Alexis De Tocqueville warned us of despotism and tyranny arising in democracies – the Administrative State

by Skip December 29, 2014

Even though French philosopher Alexis De Tocquville toured the nascent American Democracy back in the mid-1800’s, even as he was in wonderment of the strength of its Civil Society (e.g., non-governmental), he was prescient in diagnosing its probable demise in the rise of those that would control the others under the guise of “we’re here […]

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The joy of competition: good-bye, FairPoint!

by Skip December 28, 2014

By the end of the month, I will have cut a cord that has been in my entire (almost 6 decade) life – a landline phone.  And I can thank the striking FairPoint Unions for giving me the impetus for having done so for shoddy service.  If the service your company provides fails to meet […]

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Freedom – and now we see where it has gone.

by Skip December 23, 2014

A story on when Government KNOWS what is best for you – even if you know it is not: a sad tale of Obamacare: My older daughter, who is 28, married with 2 children, Her husband is in optometry school and she works three jobs. They have a bunch of loans and I pay their […]

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US Chamber of Commerce ain’t showing love on Jeanne Shaheen for her Obamacare vote

by Skip September 20, 2014

And rightly so – she has done NOTHING except for taking choice away from us, the citizens, and moving that choice to the Ruling Class in Congress.  She started to show her “I’m smarter than you” when she got her SB711 passed and it immediately reduced our choices from over a couple of dozen providers […]

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The measure of Freedom is the number of available choices

by Skip September 14, 2014

Marcus Merz (CEO,  insurer PreferredOne): “We have to break people away from the choice habit that everyone has. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Notable Quote – Prof. David Corbin & Matt Parks

by Skip April 15, 2014

From a longer piece at The Federalist (go read the whole thing, emphasis here is mine): …Americans, Madison argues, are natural republicans–republicans in their heads and in their hearts, determined to show the world that “self-government” is possible. The republican principle, as Madison defines it later in the essay, requires “a government which derives all its […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. Don Boudreaux

by Skip March 27, 2014

On Education (emphasis mine): Here’s a better idea: shift education responsibility to parents. Mr. Hettleman likely disagrees, given that in his op-ed he doesn’t once mention parents or families.  But it is mothers and fathers – not politicians – who have the greatest interest in the welfare of their children and who know their children […]

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Is Harrell Kirstein now going to have to be Shaheen’s “Bahgdad Bob”?

by Skip March 19, 2014

First we get the news that Harrell Kirstein, NHDP Ray Buckles chief mouthflack, has moved over from being obnoxious from the NH Democrat Party to being a pin-cushion  for the re-election crew for US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (Progressive – NH) (emphasis mine, reformatted): Now that New Hampshire appears to have an exciting race for U.S. […]

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HB 1503 – Do Women Deserve the Same ‘Right’ When They Choose To Have The Baby?

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2014

Most Democrats won’t give up abortion for anything.  They wouldn’t even trade it for an end to capital punishment. Democrats try to pass legislation making it difficult to protest abortion, even though the right to protest–organizing to protest–is the foundation of every left wing change movement. But NH HB 1503 doesn’t say anything about abortion.  […]

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Pro Choice? Choice? Really? Well, Here’s Your Chance To Prove it!

by Steve MacDonald January 6, 2014
Thumbnail image for Pro Choice?  Choice? Really?  Well, Here’s Your Chance To Prove it!

When Democrats say they are ‘Pro-Choice’ what they mean is defending a woman’s “right” to have an abortion.  That’s the choice. They have no interest in funding abstinence programs, so sex seems inevitable.  Sex, no matter how much taxpayer funded contraception you provide, will always result in more unwanted or accidental pregnancies than not having […]

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We hated it then, so why are Progressive Democrats cramming this down our throats?

by Skip December 30, 2013

Simple answer: F. A. Hayek came up with the idea of Fatal Conceit, that it is impossible for a few people to have sufficient knowledge to run an economy – at all.  There are just too many inputs for too many decisions for any central planners to know exactly what has to be done correctly.  […]

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“Asking”? The Government is really “asking”?

by Skip November 12, 2013

Kirsten Powers on Special Report (a Liberal) tonite was talking about Obamacare – the theme was that the Obama Administration was not and has not be honest with the American people as to why the new Obamacare healthcare insurance plans are WAY more expensive.  She took issue that HER plan was considered to be “substandard” […]

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Blogline of the Day – Democrat Progressivism is about OBEDIENCE, not Freedom

by Skip October 30, 2013

“The essence of modern Democratic progressivism is: “You will participate in what we have created for you, and you will comply with the law’s demands.” – Daniel Henniger, WSJ Doubt me?  Just review Steve’s post on Laura Pantelakos: “I Don’t Care About Protecting People’s Liberty“!  Good to know – it will now add to my […]

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How ’bout A Little Leftist Prejudice

by Steve MacDonald June 8, 2013

This morning we had the privilege of having as a GrokTALK! guest, Cornerstone Policy Research Executive director Ashley Pratte.  Ashley was sharing with us the different reactions she gets when people discover that a 24 year old young woman is…(gasp!) a conservative.  That she is not down with the progs femi-nazi struggle.  That she is […]

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Gosnell – the aborted-but-born-alive baby killer. Yes, this is an apt analogy…

by Skip May 4, 2013

Abortion is not pretty – it is death up close. Oh sure, the Progressives call it “choice” and make it sound like “no big thing”.  NARAL and Planned Parenthood call it “reproductive health”: yeah, this emphasis on calling a baby’s death anything but what it is ends up looking like this: (Image H/T: CNSNews) That’s […]

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Notable Quote – Common Core

by Steve MacDonald May 3, 2013

Common Core is just the secular-humanist-educational equivalent of Shari’a Law, implemented by controlling, secular-humanist, anti-religious socialist, personal-choice-bigots who insist we spend billions more every year because every child learns differently but then can’t seem to see the hypocrisy of wanting every state, county, and School district across the fruited plain to follow a one-size-fits-all nation-wide curriculum, implemented by statist fatwa, advanced through an organized campaign based on guilt and intimidation, […]

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Government: wanna a dog? Criminal background check and dog class for YOU!

by Skip April 25, 2013

Best comment over at the News Observer: When are we going to close the dog show loophole?  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up as yet another politician has decided that “he’s gotta do something” and ends up with a law that says “Subject Citizen, you must again ask for permission to do that”! Rodney […]

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Tyranny – you WILL save for retirement and yet again, continue the incremental transformation of employers into being part of Government

by Skip April 22, 2013

Once again, a mandate that will cost you whether you like it or not, but Obama has pre-determined “how much you need”.  “From Obama’s 2014 indentured servitude and Budget (here, page 24, emphasis mine) we see the “benevolent hand” of Tyranny Our Betters Our Rulers our Government  with the socialist glove forcing paternalistic nudging yet […]

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A redefinition of “Choice”

by Skip March 30, 2013

Yes, I am (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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‘Tweet of the Day’ – Matt Dawson

by Susan Olsen March 25, 2013

It would be funny if it weren’t true. H/T Weasel Zippers and Matt Dawson

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Freedom depends on who gets to choose and make the decisions

by Skip March 3, 2013

The abridged definition of “Freedom” is how many choices one can make, unforced and unfettered.  I get to make the choice – not you and not Government.  When you and Government starting making those decisions for me, that by definition, is less Freedom. The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, was […]

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New Hampshire Democrats Want Their JackBoot Back on The Necks of Poor Kids

by Steve MacDonald February 1, 2013

Back in April of 2012 we reported on how 71% of New Hampshire’s public schools failed to meet their adequate yearly progress in math and reading.  (Not very ‘progressive’ of them.)  We later debated the potential benefits to local New Hampshire school districts who could ‘potentially’ collect a tax windfall per student with the program–more […]

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One Nation Under Socialism – Jon McNaughton

by Mike March 22, 2012

When the left creates offensive art, we conservatives are expected to suck it up, such as when Andres Serrano published the photo “Piss Christ“, funded by your taxes. When Conservatives produce privately funded art which is critical of a liberal icon, the liberals are disdainful at best, scathing at worst. Here’s video of McNaughton describing […]

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“I did not run for this office just to get back to where we were. I ran for this office to get us to where we need to be.”

by Skip March 18, 2012

That was a line from one of Obama’s recent campaign speeches.  Now if you took it at face value, it sounds like what any politician would be.  Further, most Americans, steeped in the traditional values of Americana would do the “fill in the blank” – and this is exactly how that phrase was supposed to […]

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The Anointing Ones

by Steve MacDonald August 12, 2010

I continue to be amused by the Lefts obsession with the so-called GOP anointing of Kelly Ayotte.  Disregarding their anointing of Paul Hodes, we have Hodes anointing Ayotte with television buys to attack her.  We have Hodes paying for a push poll on Ayotte.  They can’t seem to stop talking about her or bringing up […]

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