The difference between Libertarians and Statist/Progressive Totalitarians

by Skip November 14, 2017

A lady by the name of Jilletta Jarvis is running for Governor of NH and had a Letter to the Editor printed in the Concord Monitor (I do have to give credit to our local Pravda in doing so for a person completely antithetical to their political stances).  In it I read no real surprises […]

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Government enforced “safety” – the antithesis Freedom?

by Skip October 22, 2017

One example (emphasis mine): According to the Los Angeles Times, Newsom said the ban will “help prevent the occurrence of high-fatality gun massacres, and … [will] reduce the bloodshed when these tragedies occur.” Note that Newsom’s claim contains an admission that the ban will not stop “high-fatality” attacks altogether. Rather, it is yet another in a long […]

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Blogline of the Day – It’s about Choice

by Skip July 25, 2017

With the Senate voting (barely) to advance debate on Obamacare: This isn’t about Americans “losing” health insurance. It’s about them making their own choices on insurance coverage once the individual mandate is gone. (H/T: Heritage) The Democrats took away the ability to choose for ourselves – they put the Federal Government in charge of making […]

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Poor teary Boehner – he hates the new media

by Skip July 25, 2017

Yet another failure by an old style politician to adapt to the speed of the Internet (emphasis mine, reformatted): …Any interaction with a Democrat risks being covered by conservative outlets as a potential betrayal of the GOP, he said.  “Boehner blamed figures on the right who purchase lists of conservative activists and then position themselves […]

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Medallions: individuals are now suffering the result of yet another Government distortion of the Free Marketplace

by Skip July 16, 2017

No, not the kind that goes around your neck or on the wall.  No, this is all about NYC cab medallions – and why? Gosh, doesn’t this resemble the housing crash of 2008? Or in similar ways, the problem with the healthcare marketplace being taken over by Government? Or what Government did with “restructuring” the auto […]

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Freedom vs “Do what you’re told”

by Skip February 23, 2017

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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So, life’s better without Michelle prepping your lunch tray?

by Skip February 21, 2017

Ayup – the wonders of Capitalism (the marketplace governed by you) vs the dreariness of a Government directed economy (even if it is just lunch): Students, Faculty Rejoice as PA School Drops Federally-Regulated School Lunch Program A Pennsylvania high school is no longer bound by federal food regulations after the district decided to do away […]

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Enjoy Your Denial. It’s The Only Thing Left That’s Truly Yours

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2017

When the government directs taxpayer money toward something, it immediately takes an interest in everything about the money. The cash comes with a sidecar full of rules, regulations. The blanket term for these is ‘strings.’ It always comes with strings attached. Everyone knows this except women who are told by Democrats to support taxpayer-funded abortion.

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Notable Quote – Jeff Jacoby and the Right to Free Association

by Skip December 28, 2016

Tolerance and pluralism are important values in a free society. So are choice and association. Your choices may not be mine; my preferred associations may not be yours. In a diverse, live-and-let-live culture, our differences are manageable — as long as government doesn’t interfere. The state can’t force Elton John to take a gig he […]

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Notable Quote – Prof Don Boudreaux

by Skip November 22, 2016

If the planners do not know the details, then they do not know what they need to know to justify the imposition of their choices over those who they are trying to direct. – Don Lavoie (National Economic Planning: What Is Left?) Indeed so. It isn’t too much of a simplification to say that those who […]

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The Problem is Women Don’t Abort Themselves…

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2016
Thumbnail image for The Problem is Women Don’t Abort Themselves…
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Data Point – who REALLY drinks a lot.

by Skip March 10, 2016

OK, I can see street winos hitting that top group and those that have to drink for a living (e.g, brewmasters, liquor distillers / barrel tappers, and the like – those in the industry).  But seriously – 10 drinks a day?  As I have said before, I am the son of an Irish drunk – […]

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Breadlines – which one would you prefer?

by Skip January 1, 2016

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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I thought this odd: “…because everyone knows that fewer choices are almost always preferable,”

by Skip January 1, 2016

I used to fly a lot on business trips.  Without the commentary about doing the biz trips (No, not glamorous and not “touristy” that many think it is), I had piled up a lot of frequent flier miles.  While most of them were earned (and used) on United, I do/did have a smattering of miles […]

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Hey Statists! Which economic system cures Poverty best?

by Skip December 27, 2015

Continuing on that 23 different types of deoderants, 18 different pairs of sneakers, and people making decisions all on their own and such; yet another post to which Statists would like you not to know (emphasis mine, reformatted): Sorry, Socialists, But Capitalism Is Killing Absolute Poverty To hear the global left these days, you’d think the […]

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So when Chris Matthews says that Bernie best represents the Dems…

by Skip October 15, 2015

…he should know.  And if he knows, and is willing to let on, how much further Left has the Dems NOT been willing to admit to? Remember, before becoming a “journalist” (ok, talking head), he was a long term Democrat Party operative.  And here he is, telling everyone how far Left the Democrat Party has […]

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If unions are all that hot of a deal…

by Skip October 14, 2015

…then when given the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, why are even more government union members deciding to leave?  And it couldn’t happen to a better union: Government employees in Seattle do not exactly fit the profile of the average Republican voter. But As the Washington Examiner’s Sean Higgins reported this week, they aren’t suckers either. Thanks to a recent […]

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Is the Abortion Cult Serious About Its “Choice” Dogma?

by Steve MacDonald August 17, 2015
Thumbnail image for Is the Abortion Cult Serious About Its “Choice” Dogma?

The abortion Cultists continue to predict end of the world scenarios for women’s health care if government does not force taxpayers to tithe to the 665 Planned Parenthood shrines across the nation. But it appears as if this forced-tithing to their idol is unnecessary. There are an additional 13,540 locations across the country that not […]

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Serfdom USA

by Skip August 9, 2015

Heh! (H/T: Café Hayek)

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Bi-Partisan Pandermonium

by Susan Olsen June 18, 2015

Pregnancy = Disability Seems legit.    

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Daniel Fortin – accomplishes BreatheNH’s purposes but not by persuasion of the public

by Skip April 16, 2015

“The essence of modern Democratic Progressivism is: You will participate in what we have created for you, and you will comply with the law’s demands.” NH State Rep Kris Roberts (D): “Government has to protect us from our own stupidity.” NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ Naw, […]

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Alexis De Tocqueville warned us of despotism and tyranny arising in democracies – the Administrative State

by Skip December 29, 2014

Even though French philosopher Alexis De Tocquville toured the nascent American Democracy back in the mid-1800’s, even as he was in wonderment of the strength of its Civil Society (e.g., non-governmental), he was prescient in diagnosing its probable demise in the rise of those that would control the others under the guise of “we’re here […]

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The joy of competition: good-bye, FairPoint!

by Skip December 28, 2014

By the end of the month, I will have cut a cord that has been in my entire (almost 6 decade) life – a landline phone.  And I can thank the striking FairPoint Unions for giving me the impetus for having done so for shoddy service.  If the service your company provides fails to meet […]

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Freedom – and now we see where it has gone.

by Skip December 23, 2014

A story on when Government KNOWS what is best for you – even if you know it is not: a sad tale of Obamacare: My older daughter, who is 28, married with 2 children, Her husband is in optometry school and she works three jobs. They have a bunch of loans and I pay their […]

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US Chamber of Commerce ain’t showing love on Jeanne Shaheen for her Obamacare vote

by Skip September 20, 2014

And rightly so – she has done NOTHING except for taking choice away from us, the citizens, and moving that choice to the Ruling Class in Congress.  She started to show her “I’m smarter than you” when she got her SB711 passed and it immediately reduced our choices from over a couple of dozen providers […]

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The measure of Freedom is the number of available choices

by Skip September 14, 2014

Marcus Merz (CEO,  insurer PreferredOne): “We have to break people away from the choice habit that everyone has. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Notable Quote – Prof. David Corbin & Matt Parks

by Skip April 15, 2014

From a longer piece at The Federalist (go read the whole thing, emphasis here is mine): …Americans, Madison argues, are natural republicans–republicans in their heads and in their hearts, determined to show the world that “self-government” is possible. The republican principle, as Madison defines it later in the essay, requires “a government which derives all its […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. Don Boudreaux

by Skip March 27, 2014

On Education (emphasis mine): Here’s a better idea: shift education responsibility to parents. Mr. Hettleman likely disagrees, given that in his op-ed he doesn’t once mention parents or families.  But it is mothers and fathers – not politicians – who have the greatest interest in the welfare of their children and who know their children […]

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Is Harrell Kirstein now going to have to be Shaheen’s “Bahgdad Bob”?

by Skip March 19, 2014

First we get the news that Harrell Kirstein, NHDP Ray Buckles chief mouthflack, has moved over from being obnoxious from the NH Democrat Party to being a pin-cushion  for the re-election crew for US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (Progressive – NH) (emphasis mine, reformatted): Now that New Hampshire appears to have an exciting race for U.S. […]

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HB 1503 – Do Women Deserve the Same ‘Right’ When They Choose To Have The Baby?

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2014

Most Democrats won’t give up abortion for anything.  They wouldn’t even trade it for an end to capital punishment. Democrats try to pass legislation making it difficult to protest abortion, even though the right to protest–organizing to protest–is the foundation of every left wing change movement. But NH HB 1503 doesn’t say anything about abortion.  […]

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