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Pine Tree Ramblings – Vol 10

by Tom July 19, 2018

Leftists (Liberals, Democrats) sure are in a tailspin these days.  And it sure is great to see. They pick these whacky, self-proclaimed Socialist bartenders who can’t function though a media interview.  They have issue-du-jour Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), where each day brings a new “critical issue”, worthy (in their minds) of impeaching the President: Helsinki, […]

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Nine Democrats Running in NHCD-1 Primary – Not One Will Admit to Supporting Pelosi

by Steve MacDonald May 10, 2018

Fear of political retribution for supporting one of the most unliked Democrats in modern history has prompted all nine of the primary contestants in the Democrats to Replace Shea-Porter CD-1 fashion who to shun the political stylings of party Leader Nancy Pelosi. Michael Graham, writing at Inside Sources, observes that, while they appear to cover the spectrum of […]

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Why is the NHGOPe Helping Democrat Chris Pappas Win His Primary in NHCD-01

by Ed Mosca April 21, 2018

Check out this twitter account and some of the tweets. Why are the New Hampshire Young Republicans getting involved in a Democrat primary in this manner? Especially when attacking Maura Sullivan now helps Chris Pappas who would be the strongest Democrat candidate in Congressional District 01.

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NH Democrats Prove How Much They Hate Tax Cuts

by Kimberly Morin April 17, 2018

Today, Ivanka Trump and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin came to New Hampshire to talk about President Trump’s tax plan on “Tax Day.” The two were talking about the benefits of the tax plan that was put into place by the Republican-controlled Congress (not one of New Hampshire’s Democrat representatives voted for their constituents to […]

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What Happened to That Democrat Bill to Muzzle Frank Edelblut?

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2018

Democrats throw ($*!t) at the wall until something sticks, and they never seem to have a shortage of the stuff. Case in point. SenateBill 466 was issued the day after NH Ed. Commissioner Frank Edelblut responded to a vapid tweet from Executive Councilor turned congressional Candidate Pajama-Boy Chris Pappas. The State Democrat Party, who were naturally in […]

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To Silence One Commissioner NH Democrats Would Use The Government to Silence Them All.

by Steve MacDonald December 27, 2017

The NHGOP sent out an email today on the easily triggered, toll-hike loving Chris Pappas, complete with a quote from a Union Leader Editorial. “For some reason, Frank Edelblut drives Democrats at the State House completely crazy. Edelblut recently tweeted to Executive Councilor Chris Pappas about the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition, using a phrase Pappas […]

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Democrat Chris Pappas is Running for Congress in NH CD-1

by Steve MacDonald November 10, 2017

The speculation is over. (I confess I forgot he was considering it.) Executive Councilor Chris Pappas is going to run for Congress in New Hampshire Congressional District one. He’s joining at least four other Democrats to succeed Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, who is stepping down after her term ends. Former AFL-CIO head Mark MacKenzie, former […]

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Chris Pappas Is Considering a Run for NH-CD1

by Steve MacDonald October 11, 2017

To commemorate Democrat Chris Pappas ‘Considering’ a run for New Hampshire congressional district one (now that Che-Porter is retiring), another Grokster suggested a suitable portrait, of sorts, to frame the potential candidate in the proper context. An image to post above future content about the candidate. And now we have it.

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Chris Pappas – Spoken like a true Collectivist! He’s not grooving to “Live Free or Die”

by Skip October 15, 2012

Got a tip from a loyal reader of an article that appeared on FaceBook – one that shows that one Democrat Progressive Chris Pappas would be self-righteously fine with New Hampshire getting rid of our State Motto, “Live Free or Die”.  He said so himself in a Hippo Press article back in Dec 15, 2005.  […]

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