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Report: Climate Skeptics More Eco-Friendly Than Alarmists

by Steve MacDonald May 7, 2018

In a recent report titled, “Believing in climate change, but not behaving sustainably: Evidence from a one-year longitudinal study” Cornell assistant professor Neil A. Lewis Jr., and University of Michigan researchers Michael P. Hall and Phoebe C. Ellsworth, discovered that the more alarmist you are about the climate, the less you do personally to “help it.” […]

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Did Global Warming’s Pie-Eyed Piper Get Anything Right?

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2018

James Hansen has been the boy who cried global warming wolf for three decades. Being an actual scientist at NASA seems to have something to do with giving him credibility but not much else can. He’s been wrong about just about everything.

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At Least We’ll Be Rid of the Kale Smoothies

by Steve MacDonald April 6, 2018

Last night Skip shared a bit of liberal mythology he tripped over at Tree Hugger which struck me as curious. The perp in chief of that ongoing serial fiction got his jimmies rustled over the width of the sidewalks in New Utopia.  That’s where we’ll all be living. In cities, all happy together. But we can’t […]

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Polar Warming Blah Blah Blah But Greenland is Whiteland

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2018

Never fear intrepid warriors the absence of green in this March 24th, 2018 NASA photo of Greenland means nothing. We are still doomed. It is your fault. And only massive confiscations of your hard earned money will help them make Greenland Green again, even if it takes generations.

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The Roots Of The Global Warming Religion

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2018

From Real Climate Science

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Before 2018 Becomes the “Newest” Warmest Year Ever…

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2018

Spring is coming, followed by another summer, a time when it will probably be the hottest…it has been all year. And with that “heat” the hyperbolic declarations on Mann-Made warming–which is not to be confused with the Mann-Made cooling, bitter cold, and snow.

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Global Warming A Global Topic At Davos so Mother Nature Dumps 6 feet of Snow

by Steve MacDonald January 25, 2018

#Davos disrupted as global elite gather amid snowiest ever meeting. Even the town’s helicopter pad was closed because of the snowstorm. via @welt #WEF18 — Holger Zschaepitz (@Schuldensuehner) January 23, 2018 Zero Hedge commentary and more “humor” here.

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Does Portsmouth NH’s Bond Rating Account for all that Climate Change Fear-Mongering?

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2018

Seven cities in California are suing energy companies claiming that their contribution to global warming puts their municipalities at grave risk. That the energy industry giants misrepresented the dangers and in exchange for this malfeasance these cities should be rewarded with a little court-ordered public policy victory and some jackpot justice. Somone at Exxon-Mobile decided […]

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How Do We Heat Our Homes If “Global Warming” Causes Extreme “Cooling”

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2018

Just because the new consensus among climate cult “scientists” is that freezing cold temperatures are a feature of ‘Global Warming’ don’t expect their worshippers to stop protesting fossil fuel delivery systems. They piss and moan about moving natural gas by rail. They moan and groan about moving gas by pipeline. So where is the moaning and groaning […]

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Remember: The Experts Predicted Hampton Beach Would Be Gone by 2020.

by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2017

As a visiting midwest (ish) tourist, before moving to New Hampshire in 1990, I took the occasional trip to Hampton Beach. Good times. What I didn’t know then was that a few years later in 1995 2500 experts got together and decided they could make a comfortable living if they said things like in 25 years […]

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Virginia Considers Joining RGGI Money Laundering Scheme

by Steve MacDonald December 24, 2017

It looks like Virginia needs more revenue. They are plotting to join the Regional Greenhouse Gass Initiative (RGGI). It also has returned $2.8 billion to those states from the auctioning of permits allowing power plants to emit carbon dioxide. That money mostly goes to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, which helps the environment and […]

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Hottest Day Recorded By State Refutes Climate Cult’s Mann-Made Global Warming

by Steve MacDonald December 19, 2017

Tampering with the temperature record is one of many ways the rent-seekers in the Climate Cult keep the gravy flowing, but there are a lot of records. Here’s one, compiled at sourced from the National Climate Data Center in Ashville, NC, showing the hottest recorded day in every U.S. state by year. If the […]

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Climate Change Removed as “National Threat”

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2017

President Trump’s National Security strategy will not include the weather as a threat to the nation. “Climate change is not identified as a national security threat,” an official said, adding that the position is consistent with Mr. Trump’s decision earlier this year to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord that was signed by President Obama. […]

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The End of the Arctic?

by Steve MacDonald November 23, 2017

We should be thankful…that a majority of people outside the bubbled-elite do not regularly buy into the weaponized fear-mongering of climate alarmists like this turkey. He, like many other enlightened scribblers reporting the words of “Experts™,” have been wrong about more things more times than we can count. But that doesn’t stop them from trying.

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Reminder: No Arctic Ice, Manhattan Underwater, and All 1200 Maldives GONE in Six Weeks

by Steve MacDonald November 13, 2017

Experts have been saying things for years that have turned out to be false but only recently have they demanded millions in taxpayer dollars (year after year) and an unimpeachable devotion to the scientism of the Climate Cult, despite them and their models being wrong about everything. With that in mind, we remind you that as 2018 approaches […]

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IPCC Admits Paris Agreement Isn’t Going to Do What they Said

by Steve MacDonald November 3, 2017

The Paris Climate Agreement is a paper tiger everyone raced to embrace, not because it would do something but because it could be sold as appearing to do something; with ample sides of fawning press coverage, photo ops, and the domestic burnishing of the “slightly” tarnished legacy of a man-child president. But all that hype and […]

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Consensus Means Money-Laundering

by Steve MacDonald October 31, 2017

Back in 1974, there was a consensus that global cooling was a threat to the worlds food supply. Many of us would starve to death before we froze to death. When that didn’t happen–and by that I mean there was no global money-laundering system in place to finance the ‘science’ needed to warp reality to […]

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Consensus Remains Elusive

by Steve MacDonald October 22, 2017

 “Consensus” is a political idea which is just one of many reasons not trust the climate cult. A concept that even as a political one is difficult. So we should not be surprised to see a group of sixty-plus scientists with climate backgrounds asking the EPA to revisit it’s 2009 GHG Endangerment Finding. We each are convinced that […]

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Climate Totalitarian, Al Gore.

by Steve MacDonald October 14, 2017

Climate Totalitarianism might be when the false notion that science can ever “be settled” in the first place becomes, well, this. Al Gore recently had a telling altercation with a journalist. The Spectator’s Ross Clark wanted to ask him about Miami sea-level rises suggested in the new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel.” The reporter started to explain […]

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Suppressing Climate Science Speech Violates the First Amendment Too!

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2017

The left is keen to suppress speech they oppose in any way they can, and the politicization of science and climate has played a vital part in this effort. “Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, […]

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4324-Day Major Hurricane Drought Ends in US- Watch Harvey Grow into a Cat 4 (Video)

by Steve MacDonald August 27, 2017

The 4324-day major hurricane drought has ended. And I’m sure it’s all because of global warming. What is? All of it, everything, forever, amen.   H/T WUWT

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Decades-old government report shows climate data was bad

by Steve MacDonald August 14, 2017

Warmists and Cultists will pshaw. In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences, the research arm of the National Research Council, released a study expressing concern about the accuracy of the data used in the debate over climate change. They said there are, “Deficiencies in the accuracy, quality and continuity of the records,” that “place serious limitations on the confidence […]

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A Message for “NH Mayors” from Warmist Bjorn Lomborg

by Steve MacDonald July 21, 2017

Bjorn Lomborg is a warmist. He’s a climate change guy who buys into the CO2 and man are warming the earth thing, and he’s convinced it matters. But he’s also about doing things that have value to address “the problem, ” and if you’ve been paying attention, he thinks the entire Paris Climate Accord is […]

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What Does Keeping the Paris Agreement Alive Actually Mean?

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2017

From the EU to California to Nashua and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, politicians and pundits are promising to keep the Paris Agreement alive despite President Trump’s exit. But what does that actually mean? It depends. If you’re Turkey, it means you expect bitter Paris Accord clingers to write you a check to pay for the cost of compliance. If […]

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Fake News About Biggest Antarctic Iceberg Ever

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2017

Climate fraudsters are busy today touting an Antarctic iceberg the size of Delaware. In 1956, an iceberg five times as large broke off, and it was the second one that year. – RCS See Also: Media gets high on Antarctic Crack  

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Is the Climate Cult the Left’s Last Hope and other Random Thoughts

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2017

Climate change is the single most important progressive agenda item. It has to be. Everything else they claim to care about has failed. So they leverage the climate narrative to blame you for their lies failure.  Championing climate change lets leadership continue to enrich itself and the political class (and grow government) while allowing themselves rank and […]

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They Said if We Did Nothing About Global Warming it Would Affect NH Tourism and They Were Right

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2017

If you Google Global Warming, New Hampshire, and Tourism you’ll be “rewarded” with the history of Climate Cultist scaremongering on the subject. From snowless winters to impacted fall foliage, drought to deluge. There is no limit to the problems that inaction on “climate change” will cause the tiny state or the damage predicted for the local economy. […]

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The Start of the Global Warming Scam

by Steve MacDonald June 20, 2017

See charts, notes, and news clips used in the video here.

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Increased Sea Ice Now Caused by ‘Climate Change’

by Steve MacDonald June 15, 2017

Remember when the Climate Cult said our children would never see snow in New Hampshire because of Global Warming but the snow wouldn’t cooperate, so it was decided that all that snow was caused by Global Warming? The same thing is happening with sea ice in the Arctic. Large Canadian Arctic climate change study canceled due […]

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Gray Seals Thriving in New England But, But…Climate Change!

by Steve MacDonald June 15, 2017

New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) published a report yesterday titled, Gray Seals, Once Hunted, Are Thriving In New England. Once a popular target for hunters who could collect bounties from Massachusetts for their kills, the species swelled after hunting the beasts was outlawed. “Past surveys based on traditional methods of counting, using occupied aircraft to survey seals […]

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