Collective Bargaining Agreements

Taxes? We don’t pay no stinkin’ taxes!

by Susan Olsen April 21, 2013

Peggy Gilmour and I were both graduated from college in 1973 (it only took me three years).  She went on for a graduate degree in nursing and I went o nto the family coal business and then some.  Though Ms. Gilmour dropped off the radar screen for a period of time – at least according […]

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So who is Megan Douglass, Esq. and why is she emailing teachers?

by Susan Olsen March 21, 2013

This morning, teachers at West High School in Manchester found an email from Ms. Douglass saying:  ‘My name is Megan. I am a former middle school teacher, and I am a member of Organizing for Action/Manchester. I am writing to invite you to a rally that OFA is sponsoring, to call attention to education cuts […]

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It’s for the children

by Susan Olsen March 12, 2013

I’m sure Mr. Cohn misunderstood, Deerfield teachers are prohibited from ‘striking’:  

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Crony Capitalism

by Susan Olsen January 17, 2013

The State Employees Association of NH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Service Employees International Union, is set to open talks soon with Governor Hassan. For those of you private sector pukes still workin’ for the man, I have three words, well, actually more than that, taken from the existing SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (which can be read […]

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