Chain Migration

NH Bishop Pushes Amnesty & Chain Migration

by Op-Ed March 5, 2018

By Jim Kofalt Last weekend, Catholic priests throughout the state of New Hampshire were ordered by Bishop Peter Labasci to read a letter to parishioners at all Masses.  The letter urged Catholics to call Congress and lobby for a “solution” to protect the beneficiaries of DACA from deportation and “unnecessary anxiety.”  The letter was accompanied by several handouts […]

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What Really Caused The Cr@pstorm Over The Sh–hole Comment

by Mike January 13, 2018

Graham-Durbin-Flake tried to sandbag Trump over Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status, but got ambushed instead. Earlier this week, President Trump held a big, public bipartisan immigration meeting to air some of the options and lay out his requirements. In that meeting, he seemed almost TOO willing to consider Democrat ideas, telling the group of lawmakers […]

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Data Point – killing off Chain Migration would half the inflow of legal immigration

by Skip January 10, 2018

The governor and GOP leadership also want to make it easier to get occupational licenses in fields ranging from athletic trainer to well pump installer, with a bill to create an agency with oversight of occupational licensing, now handled by a variety of state boards, commissions and departments. (H/T: Big Government)

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