UNH President Makes About Half a Million – Look at What We Get!

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2016
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New Hampshire taxpayers should take a few moments to measure the value of their ‘investment” in leadership at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). UNH President Mark Huddleston is the second highest paid Public University President in New England. Huddleston’s compensation package – which increased 2.7 percent compared to the previous year – consisted of a base […]

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Data Point – Worker compensation and productivity (’73 to now)

by Skip April 20, 2016

More narrative (and yes, you need and should go read it) at the post. (H/T: The Corner)

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More Scared Shurtleff

by Susan Olsen January 14, 2013

Though I suspect this young lady is not.  

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Wisconsin Protesters

by Don March 3, 2011

To the Editor:   Many of the people protesting on Saturday don’t even understand what they are doing.  They talk about “Worker’s Rights” (which I support).  But they have been duped into protesting for public sector  “Union rights”, the right of unions to conspire with politicians against the interests of the American people.      President Franklin […]

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