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By Their Enemies Ye Shall Know Them

by Mike April 30, 2016

Cruz and Fiorina Making The Right Enemies And Proud Of It! My comment posted under the article Carly Fiorina is much more than BOGOF on this morning: Cruz and Fiorina have both shown over and over that they don’t much care for “conventional wisdom”, but prefer battle-hardened experience and the wisdom of the ages […]

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Viguerie: “The Battle To Takeover The GOP Begins Today”

by Mike November 8, 2012

In keeping with posts by Steve, Skip, and myself, today, I’m including this call to action by arch-conservative Richard Viguerie, founder of “ConservativeHQ”, whose readers tend to be very solid constitutionalists. Today’s poll asked CHQ readers what should happen to the GOP in the light of Tuesday’s debacle: 73% The establishment Repub. Party has failed, […]

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Charlton Heston Had It Right

by Mike July 23, 2012

H/T Conservative HQ for the link to this poster on Facebook’s Sportsman’s Hub – Heston says it all:

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