Instead of a ‘Trade War’ German Car Makers Propose Tariff Free Trade With United States

by Steve MacDonald June 24, 2018

Two weeks ago the Left was predicting a trade apocalypse after Mr. Trump said he wanted our G7 allies to drop their tariffs on US goods or he’d raise ours to match them. As an alternative, on his way out the door to meet with Kim Jong Un (something else no other U.S. President had done), […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. Don Broudreau

by Skip May 27, 2018

Economic competition is the most reliable and incorruptible form of regulation. If in free markets that are unsullied by government favoritism an airline mistreats its passengers or a bank is careless with its customers’ deposits, the market punishes these firms with losses and, if they don’t mend their ways, with bankruptcy. In other words, when […]

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Quick Thought – Government generally hates competition

by Skip February 10, 2018

Just like I railed on NH State Rep Sean Morrison here, a quick thought on NH’s bureaucrats disliking competition in the “wine & spirits” marketplace as they seek to stifle any competition to their Power.  A Snippet (reformatted, emphasis mine): Some wine lovers who look forward to getting new vintages in the mail would be […]

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Did Trump Already Renege On U.S. Steel Promise?

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2017

The Keystone XL Pipeline has received a waiver from the Trump Administration allowing it to proceed without requiring the use of U.S. Steel. Politico reported late Thursday night that a White House spokeswoman explained that the project, which has been in the works for the past decade, does not count as a “new” or “retrofitted” pipeline, and […]

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The joy of competition: good-bye, FairPoint! Part 2

by Skip January 1, 2015

So, as I described here, I cut the cord with FairPoint – with the sole reason was that I was not going to pay for bad service.  Yesterday was the cut-over day – the cable guy (no, not THAT Cable Guy!) came over, swapped out my modem for theirs, checked the levels, did a couple […]

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The joy of competition: good-bye, FairPoint!

by Skip December 28, 2014

By the end of the month, I will have cut a cord that has been in my entire (almost 6 decade) life – a landline phone.  And I can thank the striking FairPoint Unions for giving me the impetus for having done so for shoddy service.  If the service your company provides fails to meet […]

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Another’s observation about “Progressivism”

by Skip July 2, 2014

From Big Government: …The term came into (re)use just as there was a concurrent (what I perceive as) negative shift on the Left. The politically correct generation came on the scene. A brand of leftism associated with political conformity, with hardcore statism, with an antipathy toward a Constitution written by a bunch of white, land-owning, […]

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This HAD to have given William Tucker a heart attack: New Orleans now only has charter schools

by Skip June 1, 2014

That’s right – recently appointed to the NH Board of Education,  William Tucker is one of those that seemingly believes that only Government schools manned by union teachers should be the ONLY form of education for our children.  After all, we’ve seen such stunning scholastic successes with this 140 year way of doing business – […]

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Is Harrell Kirstein now going to have to be Shaheen’s “Bahgdad Bob”?

by Skip March 19, 2014

First we get the news that Harrell Kirstein, NHDP Ray Buckles chief mouthflack, has moved over from being obnoxious from the NH Democrat Party to being a pin-cushion  for the re-election crew for US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (Progressive – NH) (emphasis mine, reformatted): Now that New Hampshire appears to have an exciting race for U.S. […]

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Looking in the rear view mirror

by Susan Olsen July 21, 2013

As I set out to ride the first waves of feminism, my late father that told me being a girl got me nothing more than the first five minutes; after that, if I didn’t have the wit and will to compete, it wouldn’t matter.  He was right. I was focused like a laser on my work; so […]

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Has Jeanne Shaheen Had A Come To Jesus Moment on Taxes?

by Steve MacDonald December 13, 2012

Eighteen Democrat US Senators have sent a letter to Harry Reid requesting that the Medical Device tax portion of Obama-Care be delayed. The letter does not say it directly, preferring to dance around the issue, but it is obvious that these 18 Democrats, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen among them, believe the Medical Device tax […]

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Captive customers and the U.S. Post Office monopoly then and now….

by Tim Condon July 19, 2012

I found myself in a post office yesterday. Gawd. I waited in line, and waited in line…and waited in line. The counter had one, and only one, postal employee at “work.” She chatted and talked and chatted and talked with the captive customer ahead of me. And I waited some more…I waited longer than I’ve ever […]

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Finally Some School Choice in NH

by Don July 17, 2012

New Hampshire parents and children should annually celebrate June 27th.  On that day, the NH Legislature enacted SB 372 which helps the children of low and middle income families attend the schools of their choice rather than being trapped in failing and mediocre public schools.   On June 27th 251 Republicans and one Democrat overrode […]

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