Windham election: Al Letizio Jr. and Dennis Senibaldi bring ‘nasty’ back to the school board

by Kimberly Morin March 12, 2017

On Tuesday, towns across New Hampshire will be holding local elections, including Windham. While many elections can sometimes be petty, recent school board elections in Windham tend to be contentious. Certain people in the town like to have power and when they are on the cusp of losing it or when they have lost it […]

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Was the Windham School Admin and Board colluding with Cenergistic?

by Kimberly Morin March 27, 2015

Although Cenergistic has pulled its proposal out of the Windham School District for consideration, there is other interesting information that was discovered through a Right-to-Know request.  If you recall, Cenergistic proposed a $577,000 contract to “change energy behavior” in the Windham School District.  The proposal was literally shoved through the Windham School Board without the […]

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Did Salem Superintendent withhold important info before school board elections?

by Kimberly Morin March 23, 2015

For the past few weeks this author has been investigating the Salem School Administration from a right-to-know request that was actually sent on February 8th.

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Windham School Board Incumbents Ousted

by Steve MacDonald March 11, 2015
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Maybe the people of Windham got tired of all the negative publicity from their school board?   Banning Dodgeball and walking that back.  Refusing US Constitutions an walking that back.   Or it might have been the almost arrest of a resident trying to give public comment before a vote to accept a massive $577,000.00 […]

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Cenergistic pulls out of Windham; Fails in Rochester

by Kimberly Morin February 8, 2015

On Friday (see email below), Adam Steel, Business Administrator for the Windham School District, alerted the school board that Cenergistic has withdrawn their proposal. The day before, the superintendent of Rochester Schools sent a letter alerting Cenergistic that they are withdrawing from their contract as well. Apparently the Rochester School Board pushed through the same […]

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Windham School Board Tyranny Part I

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2015
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Ken Eyring and Tom Murray joins us to explore the issue of decreasing transparency from elected School boards (in this case, Windham), the problem of no-bid contracts, and board efforts to limit or end public comment or input on issues affecting parents and taxpayers   You can listen to the entire segment here. Follow us […]

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UPDATED: Did the Windham School Board violate municipal law?

by Kimberly Morin January 18, 2015

Yesterday the vice chairman of the Windham School Board, Dennis Senibaldi, was on Girard At Large to discuss the Cenergistic debacle that was first reported here on Monday. Senibaldi made the claim that as a board member he not only reviewed the proposal and did his research but that he also put his full trust […]

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Where Is The Media Coverage of The Windham NH School Board?

by Steve MacDonald January 18, 2015
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When the Windham School Board voted to”ban” dodge-ball over concerns of bullying two years ago it made state-wide and national news.  When the Windham School board bullied a resident (and even called the police) to prevent objection to their rushed vote on a sketchy no-bid contract for $577,000.00 dollars, nothing? New Hampshire’s Old-Man-Media-Mountain is not […]

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Windham School Board member Ken Eyring Letter to the Editor

by Skip January 12, 2015

WSB TRANSPARENCY When I ran for the Windham School Board (WSB), I promised transparency. Sometimes, that puts me in an uncomfortable situation when I disagree with fellow Board Members. Such is the case now, as I provide my insights regarding what I feel was a rushed 3-1-1 decision (Rekart/Joanis/Senibaldi – yes, Eyring – no, Breton […]

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Why didn’t the Windham School Board research Cenergistic?

by Kimberly Morin January 12, 2015

As reported earlier today, the Windham School Board pushed through an over $500,000 proposal with a company called Cenergistic. This company was formerly Energy Education Incorporated and changed their name within the past couple of years. According to Cenergistic’s own website, they have 3 other school districts as clients in New Hampshire: Claremont, Londonderry and […]

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Windham School Board calls police on resident over ‘no bid’ contract

by Kimberly Morin January 12, 2015

Yesterday this author was contacted about disturbing things that appear to be happening in Windham. The Windham School Board seems to be out of control and has resorted to calling the police on the public when they dare speak out of turn. Apparently the Windham School Board wants taxpayers and parents to simply sit down […]

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