When Failure Is More Than Just An Option

by Steve MacDonald September 14, 2015
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When failure is not just an option it is an obligation, government must surely be involved. CA passes assisted suicide during suicide prevention week. Will the US Navy need an Uber? Inconvenient facts about gender and combat. Did Clinton’s private server improve security? And giving High School Diploma’s out like a participation trophy. GrokTALK! is a […]

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Competition proves that women are unequal to men

by Skip February 20, 2014

In times past, I’ve been glued to the screen watching the Olympics – this time, not so much.  TMEW has been and with the DVR, has saved off some of the events that she knows I’d like to watch a bit – short course speed skating, bobsled, bi-athalon, some of the other skiing, and snowboard.  […]

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Red Box Review: Battleship

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2013

Let’s keep it simple.  Battleship is only good when there are ships and there is a battle.  So skip to just before the combat begins, anything that happened in the first 30-40 minutes or so you can work out for yourself by the end, and the battle sequences are a lot of fun to watch.  […]

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One could only hope – she’d learn to shut her yap

by Skip February 13, 2013

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said he would “feel not only comfortable but proud” if he had a daughter serving in a front-line combat position in the U.S. military. “I have a son in the military, I have another that’s a navy pilot, I have another one who served in the Marine Corps, and I would […]

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