Allen West: How Differently Would Senators Act Without the 17th Amendment?

by Skip July 31, 2017

We have interviewed Lt. Col Allen West in the past and were MOST impressed by this straight backed, straight talking man. I generally don’t abstract a whole post but I certainly agree with West. Progressives hate our Republic form of governance as they knew/know what our Founders knew – a direct democracy has always failed […]

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Notable Quote – Seton Motley

by Skip July 25, 2017

“they are expressly prohibited from doing anything“ “The federal government has spent the last two centuries-plus willfully ignoring the Constitution. With ever-increasing frequency and intensity, the Feds have drifted further and further from their charter. There is no longer even a pretense of pretending to care whether or not what DC wants the government to do […]

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BlogQuestion of the Day – it was set up to do just that (what happened)?

by Skip July 23, 2017

Silent Cal is one of my favorite Presidents: Calvin Coolidge, pictured below with his ghostly Jedi halo, once said that one of his administration’s greatest accomplishments was that it minded its own business. The Tea Party’s goal, as Glenn has said, was a government that would leave us alone. In the days of Leviathan government, […]

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Pick one: your Grandson or your Second Amendment Constitutional Right

by Skip July 19, 2017

“We know we are violating numerous constitutional rights here, but if you do not comply, we will remove the boy from your home,” the judge said. This comes home to me – it’s very personal as I am living this same story.  I can’t go into detail (at least right now) for fear of being […]

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This is as apt description of the Democrat Party as any other:

by Skip May 6, 2017

“The Democratic Party has now become a far left party antithetical to American liberty. That is, the Democrats no longer support the limits on government that protect the right of each person to choose his own way, express his own thoughts and use his own property and money as he sees fit. To the end […]

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Rally for Jerry – Skip Murphy of GraniteGrok

by Skip April 30, 2017

“How did we get into this mess?” I haven’t gotten out much this last year and a half and to be sure it was fun yesterday (don’t worry, Jeff, I took real good care of your equipment!) especially seeing faces I hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was also satisfying to see all of […]

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How Much Will It Cost To Remove Dueling Ban From the Oregon Constitution?

by Steve MacDonald April 10, 2017

Oregon has a constitutional ban on dueling. The constitutional ban in question is Article II, Section 9, which says anyone who offers, accepts, knowingly participates in a “challenge to fight a duel … or who shall agree to go out of the State to fight a duel, shall be ineligible to any office of trust, […]

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We can thank the Progressives for the “Deep State”

by Skip April 6, 2017

Although I have called it the Administrative State since the beginning of the ‘Grok.  A quick history: “As a political movement now over a century old, progressivism was founded on the belief that new knowledge of human nature and behavior required a revision of the American political order. This faith in “science” was embraced by […]

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Notable Quote – Ian Underwood

by Skip April 6, 2017

Yes, the guy who makes my head hurt – on the politicization of SCOTUS: The politicization started with Marbury v. Madison, when the Court declared that the Constitution says whatever they want it to, and no one challenged them on it. Since then, although the FORMAL amendment process (outlined in Article V) has been used […]

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A professional Muslim singer can refuse to sing at a Christian church but a Christan…

by Skip March 12, 2017

but a professional Christian flower artist / photographer MUST can’t refuse a gay marriage? “That’s such a sticky situation”. Er, NO, it is not.  Only Political Correctness (aka, Cultural Marxism) makes it plausible ONLY if you really don’t think about it.  And most of these Precious Snowflakes are never challenged to really think. “Everyone agreed […]

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I Wonder If Debra DeSimone of Atkinson Has a ‘Phone and a Pen’

by Steve MacDonald February 8, 2017

Debra DeSimone is no stranger to these pages. In February of 2013, we immortalized her for saying, the State Constitution is a guideline. The State’s highest law is not a barrier to lawmakers. Its rules do not apply when inconvenient to their will. De Simone, the tax collector in Atkinson, is at it again. She’s […]

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This is Just. Rich. Coming. From. A. Self-described. Communist – Van Jones

by Skip January 23, 2017

Yes, Van Jones used to describe himself as a communist. So that’s the context and here’s what he said at the Womens’ March on Saturday: We love the conservatives enough to tell them that they have to be better conservatives than this. You have to be better conservatives than this. Real conservatives love the Constitution. […]

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Meet The Press – US Senator Diane Feinstein goes extra-Constitutional on Prez duties

by Skip January 15, 2017

“…he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed“ As always, I try to struggle to watch the Sunday talking head shows as there are sometimes some decent nuggets to be heard (remember, most of the people on here are Progressives and Liberals – I listen to see how they actually think).  In one […]

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The Definition of Insanity – New Hampshire Style

by Ed Naile January 13, 2017

Deep in the bowels of the New Hampshire State Constitution is a word, one single word, that the activist NH State Supreme Court used to try and impose a broad-based tax on its citizens – because the NH Legislature will not do it. God Bless our citizen legislature. Behold the word “cherish.” Cherish is the […]

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FastCompany – they may know entrepreneurship and small biz…

by Skip December 18, 2016

But Constitution, not so much.  Nor most of the biz leaders that FastCompany polled in a piece called “How We Should Elect our President in 2016“. It dates back to before the election in November and I just found the page that I ripped out of the magazine.  Yes, it does seem that it is […]

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Obama Press flacker Josh Earnest – this should resonate with conservatives. Wha?

by Skip December 18, 2016

” I’ll leave it to them to explain why it doesn’t“ I’ll do just that.  Yeah, this ranks right up there with Democrats re-writing the definition of the word “access” when it comes to birth control” (e.g., not that you can’t buy it for yourself but “denying access” in Democrat-speak means “they can get it […]

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And this NH “political” story absolutely misses the REAL point entirely

by Skip November 29, 2016

Let us first contemplate this from Ian Underwood (emphasis mine) – which was (in part): But I urge the committee to consider a couple of deeper, less obvious consequences, not just of passing a bill like this, but of even bringing it up for consideration. The first is that a bill like this undermines respect for the […]

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The GOP owns Trump because it rejected and destroyed the TEA Party

by Skip October 9, 2016

Much ink has been written about the rise and fall of the TEA Party.  It started off as a rebellion against what it saw as overreaches by Government, especially the Federal govt, starting slowly with Bush (“We have to destroy the Free Market in order to save it”) and then on steroids after Rick Santelli’s […]

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Trey Gowdy – Can the President Change Any Law?

by Steve MacDonald October 4, 2016
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Here’s someone that would be perfectly fine in confiscating all guns…

by Skip October 1, 2016

“If I could, I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean.  Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. They are a scourge of this country and no one should have one as far […]

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Not my job? It is if you are an elected Legislator!

by Skip September 26, 2016

(former) NH State Rep. Sandra Keans (R, now D): “I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”. I was asked about that statement (reformatted, emphasis mine): Your list seems to keep getting longer…I like the way you simply add on… You quote a […]

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Data Point – Favorables: Hillary Clinton vs NRA?

by Skip September 23, 2016

Certainly she’s ahead of Trump right now on Gallup’s Favorable rating (but it seems her rate of increase is smaller than his): But not the NRA (her self-avowed “enemy” right there with Republicans)?  Hmm, according to this chart

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“… it seems almost mandatory”

by Skip September 19, 2016

A snippet from a podcast between Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) and Russ Roberts as transcribed by Ed Driscoll.  The topic was on another writer saying we should give up on following the Constitution (emphasis mine): REYNOLDS: Here’s the problem with public officials — because that’s really [Seidman’s] audience — deciding to ignore the Constitution: If you’re […]

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by Tom September 8, 2016

There are three types of rights – Natural, Civil and Political. Natural Rights are those that are “believed to exist out of the nature of the individual human being, such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“.  These Natural Rights, among others, were espoused in our Declaration of Independence. The protection of these Natural Rights was codified in the US […]

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Notable Quote – Milton Friedman

by Skip August 2, 2016

Fair’ is in the eye of the beholder; ‘free’ is the verdict of the market. The word ‘free’ is used three times in the Declaration of Independence and once in the First Amendment to the Constitution, along with ‘freedom.’ The word ‘fair’ is not used in either of our founding documents. -Milton Friedman, Ph.D, economist, […]

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Ayotte is Awful on the Environment

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2016
Thumbnail image for Ayotte is Awful on the Environment

One of the more frequent concerns I hear from conservatarian voters about Kelly Ayotte’s primary opponent Jim Rubens regards past remarks about global warming, energy, and the environment. If you believe that Ayotte should get your Primary vote because “she is better on the environment” than Rubens you may want to rethink that.  Kelly Ayotte is […]

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Words for Betty Tamposi to mull over – Part 2

by Skip July 19, 2016

“…Clinton and her liberal supporters believe the First Amendment to the Constitution must be curtailed to eliminate protections on certain speech.” This is what Betty Tamposi now believes in.  Curtailment of one of the bedrock freedoms we have here in America.  This is the price she is willing to bear for defeating Trump?  Once again, […]

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Hillary Promises To Try to Ban Political speech She Opposes in First 30 Days as President

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2016
Thumbnail image for Hillary Promises To Try to Ban Political speech She Opposes in First 30 Days as President

Hillary wants a constitutional amendment to “address” Citizens United. Hillary Clinton proposes constitutional amendment to tackle Citizens United — CBS News Politics (@CBSPolitics) July 16, 2016 Citizens United is a case about whether the Federal Elections Commission could ban the showing of a movie about Hillary Clinton during her 2008 Presidential campaign. #Hillary not a […]

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Notable Quote – Kevin D. Williamson

by Skip July 8, 2016

On FBI Director Comey’s decision on Hillary Clinton (emphasis mine): The actions by the FBI and the DOJ in this matter are legally and morally indefensible. The fact that these legally and morally indefensible actions come as no real surprise to anybody who has been paying attention indicates the character of the government under which […]

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Kevin Williamson of NRO on the current state of Democrats vs the Constitution

by Skip June 27, 2016

The Corner: …The bearing of arms is a sign of citizenship, which is to say, of being a full participant in government who acts through it, as opposed to subjectship, the state of being a passive being who does not act through government but who is acted upon. In that sense, it is like the […]

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