But who needs a Dad when Government gives you permission to literally screw up!

by Skip December 25, 2012

Ugh.  Like I said,in order to have their political jones satisfied, Progressives / Socialists / Marxists / Communists have understood for decades that they have to unmoor the American public from their traditional values in order – and in this case, a most important – Parents authority and responsibility.  Here’s a quick story that chops […]

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How About A Condom in That Happy Meal?

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2012

If planned Parenthood can market cultural behaviors to children and teens that may inevitably grow their bottom line why can’t anyone else? Why can’t McDonalds continue to serve the same food, or whatever food it wants (or that its customers want) if it just adds a little pamphlet on safe eating with information on how […]

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