, I just shake my head.  This started when we were going over “Federal Projects” of which one is Title II whereupon the Feds allocate monies to the Various States and then the State Board of Educations then allocate their share to towns and cities based on grant requests from said towns and cities.  Briefly […]

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The Cost of Illegal Immigration, By State

by Steve MacDonald December 2, 2017

Using information gathered from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, How Much’s map shows how much money illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers on a state-by-state basis. The Federalist

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So RedDiaperBaby and Jeemo, what say you now about Obamacare costs? Start groveling with abject apologies – Part 3

by Skip November 24, 2017

“I can go bankrupt at 40 percent as easily as 100 percent.” One or two or three stories may be anecdotal – but this is starting to turn into a flood and we have only Obama and Democrats to thank for this.  They designed it, they legislated it, they passed it, they regulated it, they […]

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Why SHOULD Society keep mitigating bad consequences from bad decisions?

by Skip July 2, 2017

I’ve been saying it for years – the goal of Progressives is to make sure that someone making bad decisions should not suffer the consequences for doing so.  Further, we’re all hateful heartless people because we complain about the socialization of those costs.  But that’s what the Nanny State demands: SHUT UP! First a dose […]

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The Cost of Electricity in NH – TAXES AND OVERHEAD

by Steve MacDonald May 15, 2017

By Bill Fortune Seabrook Station produces about 1/2 of NH’s electricity at the cost of about 2.5, cents/kWh, before taxes, per the Energy Information Agency. There are several small hydro plants that produce power at about 1.3 cents/kWh (approx. 100 MWs). Because of increased regulations, we are not certain the cost of electricity generated by […]

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Ivanpah collective solar – Feds about to shut it down?

by Skip March 28, 2016

Ivanpah is the multibillion dollar solar electrical generation plant that was built in the California desert a few years ago; we’ve written about it here, here and here.  Well, there were doubts aplenty then about it and now the bill is about to come due.  From MIT Technology Review (emphasis mine): When it first came online […]

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Notable Quote – Thomas Sowell

by Susan Olsen August 30, 2015

“While capitalism has a visible cost — profit — that does not exist under socialism, socialism has an invisible cost — inefficiency — that gets weeded out by losses and bankruptcy under capitalism. The fact that most goods are more widely affordable in a capitalist economy implies that profit is less costly than inefficiency. Put […]

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How The Private Sector Pays For Obama’s Idea of “Honest Wages”

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2014
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Culled from Jonah Goldberg’s Column c/o the New York Post National Review’s Andrew Johnson noted that Zingerman’s is pretty expensive. That small Reuben cost $13.99 — pickle included. The large goes for nearly $17. The irony might have been lost on Obama that Zingerman’s “honest wages” also lead to high prices. The alternative to pricing […]

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In the Future the Term ‘ObamaCare’ Might Replace “Screw You”

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2014
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Welcome to the Democrat’s Health Care Revolution… The Obamacare subsidy cliff is so steep that if you earn just $1 above the threshold, you could end up paying anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $20,000 more for insurance, depending on your age.  Take the case of a couple of 55-year-olds living in St. Croix […]

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If You Like Your Presription Drugs You Can Keep Them

by Steve MacDonald December 10, 2013
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ObamaCare (RACIST!)  increases the cost of care.  If you happen to be one of the folks with a lower premium ObamaCare will probably crank up your deductible and your annual out of pocket costs,  to $10,000.00 or more per year. There’s nothing affordable about that. So we can’t keep our plan if we like it, […]

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