Chairman Ray Buckley

NH Dems to Sununu on Advancing Their Political Priorities – Sorry, But It’s Not Enough

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2018

There is no shortage of exposition on this blog site about the wasted effort on the part of Socially liberal Republicans to appease the left. This penchant culminated Friday when the Governor ‘quietly’ signed two bills that advance the Left’s cultural Marist agenda putting rank and file Republican reelections at risk and by extension Gov. Sununu’s as well. […]

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Buckles The Clown Strikes Again

by Rick Olson November 2, 2017

Raymond, “Buckles The Clown” Buckley strikes again. You have to love Ray’s antics. Everytime Ray opens his mouth its always good for a laugh. Ray is plagued with not ever being an original thinker. He is the Human Parrot for the Lefty Democratic apparatchik. He just parrots whatever they say…and usually, many months after the […]

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NHDP Chair Ray Buckley compares chicken arrest to ELECTION FRAUD

by Kimberly Morin May 16, 2015

Reminding @nhgop: NHGOP Staffer ‘Chicken’ Arrested (And This Isn’t Exactly a First) #nhpolitics #fauxoutrage — Raymond Buckley (@ChairmanBuckley) May 17, 2015 Most people know all about the Democrats most recent election fraud email regarding the special election in Rockingham’s 32nd district.

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