Data Point – part of the secularization of The Church

by Skip January 23, 2018

Seriously – what has happened to Thou Shalt Not Kill (or in some translations, murder)? (H/T: Pew Research via Hot Air)

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Twitter Tosses BuzzFeed Under The Bus

by Steve MacDonald September 3, 2017

The Joel Osteen fiasco says a lot about American Christianity — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) August 31, 2017 While a Muslim blowing himself up at a children's concert or driving a van into 50 ppl says absolutely nothing about Islam — Mujahed Kobbe (@Moj_kobe) September 1, 2017 Twitchy

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Civil War – when the Left/Democrats can’t even support our own Law?

by Skip April 1, 2017

The Left screams about “cultural appropriation” all the time – but why do they throw OUR culture away any time it collides with another? Shades of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg writ small and sideways. All over the Right side of the blogosphere I keep hearing whispers “are we heading towards a civil war”? It is quite obvious […]

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Guest Post – Dan Itse: Christianity is not Socialism

by Skip March 31, 2017

I sought this consent today to apologize. To apologize for not having a ready answer. For the record, I will be mentioning the Bible, but only because someone else brought it up first. Back when we were debating SB 302, I commented to a fellow representative that I would probably vote for it, if only […]

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If It Were Really All About Equality

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2016

If Liberals and Progressives really are all about equality then ask them, Why don’t they criticize Islam the way they criticize Christianity? If they are incapable of equal criticism of Islam why is it not then appropriate to give Christianity the same quarter? Reply: Stutter, stutter, blah, blah, you hate women, racist.

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It is rather queer – what IS that connection?

by Skip September 11, 2016

I just can’t seem to….connect….the dots….hmmmm (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Our State Department can’t even identify the group targeted by Muslims: Christians

by Skip March 28, 2016

Yesterday was Easter, the most holy day in the Christian calendar.  While Christmas seems to get the main billing in our secularized society, it is only the remembrance of His birth.  Easter is the observation of Jesus’s Resurrection – the entire event that defines what Christianity is – that God was made Man while still […]

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Abortion and the Socialist

by Skip September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Socialist Democrat, spoke at Liberty University today (the largest evangelical private university in the US).  I have to give him a bit of cred, given that he went to a place where Democrats or Socialists don’t ordinarily go.  I’m not going post up all of his talk but I will concerning this from […]

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Gay Militants threat of Lawfare – a church will no longer do weddings

by Skip July 14, 2015

A long time friend of mine from the Midwest emailed me (emphasis mine): Skip – I was at church council last night.  We have discussions underway to consider not doing weddings at all.  We will focus on the Gospel, sacrament (baptism & communion), liturgy, and outreach (community dinners, food pantry, and clothing for the homeless). That’s […]

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“Now the contest begins to see who’ll be the angriest winner.”

by Skip July 10, 2015

OF OBERGEFELL AND OSTRACISM: After the Supreme Court’s decision on Same Sex Marriage, Dan McLaughlin of Red State was quoted as saying, “Now the contest begins to see who’ll be the angriest winner.” Last week it was George Takei of Star Trek making racist slurs against Clarence Thomas. This week, Max Lindenman of Patheos spots […]

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Available Now!

by Susan Olsen May 31, 2015

H/T Powerline

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A Finer Instrument of Tyranny Than Wickedness Ever Had Before

by Steve MacDonald April 6, 2015
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The practical problem of Christian politics is not that of drawing up schemes for a Christian society, but that of living as innocently as we can with unbelieving fellow-subjects under unbelieving rulers who will never be perfectly wise and good and who will sometimes be very wicked and very foolish. And when they are wicked […]

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Hello, Cultural Marxism:

by Steve MacDonald February 17, 2015
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[Quote] Hello, Cultural Marxism: In 1919, Georg Lukacs became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bolshevik Bela Kun regime in Hungary. He immediately set plans in motion to de-Christianize Hungary. Reasoning that if Christian sexual ethics could be undermined among children, then both the hated patriarchal family and the Church would be dealt a […]

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From a lesbian mayor suing Pastors for their sermons; now Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is suing Ministers for practicing their faith??

by Skip October 18, 2014

There is no “tolerance” in the militant gay movement – there can only be acceptance (even if forced). President Obama’s Obamacare Mandate is forcing Christian companies to provide abortifaciants in their healthcare policies against their religious beliefs and conscious – this is Tyranny in which Government decides what thought is allowed – and what is […]

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Part 2: Where my friend gets a Bible quote wrong: Suffer the little children to come

by Skip August 4, 2014

Well, there’s more from my friend (and indeed, he is exactly that) concerning Christian compassion, the illegal kid invasion, and Government “caring” and Suffer the little children quote from Matthew 19  (emphasis mine): yeah – we’re gonna agree to disagree on this.  Either feed’m and send them home, or feed’m and send them to their relatives.  […]

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Really, you don’t have to go all that far to find a religious war being waged

by Skip October 15, 2013

Battling Headlines: Sen. Paul: ‘Worldwide War on Christians is Being Waged by a Fanatical Element of Islam’ DOD Still Barring 50 Priests from Administering Sacraments, Locks Up Eucharist, Priest Sues AFA Classified as a “Hate Group” By US Army Army Training Material on ‘Religious Extremism’ Lists Evangelical Christians, Catholics and Some Jews Alongside KKK, Al-Qaeda […]

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Because Christians haven’t figured out how to defend their faith…

by Susan Olsen July 26, 2013

Ascendant Muslims have made it clear that they will defend their faith – because they don’t care what you think. Christians are perceived to be weak – they don’t fight back (literally or figuratively).

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Merry Hanukwanzmas

by Steve MacDonald December 24, 2012

Happy Christmakwanzukkah?  How about Yule or Saturnalia?  Whatever your winter solstice holiday poison may be you can bet your Establishment Clause and his eight tiny ACLU reindeer that the real winners will be the secular humanists and the flying monkey Lawyer-politicians that pull their empty sleigh; craven acolytes of the void, committed to pressuring anyone […]

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“Gay” leftist hatred of Chick-fil-A and Christians trumps Islamic executions….

by Tim Condon August 15, 2012

“Gay” leftists think Chick-fil-A is a greater danger to their agenda than Islam, which publicly executes homosexuals. If hating America and hating Christians is at the top of your agenda, it makes perfect sense….

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Do You Get Tim Tebow?

by Steve MacDonald December 17, 2011

I’m listening to Michael Graham on the way home last night.  It is at most a 15 minute drive so there isn’t much exposure to the program and I frequently tune in in the middle of some topic.  Last night I caught part of a segment on Tim Tebow,  the sudden attention he has attracted, […]

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Picture of the day (Easter Edition)

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2011


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Government As God

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2010

For as long as I can recall the New Hampshire Democrat Party has been using the “Press Release” to make up crap about people, misrepresent the words they use, change the meaning of their words, or in some cases creating out of whole cloth whatever perception they think will advance their clawing obsession with accumulating political power by damaging anyone or anything that stands between them and their Pinky and The Brain like nightly quest (minus the Brain) to take over the world.

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