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State-by-State – Laws Protecting Student Free Speech

by Steve MacDonald September 16, 2017

Campus Reform has released a report on what states are doing to protect Free Speech on campus. New Hampshire doesn’t have any special laws beyond the ones our founders left us. You’d like to think that the constitution is enough, New Hampshire – Codified Protection of First Amendment Rights on Campus New Hampshire has no laws expressly […]

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Social Justice Activists Treat Each Other Like Crap

by Steve MacDonald August 25, 2017

The deliberate division of human beings into oppressed groups and sub groups of ‘victims’ has had a predictable outcome. Social Justice long-division does not end in tolerance. Campus Reform Reports that, The “oppression™” by social justice activists is not limited to gay or transgender factions. Fat-shamming, income shaming, (kids who climb on rocks), are all […]

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UNH Awarded “Most Microaggressed Campus of the Year”

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2016
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Campus Reform has declared UNH the most microaggressed campus of the year. 6. UNH: gender roles and sexist jokes cause migraines, heart disease among women The University of New Hampshire released a pamphlet on gender microaggressions that claimed such aggressions have a “detrimental impact” on women by promoting “unequal wages” and causing “higher levels of poverty.” Microaggressions, according to the […]

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