The GraniteGrok TOP Twenty for 2014

by Steve MacDonald December 30, 2014
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It is time once again to countdown the years most commented posts.  As a reminder this list is based entirely on comments.  It is  not so much the top 20 best posts for content, reporting, influence, or style (decisions we would never assume to make for you)  just those that inspired the most on-line debate. […]

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GrokSHOT – Getting Your Panties In a Wad

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2014
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One of our favorite commenters is Chris P. Bacon.  We like him because he has a way with words and he takes no prisoners.  He is also ready to take on anyone on any side of any issue, and he does.  He comments on conservative and progressive sites; and he has an observation to make […]

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Rand Paul in yesterday’s Washington Post:

by Tim Condon March 9, 2013

At “Sen. Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning,” he describes the filibuster and why he did it. As usual, the comments shed as much light as the column itself, the number of which has just gone over 3,000 and is steadily climbing. They are fascinating (especially in view of the fact that so many are unconcerned […]

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Granite Grok’s Top Twenty Posts For 2012

by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2012

Hot Air does this every year, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  It is a compilation of the posts that got the most comments in 2012.  That’s right, this is comment based. And I can tell you, since I have a few posts on this list, that how well you write, or how […]

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I Tried It At Home

by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2010

As someone who invites anonymous rants daily I believe that anyone who “blogs” up front should be equally upfront about who they are. It demands things of you and your writing while making you accountable for what you write. And it creates an anchor of sorts to your principles–assuming you have some–and the dialogue.

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