Community organizing

Cloward-Piven: a veritable Alinsky / Obama army is invading us

by Skip July 7, 2014

Cloward & Piven were two NYU sociologists and Socialists that predicated that by overloading the welfare system and drive New York City so far into debt, it could not recover and Capitalism would have to be replaced by another form of governance (gee, guess which!).  They almost succeeded. Once again, we see it at play […]

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Want a concrete example of how NHListens is listening to other “Masters” rather than citizens?

by Skip February 17, 2013

Listening – or evangelizing on behalf of other Masters?  Yes, NHListens is tracking the ‘Grok as I pointed out here.  I decided to point it out because it does seem that NHListens and the Carsey Institute (two peas in the Progressive Pod and definitely not organizations exactly loving NH Traditions or the Live Free or […]

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Where “Grassroots” Can Earn You $100.00/Hour

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2012

There’s an ad on Craigslist for professional political workers. (the entire ad is on the jump). Grassroots solutions, which claims to be a national field organization that is all about helping coordinate grassroots political efforts, is hiring people to help Planned Parenthood of Northern New England do door to door canvassing in the Concord and […]

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