Christopher Columbus

Where ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day Leads and Other Progressive Plots

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2017

I’d like to wish the folks out in the Durham area a Happy ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Durham, New Hampshire, is the first municipality in the Granite State to adopt the second Monday in October as ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day.’ (c/o WMUR)“After much consideration and reflection regarding the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus, the town council has come to […]

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As We Celebrate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”…

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2015
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  As we celebrate “indigenous Peoples’ Day,” colloquially referred to in some outdated circles as Columbus Day, remember; the same people pushing for “indigenous peoples’ day” (because Columbus Day represents centuries of aggression by undocumented European invaders) demand open borders so that the undocumented Spanish speaking descendants of the Conquistador’s can invade America. Just saying. Another […]

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