But I Thought You Wanted a Greener Planet?

by Steve MacDonald April 27, 2016
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H/T WUWT NASA CO2/Greening

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Kasich’s Fuzzy Math, Or Is It Common Core?

by Mike March 26, 2016

Delusional thinking by the “Sainted Klingon Kasich”(tm), captured by Indy Star’s Gary Varvel (click picture for higher resolution):

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Horton Hears The Voters

by Mike March 14, 2016

Skip has written often of the voters’ anger at the GOPe – Glenn McCoy illustrates it perfectly!

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Heading For A Fall – Who’s First?

by Mike March 8, 2016
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Trump Gets The Hang Of The Ground Game!

by Mike February 13, 2016

Putting the GOPe through the grinder – Robert Arial, Feb 11th Certainly the difference between Iowa and NH was noticeable, and it wasn’t entirely due to his better placement in the polls. As reported by Breitbart, Scott Brown didn’t just endorse Trump, he actually put together a quick-reaction ground game: “When I endorsed him I […]

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Another Thin-Skinned, Egotistical, Autocrat?

by Mike February 2, 2016

Michael Ramirez nails the concern some of us have over a Trump presidency. We salute the way Trump has smashed the Overton Window of permissible discourse, but we’re afraid he’ll just be an Obama of a different color!

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Is Hillary “Bern-t” Toast Yet?

by Mike January 24, 2016

Great cartoons from the past week’s Hildebeast News by Lisa Benson, Steve Breen, and Dana Summers(2). All expand for a better view when clicked.     Those were the shots, now here’s the “chaser.” With some cartoonists, it’s the little details in the background that make you laugh, not just once, but two or three […]

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What Obama’s Resolution SHOULD Be

by Mike January 2, 2016
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Trump Derangement Syndrome Illustrated

by Mike December 14, 2015
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The Twit Attacks..

by Mike November 25, 2015

By Ramirez – no further comment required:

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The Party Of Fiscal Discipline, Eh, Kelly?

by Mike November 2, 2015

Into my mailbox this morning popped confirmation of what I’d heard during the weekend – not only can’t the GOP muster a quorum to resist Obama’s spending plans, but Mitch McConnell and his trusted lieutenants like ‘our’ Kelly Ayotte led the charge for piling up debt faster than ever!!

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Democrats’ Greatest Negotiators, Or History Repeats

by Mike September 18, 2015

Carter Gave us the Mullahs who hate us, Clinton was so “distracted” that he struck a bad nuke deal with the Norks and let Al Quaeda grow under his nose… Now, Obama has paid scant attention to the details of Nukes for the Mullahs who hate us, while letting ISIS grow under his nose – […]

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Clue: Professor Obama In The (Oval) Office With The Pen!

by Mike September 18, 2015

It doesn’t take the deductive powers of Colonel Mustard or Reverend Green to figure out that it wasn’t Miss Scarlett who killed America’s jobs, it was Obama with his pen and phone!! Michael Ramirez nails it:

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Obama Is Focused On The Real Threat!

by Mike September 7, 2015
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Who’s Behind Trump?

by Mike July 25, 2015

No, not the very capable Corey Lewandowski – REALLY behind Trump? Jerry Holbert takes a swag at it….

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Saturday Humor (2) Blow Abortion A Raspberry!
(Federal Judge Upholds Texas Abortion Law)

by Mike June 13, 2015

A Federal Judge upheld, this week, key parts of a 2013 Texas law which will effectively put low grade abortion mills out of business, closing all but 7 clinics in the entire state. Requirements include facilities with adequate space, cleanliness, and ventilation, as well as doctors with admitting privileges at local hospitals. That last one, […]

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David Pope Nails The Religion Of The Perpetually Offended

by Mike January 8, 2015

Australian cartoonist David Pope was kept awake by thoughts of Charlie Hebdo’s staff being murdered for their drawings and writing, so he sketched this epic shot at Islamic extremists. For me, it echoes the words of “Charb”, the editor of Harlie Hebdo: “I don’t feel as though I’m killing someone with a pen. I’m not […]

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It’s A Spine, Mr Boehner

by Mike January 7, 2015

In spite of Boehner’s failures to stand up to Obama’s agenda, all but a brave 25 supported him for Speaker yesterday. The base is disgusted – perhaps we should encourage all of them to send our “Republican Repair Kit” to Boehner? Here are the names of the few, the brave who voted “NO”: 1. Rep. […]

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Obama Meets His Nemesis

by Mike November 17, 2014

Or at least, he would if the GOP leadership understood that their job is to STOP Obama’s agenda

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The Black Vote

by Steve MacDonald November 3, 2014
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A.F. Branco pulls no punches. (See Elbert Guillory’s new Political Ad for more ‘speaking truth to Democrat power” when it comes to the black vote.)

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by Steve MacDonald October 13, 2014
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Legal Insurrection – AF Branco

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Obama – Junior Partner in Evil

by Mike August 23, 2014
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Perry Indictment A Giant Backfire For Dems

by Mike August 23, 2014

When power (and vodka) drunk DA Rosemary Lehmberg Indicted Governor Rick Perry for abuse of power, after he threatened to veto funding for her office when she didn’t do the decent thing and step down upon conviction of drunk driving, some local Dems cheered….. But not for long – as cooler heads prevailed, and commentators […]

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Weather Forecast For Iraq – Deadly!

by Mike June 23, 2014
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Obligatory Earth Day Cartoon For Skip

by Mike April 25, 2014
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15% Of Americans Democrats Prefer Jeb

by Mike April 24, 2014

Once upon a time, he was the sensible younger brother, but there’s Common Core and Immigration, to list but two of his RINOid tendencies.

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