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Local Media Reports a Majority of “NH Residents Support Gas Tax Increase” When They Don’t

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2017

In two separate reports feeding off the same research, and the New Hampshire Business Review lead with headlines declaring support for a gas tax increase in New Hampshire. “UNH research: NH residents support gas tax hike.” But do they? Nope. In fact, according to the cited report, a majority oppose them. The NHBR article […]

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GrokTV: NHListens / Granite State Future – Intro

by Skip March 16, 2013

Well, after running into Tim Carter at the Meredith (NH) Senior Center for the latest NHListens versioning of what our “collective future” is supposed to be with respect to the Granite State Future collectivist Utopia (after all, once taxes are used to socially engineer our behavior in our living conditions, our living standards, the modes […]

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Want a concrete example of how NHListens is listening to other “Masters” rather than citizens?

by Skip February 17, 2013

Listening – or evangelizing on behalf of other Masters?  Yes, NHListens is tracking the ‘Grok as I pointed out here.  I decided to point it out because it does seem that NHListens and the Carsey Institute (two peas in the Progressive Pod and definitely not organizations exactly loving NH Traditions or the Live Free or […]

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Guest Post by NH State Rep. Jane Cormier – “ICLEI is ICKY!”

by Skip February 17, 2013

ICLEI is ICKY! Okay, if you haven’t heard anything about the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) also known as Agenda 21, then you may have been living in a cave. ICLEI is a United Nations sponsored organization (that should tell us something right there) which helps promote “sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy […]

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We’re being followed…..again.. Welcome, NH Listens & the Carsey Institute!

by Skip February 17, 2013

It is always interesting (and sometimes, amusing) to find out who follow the ‘Grok on both FaceBook and Twitter.  These two entries were interesting, amusing, and shows that the Progressive side of the battlefield has decided that we might be a threat in some way:              

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NH Listens? No They Don’t. They Tell!

by Steve MacDonald February 17, 2013

NH Listens is running around the state training “facilitators” to advance a decidedly left wing agenda.  And why not?  The ‘interim’ directer of the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire–which runs NH Listens–is not only a well connected left winger, he doesn’t even live in the granite State. He lives in Maine. And have you seen […]

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