Sen. Kevin Avard – Women’s Defense League 2A Rally –

State Sen. Kevin Avard speaks to the crowd in front of the New Hampshire State House at the 4th Annual Women’s Defense League 2A Rally in Concord New Hampshire. Want more ways to listen? Check out the blog post for this podcast, here.

New Hampshire’s Dumbest Laws

We open the program with the poorly laid Main Street remodeling plans of dopey Concord NH central planners.  Then Max Abramson returns to tell us about “NH’s dumbest laws,” about puppet shows, milk containers, and yes – the hands-free law. (Part 1 of 2)  

April 27th GrokTALK! Guest Segment – NH House Rep Bill O’Brien

This week on GrokTALk! New Hampshire House Republican, and former Speaker of the NH House, Rep Bill O’Brien talks to Skip and Steve about budgets, deficits, dishonest accounting gymnastics, devolving power from Concord and returning it to the towns and the people, and how his exploration of a potential congressional run is going. To download …

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I’d Check with Ray or The SEA

Tactics are everything for Democrats and nothing is beyond the pale. Just think Project Gunrunner in which a lefGraffitit wing narrative about American guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords is brought to life by the Obama Administration when facts failed to support the desired conclusion. So when I read this report this morning, of racially tinged graffiti painted on several houses in Concord, I got suspicious.

Death To Rail (Bride Of RTA)

This is what we call the tits-on-a-bull defense. Chris wants rail. There is no good reason for it, he just wants it. And he could care less that we already have infrastructure that works, that is more adaptable, and which costs significantly less to operate.

A Compromise?

There is a very touching bit of sympathy-searching in the Union Leader’s My Turn editorial today. Eric Merklin, husband of State House Rep Tara Sad (D-Walpole) cranks up the left wing template on state house violence and goes fishing.

Liberals Should Listen To Michael Ellenbecker

Per Skips post a few inches down the scroll… I will not enter our people’s house until this abhorrent policy is changed. I urge all of my fellow citizens to do the same. MICHAEL ELLENBECKERConcord Mike can spend that time watching the Oprah Winfrey Network with his fellow (progressive) citizens. I’m good with that.