Compelled speech

Ed Naile: Newbury, NH Responds to a Right to Know Request

by Steve MacDonald April 5, 2018

Ed Naile has his right to know request back from Newbury, New Hampshire,  We review the details and explore the options when a town (inadvertently?) violates your constitutional rights. Follow this program on iHeartRadio.  

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Ed Naile Presents a Classic Case of Compelled Speech by Local Government

by Steve MacDonald March 16, 2018

Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers explains the how, what, where, and why of a clear-cut case of compelled speech by the Town of Newbury, New Hampshire and it doesn’t get any more damning than this. Listen to the evidence and find out what Ed plans to do next. Follow this […]

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The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to You If You Are Pro-Life

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2018

Freelance writer, pro-life activist Ellen Kolb joins me to discuss compelled speech and the case of NIFLA v Becerra which challenges a California Law the forces pro-life clinics to advertise state-funded abortion services. Follow this program on TuneIn Also Available on Google Play

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Windham School Board – That Transgender Bathroom policy really isn’t official? Part 3

by Skip February 20, 2018

“…transgenderism is a belief system that increasingly looks like a cultish religion—a modern-day Gnosticism denying physical reality for deceived perceptions—being forced on the public by the state”. Well, tonite is the night that Rob Breton, Dennis Senibaldi and Keleigh McAllister will be facing the music – and probably not tunes they wish to listen to.  And […]

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Disturbing UNH Campus Climate Report Never Mentions Free Speech

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2018

Last September, the University System of New Hampshire released a preliminary report on Campus Climate. Its purpose was to institutionalize the bunching of panties after students wearing sombreros and fake mustaches at a Cinco de Mayo party on campus rustled some social justice jimmies. The report began the long process of navel-gazing over Kampus Klimate and the Komplexities of what […]

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Transgender Law in Massachusetts Challenged

by Steve MacDonald October 13, 2016

A law in Massachusetts meant to require the public to provide a broad range of access and accommodation to anyone claiming to be a transgender went into effect October 1st. Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a suit to block the law. The ADF contends in the lawsuit that churches would be forced to open changing rooms, shower […]

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The Four Selectman of the 23 Million Dollar Salem Safety Apocycomplex

by Steve MacDonald February 23, 2015
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To what lengths will four selectman in Salem, New Hampshire go to get what they want? What they want is to take $23,000,000.00 ($23  million dollars) and turn it into the Salem Taj Mahal and safety complex.  There is one dissenting selectman who is concerned about the process, the cost, the lack of enough open […]

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