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Democrat Coos County Vice Chair Resigns over Woodburn Scandal

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2018

If you don’t remember the name Ted Bosen, he’s the guy in some of the north country Democrat email threads I shared (here) who was offended by the way “The Party” treated an alleged victim of domestic abuse. That and the Democrat establishment wagon circling around State Sen. Jeff Woodburn, arrested on 9 counts of domestic abuse, […]

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“North Country Democrats” Choose Politics Over People on Woodburn Assault

by Steve MacDonald August 24, 2018

We’ve talked about Jeff Woodburn’s domestic assault charges. We have covered the differing responses from the Democrat Party and the faithful. The Public responses. Behind the scenes, at least up in the North County, the victim is not viewed kindly. Politics, it appears, comes before people and these individuals are not waiting to blame the victim […]

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HB 628: Coos County Reps Vote to Tax Your Income.

by Op-Ed February 11, 2018

By Kevin Craig I am dismayed that the entire Coös County delegation, both Democrat, and Republican, voted for an income tax on all non-public employees, via House Bill 628, the “Family Medical Leave Insurance” bill. The only exceptions were Robert Theberge, who voted nay, Bing Judd, who didn’t vote, and Edith Tucker, who was excused. […]

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NH Dem Party Chair Calls Rural, Disaffected Voters, ‘White Supremacists’

by Kimberly Morin September 4, 2017

Yesterday, Adam Sexton of WMUR interviewed the executive director of a new organization called ‘Look Ahead America.’ The organization is made up of some former Trump campaign “data masterminds” and will be looking to New Hampshire for voter outreach. Executive director, Matt Braynard, spoke with Sexton about the number of inactive voters in New Hampshire […]

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Another twist in the ‘Balsams Boondoggle’: The financing scam

by Kimberly Morin May 9, 2015

On Wednesday a huge majority in the New Hampshire House voted to pass Senate Bill 30 aka the “Balsams Bill.” The bill allows “unincorporated places” to become a tax district, which also means they can now get funding from the state and have all taxpayers foot the bill if the deal fails. Of course, many […]

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‘Balsams Boondoggle’ continues with hearing on Senate Bill 30

by Kimberly Morin April 22, 2015

Yesterday the New Hampshire House Finance Committee held a public hearing on Senate Bill 30 (SB 30). The bill is “AN ACT relative to the establishment of redevelopment districts in unincorporated places.” It also changes the amount of the bonds the state can guarantee from $25,000,000 to $28,000,000 (the exact amount “needed” for the Balsams […]

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ICYMI – Job Creation Tax Credit Was Not Expanded by Legislature

by Steve MacDonald April 16, 2015
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Back in February while researching this article I came across a bill in the New Hampshire Legislature to expand a tax credit that was due to be evaluated in 2015 and that my research suggested had failed to achieved any of its intended goals. The Coös County job creation tax credit is on the top […]

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Stop Teasing the Locals with Tax Credits

by Steve MacDonald February 24, 2015
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By Steve Mac Donald | Watchdog Arena The Coös County job creation tax credit is on the top of the committee’s list for evaluation in 2015.  The credit is also part of a new piece of legislation that would expand the program into a second New Hampshire County. Is this wise? Since the tax credit’s […]

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Tom Brady (Not that one) Can’t Be On The NH-GOP State Committee

by Steve MacDonald December 17, 2012

Actually, the other Tom Brady can’t be  an NH-GOP voting Committee member either but let us not get distracted. NH-GOP Bylaws, Article 1, section 4A: A.  Any registered Republican who, at the same time joins or allows his or her name to be used in support of a political committee or a defined group of […]

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Coos County Democrats…

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2012

…might want to update their web site. The elected candidates page lists their US Senators as Jeanne Shaheen and Judd Gregg. That’s a bit out of date, unless you just want to wait until we kick Shaheen out of office and you can change them both at the same time. Just trying to be helpful.

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Granite Wind Update. Podesta, Another Major Dem Donor, And More…

by Steve MacDonald October 19, 2011

Brookfield Renewable, Granite Wind, Freshet Wind, Wanger Forrest Management and Wagner Wind Energy, all tied to Obama energy hand outs, wealthy left wing donors and investors, and who knows what else we may find.

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