So, another “win” for our government education?

by Skip May 14, 2018

Only when you consider the older man’s education (you know, when it actually taught actually history and actual civics and not this PC crap we see in the top panel). The South deemed their slaves to be property but wanted them also counted as people for representation.  The North said – ok, if your slaves […]

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Good Intentions and Bad Bills

by Tom February 8, 2015

Guest post by Michelle Levell. On the surface, SB 157 is reasonable. It would require a civics test as a condition for high school graduation. Many liberty and conservative leaning people would agree that our students should know the US Constitution and NH Constitution. However, the issue is more complicated than good intentions. Although the […]

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GrokSHOT! – Former Army Lt. Col (Special Forces) & Gilford School Board’s Kurt Webber tries to give a Civics lesson

by Skip June 3, 2014

#FAIL:  “You WILL obey Our rules or we will have you arrested!”  How authoritarian. I’m on vacation for a bit so blogging will be light from me for a while.  However, the infamous Gilford School Board, that had parent William “Billy” Baer arrested simply for trying to engage the Board as to why his freshman daughter […]

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GrokTALK! 9-28-13 Guest Segment- Dr. Julianne Cooper – Liberty Harbor Academy

by Steve MacDonald October 2, 2013
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! 9-28-13 Guest Segment- Dr. Julianne Cooper  – Liberty Harbor Academy

In segment Three Dr. Julianne Cooper from Liberty Harbor Academy joins us to talk about Common core; Learn about the test in Florida designed to make your kids think they are a Democrat (and had best be if be to get into AP Civics) a test that no one was supposed to know about. Discover […]

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“A properly functioning democracy depends on an informed electorate”

by Skip July 4, 2013

The failure of public schools to impart even rudimentary knowledge of self-government principles, natural rights theory and the rule of law is compounded by the suicidal abandonment of civic education. As Stanford University education professor William Damon notes: “Our disregard of civic and moral virtue as an educational priority is having a tangible effect on […]

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And the Teachers’ unions can’t understand why we don’t believe them?

by Skip February 4, 2012

In my opinion, public education has gone down a path of disaster in many ways – too many teaching methodologies that are not much more than somebody’s fad idea instead of being verifiably certified effective, teachers who believe their mission is to indoctrinate students with “a worldview” instead of teaching subject basics well, and unions […]

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