Quote of the morning

by Susan Olsen May 24, 2016

“With progressive causes, the goal is not the goal. The coercive means of achieving the goal is the goal. ” H/T Ol Remus  

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Prager University: The Morality of Free Markets

by Skip September 14, 2015

By one of my favorites on the ‘Net – Dr. Walter Williams: “Capitalism: what did you do to serve your fellow man” What is more fair – that YOU get to decide when and for what you decide to buy or sell?  Or Government deciding?  What is of more value – what you decide means […]

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Notable Quote – Tom Nichols

by Susan Olsen July 13, 2015

“Totalitarians want their rule, and their belief system, to be accepted and self-sustaining – even if it takes bludgeoning every last citizen who disagrees.“

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“The whole enchilada”

by Susan Olsen April 12, 2015

” I need to know two things about anyone’s political system: Does it prioritize human freedom, or human coercion?” Lets take a moment to consider political labels. All too often, they are used as simple pejoratives, not the least by me. If we’re talking and I tell you “You’re so progressive!”, chances are it isn’t […]

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I don’t fashion that to be love at all!

by Skip February 21, 2015

This caught my eye over at The Corner last night – a riff on Rudy Giuiliani’s saying that he doesn’t believe Obama loves America (emphasis mine): Obama Loves America, in His Fashion I think Obama does love America; he just has a funny way of showing it. Some people see love as a partnership: “I love you, […]

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The Concord Monitor Editorial board has a distorted sense of “freedom”

by Skip February 19, 2015

Gosh, I can start this post just like I ended the last one (w/one small change): Remember, with Democrats Progressives  it is NEVER the actual purpose of Government (“…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments […]

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Of COURSE gay Houston Mayor Anise Parker doesn’t want it to become a debate on 1st Amendment Religious Freedom

by Skip October 31, 2014

That is the ENTIRE linchpin – to unhook the morality of their lifestyle from the Bible based morality that presents (to them) a huge barrier.  Houston Mayor Anise Parker does not want that juxtaposition to happen after the utter stupidity of believing that she could steamroll Houston’s Christian clergy over their resistance to her “Bathroom Bill” […]

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Liberalism, Ideas So Good They Have to be Mandatory

by Scott Morales January 26, 2014

Picking up on Susan’s theme….    

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So, Subway wasn’t watching how Michelle almost destroyed school lunches all over the country?

by Skip January 23, 2014

And given the real partisanship in the country, they must REALLY be betting that more of their customers are Left of center than Right: They probably won’t promote their 6-inch big hot pastrami sandwich, but the Subway chain of restaurants is partnering with first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to persuade kids to eat healthier meals. […]

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As Obama continues his quest to “perfect us” – our food is next

by Skip November 28, 2012

Obama: “and a union that could be and should be perfected over time. “ From the Washington Examiner comes news that while Moochella has “improved” our kids school lunches, he’s wanting to “perfect” our eating habits – or pay for it: “I think there is no question that the way Americans eat and what Americans […]

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US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D): all too willing to use the fear of the IRS to stifle TEA Party opposition? How Orwellian of her…

by Skip February 27, 2012

“…those who cannot be co-opted are isolated and then destroyed.“ I had seen mention of the use of IRS going against TEA Parties (Richmond TEA Party, Ohio Liberty Council, it seems that others are in process) over at The TaxProf’s blog (via Instapundit, much more here at The Daily Caller on what the IRS is […]

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