More of “what’s your’s IS mine – the Right to Private Property

by Skip January 26, 2014

Over at the Anti-Planner is a continuation of the display of communitarianism that I’ve written about concerning the Hathaway House in Laconia (here and here).  His story is not about a building but a tree that his neighbors seem to believe that they should have more say about the disposition of that tree than the […]

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Hathaway House – an example of dismembering The Right of Private Property

by Skip January 18, 2014

I’ve written before about Laconia’s Hathaway House (here) that is considered to be a historic landmark and the animus that “community stakeholders” have towards the owner simply because the owner won’t keep it up to “their” standards.  Well, two of these chuckleheads are at it again in sending Letters to the Editor excoriating the corporate […]

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NH HB0411 – Where the NH House Democrats are about to make boat owners financial victims – of the Democrats!

by Skip March 9, 2013

You see, this is the main problem that Democrats have – in their all so Orwellian manner sense of “we all in this together – whether you like it or not” – Sidenote:  like that old phrase of “can’t win, can’t lose, can’t get out of the game”, we “can’t get out of their enforced […]

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Facebook Doodlings – in which I may have called out Lloyd over at TreeHugger

by Skip February 18, 2013

Well, I do go over to TH from time to time, and even leave comments.  Well, there was a post by Lloyd (“90 by 50 plan could reduce New York City’s emissions by 90% by 2050“), someone that doesn’t always take kindly to Conservative or Libertarians assaulting what seems to be an Environmental Communitarian mantra.  […]

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A Fourth of July message to my fellow Groksters – and to our readers. And especially to those that just might be stopping by.

by Skip July 4, 2012

“I also wanted to mention the strange feeling that I awoke with today….and I share your sense of – not unease necessarily, but maybe  – resolve..?“ Words from my fellow Groksters that stirred me to write a message back: My fellow Groksters, There was a reason why each and everyone of you was chosen and asked […]

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