Chuck Hagel

Hagel’s Other Mistake – Opposing Gitmo Releases

by Mike November 28, 2014

Obama seems to have badly misjudged Chuck Hagel, and it seems conservatives may need to re-evaluate Hagel, too. Taken on as a token Republican fig-leaf and an expected rubber-stamp for Obama’s downsizing of the military, things began to unravel when the Middle-East situation became grave, and ISIS emerged from the power vacuum which Obama allowed […]

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Headless Hagel Cartoon Collection

by Mike November 25, 2014

(Click-expand small cartoons)       See also “Sad-Sacked“

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Sad-Sacked: Hagel Was Too Warlike!

by Mike November 24, 2014

Poor Chuck Hagel, the guy always looks like the definition of a “sad sack”, and now he has more reasons to be sad. Hired by Obama to be the “Token Republican”, the most un-warlike Hagel was intended to preside over a general troop drawdown and shrinking budgets. Things went well until the ISIS crisis became […]

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Chuck Hagel: two time patsie for Obama?

by Skip June 11, 2014

UPDATE: Heh – could this be Popcorn Time?  Seems like Hagel is claiming that he didn’t make the decision.  So, who did? ******************** Poor Chuckie – first he willingly, as the token bipartisan Republican, became Obama’s patsie to oversee the downsizing of the Department of Defense in compliance with Obama’s policy of Determined Weakness.  After […]

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As former Senator Chuck Hagel (R Squish – NE) angles to be next SecDef, remember this:

by Skip December 21, 2012

(H/T: Looking Spoon) Groveling yet, Chuck? Former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel is apologizing for comments he made in 1998 during a debate over the nomination of philanthropist James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg. Hagel came under fire yesterday from gay-rights groups for opposing Hormel’s nomination on the grounds that he was “openly, aggressively gay.” Hagel […]

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