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You’ll look at your cell phone in a different light

by Skip June 6, 2017

That is, if you were an adult and can remember all those things: (H/T: Linkiest)

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Bathroom Peeper Double-Tap

by Steve MacDonald May 27, 2016
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Get used to this in your New ‘merica. (Breitbart) Police report that a Baltimore man who was charged with peeping on women in a Towson University bathroom has now been charged with a second incident in a Hanover shopping mall. Court records indicate that police arrested Zachary Anthony Campbell near the Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, Maryland, after complaints […]

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More on NH Rep Belanger ‘s (R) HB103 “No cell phones for you”

by Skip January 13, 2015

Reminder: HB103 will be heard tomorrow at 10am in the Legislative Office Building AN ACT limiting the capabilities of wireless communication devices in motor vehicles.  This bill requires the email and texting capabilities of a wireless communication device to be disabled if the device is moving more than 5 miles per hour. The restriction shall […]

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“But We Have To Do Something” Lobby Passes Bill That Will Do Nothing…

by Steve MacDonald April 18, 2014
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The “But We Have To Do Something” Lobby has successfully ushered a hand-held cell phone ban through the New Hampshire legislature, sort of.  The NH Senate voted to pass the legislation with an amendment that will send it back to the House before it can make its way to the governor; who will have to […]

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Obamaphones – free for “the indigent” but man, are we paying the sales folks well!

by Skip February 20, 2013

It isn’t enough that the FCC decided that the Rural Telephone Fee was going to be switched paying for landlines and now to cellphones.  It isn’t enough that costs have skyrocketed well beyond even the most “liberal” estimates and that millions have received them that aren’t supposed to (sure, just like with Medicaid, fraud costs […]

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Scared Shurtleff

by Susan Olsen January 13, 2013


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That cell phone while driving post that Steve put up?

by Skip December 16, 2011

Steve wrote about the NTSB busybodies now wishing to go all Nanny State on us about texting while driving; I thought this just fit ever so well. Dig the micro car with the electrical plug, too. It is never enough for the Govt to just carry out something that many of us think is a […]

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