Cognitive Dissonance

Progressives – not fine for thee, but great for me!

by Skip June 28, 2018

(H/T: Powerline)

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Dan – cutting off his nose in support of his ideology

by Skip June 25, 2018

The Concord Monitor has a piece applauding the fact that while Government has the stricture of the Second Amendment (…shall not be infringed), corporate entities have no such restrictions.  We’ve seen a number of the Too Big To Fail banks putting the hammer down on gun retailers and suppliers: In the wake of high-profile mass […]

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So a fork causes obesity like guns cause massacres – all by them lonesomes?

by Skip March 4, 2018

Oh yeah, add cognitive dissonance and a misguided sense of reality. (H/T: Powerline)

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Blogline of the Day – you can’t be FOR “Animal House” AND be against it at the same time.

by Skip February 13, 2018

Tim Matheson seems to be bemoaning the fact that Animal House couldn’t get made today, while embracing the mindset that would prevent Animal House from getting made today. That would be Otter – the “debonair” worldly frat boy seducing one gal / woman after another. Who knew that his blacken eye in the movie would give […]

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Third Wave Feminists – just can’t tell what they want, can we?

by Skip April 10, 2017

My, isn’t this a lovely catch-22, eh?  A bad case of cluelessness or a supreme lack of irony? (H/T: Powerline)

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NH based AP Reporter can’t help herself on gun control

by Skip December 14, 2016

“Gun rights Repealing the licensing requirement to carry a concealed gun has a strong change of passing the Legislature. Unlike Hassan, Sununu is likely to sign it. New Hampshire has some of the nation’s weakest gun laws. It also sees less gun crime than most other states.” That would be Kathleen Ronayne in a piece […]

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When reality does not match a worldview…

by Skip November 26, 2016

Dilbert’s creator Scott Adams has been drawn into the political fray over the last couple of years and has a really pithy post on the crack up of the Left when they have to stare into that abyss of what their worldview beliefs are and the reality appearing before their eyes.  It really beggers their […]

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Lefty Cognitive Dissonance Condensed

by Scott Morales August 11, 2015

(h/t @KevinNR)  

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Feminist Cognitive Dissonance

by Skip April 13, 2014

“Finally, as libertarians we might want to challenge some of our feminist friends with the following consideration: if patriarchy is real and men have disproportionate power over all of society’s major institutions, why should a feminist trust the government to be the solution to problems like the gender wage gap? Even without assuming patriarchy, given […]

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Quick Thought: Democrat Cognitive Dissonance

by Skip June 2, 2013

I had bookmarked this a couple of days ago as it mirrors the same situation here in NH – Voter ID.  For Conservatives, this should be but a simple matter: with the current and  rampant Identity Theft epidemic, what is so wrong with making sure that the person who is asking for a ballot is […]

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