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Arm Yourself With ‘Common Sense’

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2018

From Greg Camp at Ammoland. There is no correlation between gun ownership and gun homicide rates, nor is there any between how many are murdered by gunfire and the “strength” of the gun laws. Similarly, the suicide rate of a nation shows no effect from the regulations related to what weapons the people living there are allowed to […]

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New Hampshire Democrats Oppose ‘Common Sense’ Gun Legislation.

by Steve MacDonald April 13, 2018

The New Hampshire House voted 184-146 to advance Senate Bill 500, housekeeping legislation meant to clean up the language in firearms statutes in the GraniteState. Unlike the State Senate where approval was unanimous SB500 did not garner overwhelming bipartisan support in the NH House. In fact, it received very little support from House Democrats with […]

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Where’s the Common Sense in ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws?

by Steve MacDonald March 31, 2018

Larry Elder, writing at asks a great question. “Where’s the Common Sense in ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws?” Without getting into how or why people who can’t figure out which bathroom to use (or their enablers) can make a claim to sense of any kind (let alone Common Sense), let’s assume the best (for the […]

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“Common Sense” gun control is neither real control or common sensical

by Skip November 8, 2016

“To the glib critics of America’s gun culture, we should make this demand: If supply controls are the answer, describe precisely the full program of supply side policies that you propose to stop gun crimes we all abhor. And then tell us how those policies will also allow lawful gun owners to keep and protect […]

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You Keep Using That Word….

by Susan Olsen June 22, 2015

“Former Maryland Gov. O’Malley – One of the sad triumphs of white racism is the degree to which it has succeeded in subconsciously convincing so many of us, black and white, that somehow black lives don’t matter. If the thousands of young men killed by gun violence every year across America were young, poor and […]

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1923 – 2015: A proud tradition of discrimination and sexism

by Susan Olsen February 10, 2015

“…there is no reason to change it now.” – Zandra Rice Hawkins, Granite State Progress In her comments on yesterday’s discussion of SB 116 – “Constitutional Carry” – Miz Hawkins relies on 90 years of profiling folks to determine who is and who isn’t “suitable” enough to be allowed to discretely carry a loaded firearm.  […]

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Separation of The Climate Church And State

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2013

Liberals want to spend  your money to create energy “solutions” that can never deliver enough power to meet our needs, whose manufacturing processes are extremely harmful to the environment, that do not produce very many jobs, cannot be sustained without taxpayer support (many of which fail despite it), many of whose raw materials come from […]

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Notable Quote – Thomas Paine

by Susan Olsen June 22, 2013

‘…all those who espoused the doctrine of reconciliation, may be included within the following descriptions. Interested men, who are not to be trusted; weak men, who cannot see; prejudiced men, who will not see; and a certain set of moderate men, who think better of the European world than it deserves: and this last class, […]

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When your head smells like dead fish….

by Tim Condon April 11, 2013

If you’re looking for political commentary, this ain’t it. I’ve just been ruminating today. It started when I was jogging and working out….

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