“Freedom from…” is only a phrase that leads to Bigger and more Totalitarian Government

Sidenote: In the image above, what is the difference between that “Soviet Perspective” and what we see from SJWs, eco-socialists, and Progressives? A tactic with most vote pandering politicians will use – “vote for me and I will give you something FREE”.  Lately, what has been added to it has been “vote for me and …

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Facebook Blocked my Zuckerberg Post?

GraniteGrok auto posts articles directly to our facebook page but not the one I wrote last night about Mark Zuckerberger-Meister Berger. Probably just a glitch of some sort. I wonder if they’ll find some reason not to post this one?  

Speech and Censorship

We talk about our bread and butter – free speech and how we’re better at allowing it and protecting it than our progressive friends.  

Inclusiveness Requires Censorship?

The big story last week was a University Language guide that finger-wagged “problematic” words in order to create a more inclusive campus environment. The story went national. We discuss why removing the guide doesn’t change the culture that birthed it, then move on to our next guest to discuss the debate on legalizing drugs.

The MRC (Manchester Republican Committee) Facebook Squabble

Someone thought it would be appropriate to put a link on the MRC Facebook page to my recent observations about Jennifer Horn and her abrupt 180 on the Fiscal Cliff deal. (She seemed offended by the “deal” until after someone told her Senator Kelly Ayotte voted for it.  It then became “the best we could …

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The WikiWellian Memory Hole – How Inconvenient Truths are Flushed

H/T Godfather Politics for this article, after an alert reader noticed that the Wiki Piece linking the New Obama campaign slogan “FORWARD” with a history of Socialism was suddenly marked for deletion! Apparently, The One is very sensitive about people getting the wrong idea concerning his shiny new slogan, and having its sordid history exposed. …

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ONE Vote NH Censoring Facebook Comments?

Recent remarks were posted on the ONE Campaign New Hampshire Facebook page asking if their group was the same one that promoted global redistribution of wealth. A follow-up comment indicated that this was correct. Both were promptly “vanished.” Deleted from the page. Kind of the way political opponents are ‘vanished’ in many of the countries struck by the kind of poverty ONE campaign claims to be fighting against.

Revisiting Censorship In the Wake Of “Nickel And Dimed..”

Most claims of censorship tend to focus on the presumption that any particular limitation violates our constitutional right to free speech. This is of course entirely the fault of the ACLU which has fought to expand the umbrella of what is meant by “free speech” to things that have nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the right to publicly object to the acts or interests of government without fear of oppression