Your feel good story of the Day: Who says you don’t need an AR-15 for self-defense!

by Skip March 28, 2017

This teenager certainly needed it (reformatted, emphasis mine): BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -Three teenagers were killed Monday, shot by a man as they were breaking into his home. Officers say it happened at a home near 91st and Clearview Drive in Wagoner County. The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said the homeowner and his adult son were in the home […]

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Minimum wage – those that advocate for it never suffer the consequences from it

by Skip January 1, 2016

And that, pretty much, sums up most government programs that some person, sometimes of a good heart but lately of a political ideology, demand that others have to pay for (financially or otherwise) to make them feel good.  Because they have influenced politicians or bureaucrats “to do something” instead of doing the hard work of […]

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Notable Quote – Mark Steyn

by Susan Olsen June 19, 2015

“I try to stay chipper about Rachel Dolezal and the rest of this stuff, but it’s not really funny, is it? More and more levers of civilization appear to be in the hands of the clinically insane. ” – Mark Steyn    

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Notable Quotes – P.J. O’Rourke, Thomas Sowell, and John Hawkins on Duty, Consequences, and Responsibility

by Skip December 9, 2014

“There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.” — P.J. O’Rourke ***** “We seem to be moving steadily in the direction of a society where no one is responsible for what he himself did,but we […]

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Democrat policies – hurting, not helping (gun edition)

by Skip October 27, 2014

Remember, Scott Brown voted for this legislation when in the MA Legislature: Ask yourself – WHO ended up with the guns?  Does that look like “law abiding citizens” were doing the rampaging? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)  

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Who Should Pay when County Commissioners Illegally Spend Money?

by Don September 16, 2014

The caption for the photo on page one of Wednesday’s (9/10/2014) Laconia Daily Sun ( describes the Thomas-Burchell race for County Commissioner as “symbolic of … the poison relationship between the Belknap County commissioners and the controlling majority of the Belknap County Convention”. The “poison” was created by the Belknap County Commissioners and their special […]

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Notable Quote – Spengler

by Susan Olsen May 1, 2014

“Why don’t liberals seem to notice the catastrophic consequences of their policies, and why do they imagine imminent horrors where none exist? If  you corner a liberal and point to a disaster that followed upon his policy, at very most he will say–with a tear in the eye and a quivering upper lip–”We did the right […]

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Another American traditional value repudiated by Progressives

by Skip August 1, 2013

Progressives put no stock at all in phrase “I learn more from my mistakes than from my successes”.  Instead, Progressives are working hard to free anyone from any bad consequences, given that they are not responsible for the bad decisions leading up to that bad consequence.  Re: one of the biggest bugaboos of Progressives is […]

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Harshing that mellow

by Susan Olsen July 11, 2013

“It’s clear: if the Legislature basically takes away a Texas woman’s right to choose, having sex becomes a much, much riskier proposition for  women and men.” And for the baby…..  

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A PERFECT case of “Bad decision? You own the bad consequence(s)”

by Skip April 28, 2013

For years, I have thought and said that one of the most pernicious new values of our rapidly becoming a secular Progressive Society is that of socializing negative consequences of bad decisions by individuals (“nobody can suffer the consequences of their decisions – we are ALL at fault so we must ALL suffer for him”).   […]

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Assault furniture

by Susan Olsen April 28, 2013

“TV tip-over warnings are imperative, said Dr. Gary Smith, president of the Center for Injury Research and Policy.

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Tyranny #1 – Where Steve Vaillancourt decides to make it about himself…and approves of overt threats of Tyranny

by Skip February 3, 2013

“They may as well attack me as well.”   OK, battle joined – you asked, we’ll oblige: You’re an arse of a Libertarian for siding with Statists that promote promise threaten Governmental Tyranny against fellow citizens simply for holding opposing political views. This is the first of a series of posts about Governmental Tyranny (or […]

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“Pew Research Center survey finds declining support for government safety nets” – Well, yes!

by Skip October 14, 2012

This article is kinda / mostly straight up and down…OK, it’s not if you think about it hard.  It tries hard to present an objective view but when I look at the examples given, the veil falls.  In fact, the examples that are inserted to try to arouse a sympathetic aire concerning the safety net […]

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