The Most Liberal State Has the Highest Poverty Rate – NH Still Lowest in the Nation

by Steve MacDonald September 19, 2018

The U.S. Census released its most recent data on Poverty in America last week and surprise, surprise, surprise! The far-left land of Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Tech Giants, and Hollywood Gazillionaires continues to have the highest rate of poverty in the nation. A place where homelessness has skyrocketed alongside the massive burden of the welfare […]

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Has California Decided That Coffee Doesn’t Cause Cancer After All?

by Steve MacDonald June 16, 2018

Back on April 1st, we reported on a ruling by a Judge in Los Angeles. A non-profit had sued 90 coffee companies claiming they had violated Prop 65 which required them to warn customers about a chemical in brewed coffee (acrylamide) that could lead to cancer. Two months along and something has changed.

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California’s Poison Your Friends and Family Plan

by Steve MacDonald April 12, 2018

Given all I’ve written about MS-13, opioids, and sanctuary cities and states lately, this cartoon boils the California problem down to a national defense issue. We can’t secure the border, address the opioid crisis, or any of the gang violence it perpetuates as long as California is a conduit for drugs, gang members, and the cartels that […]

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Will EPA End California “Tax” on Everyone Else’s Automobiles?

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2018

For years California’s higher mileage requirements for passenger vehicles have forced manufacturers to offset those costs with higher prices for car buyers all across the nation. But the EPA is dumping Obama CAFE standards for model years 2022-2025 defaulting to the current average of 34.5 mpg. A legal fight is expected from CAFE-Clingers and Brownistas […]

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Your Morning Cup of Cancer – Court Says Coffee in California Must Carry Warning Label, Starbucks Should Declare “Sanctuary!”

by Steve MacDonald April 1, 2018

Coffee is under attack. On Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge ruled in favor of a nonprofit that sued 90 coffee companies over claims that they had failed to comply with a state law that requires businesses to warn consumers about chemicals in their products that could cause cancer, Reuters reported. The lawsuit, filed in 2010 […]

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Resistance in California – To The Jerry Brown Moonbat Sanctuary Mandate

by Steve MacDonald March 21, 2018

A plucky berg in California and its Mayor Pro-tem, a descendant of Japanese immigrants, has moved to protect local businesses from the trap set by the state. Los Alamitos, the second smallest city in Orange County, just passed a huge ordinance asserting the city’s compliance with the United States Constitution. Specifically, in an unprecedented yet […]

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Speaking of hypocriticalness of requiring ID for guns and voting: California

by Skip March 20, 2018

A state that is using the “death by a thousand cuts” in killing the Second Amendment Rights in their State has summed up the idea of no ID needed to vote here:  Laws??  We don’t need no stinkin’ laws!  After all, they just put an illegal alien into a post in their State Government (reformatted, emphasis […]

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The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to You If You Are Pro-Life

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2018

Freelance writer, pro-life activist Ellen Kolb joins me to discuss compelled speech and the case of NIFLA v Becerra which challenges a California Law the forces pro-life clinics to advertise state-funded abortion services. Visit the original blog post for more ways to listen. 

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The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to You If You Are Pro-Life

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2018

Freelance writer, pro-life activist Ellen Kolb joins me to discuss compelled speech and the case of NIFLA v Becerra which challenges a California Law the forces pro-life clinics to advertise state-funded abortion services. Follow this program on TuneIn Also Available on Google Play

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California Court Says A Wedding Cake is Protected By the First Amendment

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2018

This is interesting, and not just because the ruling came out of a court in California. The state charged a baker with breaking the law because they refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple. The court has denied the State’s motion for preliminary injunction in favor of the baker, Cathy Miller. There’s a good […]

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California Liberals Invent (another) New Way to Drive Business From the State

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2018

Democrats abhor New Hampshire’s low-spending, low-taxes culture. They’d like nothing more than to replace the Granite State of Mind with a California State of Mind. One that Skip noted yesterday includes a plot to pilfer half the savings California businesses would otherwise realize from the FederalReformeform.  Well, they’re not done yet (nor will they ever because […]

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They Had Sex But Taxpayers Got *******!

by Steve MacDonald January 11, 2018

The California State Senate has passed a bill sponsored by State Sen. Connie Leyva in support of on-campus abortion services at state colleges. Connie is excited about advancing her contribution to the genocide of pre-born babies. And while there does not appear to be a provision in the legislation for drive-thru services or no-charge RU486 vending machines, […]

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Self-induced harm

by Skip November 14, 2017

It’s their own fault and they’ve done it to themselves.  What’s worse, they hate the idea of being held accountable, in ANY way, for reducing their taxpayers to being just ATM machines.  In that they are doing a great job because it’s not like they are solving their real problems (e.g., wanting to spend $60 […]

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Gov. of ‘Sanctuary State’ Declares Hepatitis A Outbreak State of Emergency

by Steve MacDonald October 14, 2017

Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown’s open borders, sanctuary state is in the news again. California Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday declared a state of emergency to control a hepatitis A outbreak. Last month, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency declared local outbreaks in September. The Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency began issuing health […]

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To Kneel or Not to Kneel, California ICEs Over, and A New Pain in The A**

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2017

The Washington Times has an update on the “take a knee Foundation” doing business as the National Football League. At least two teams are ending such public displays under threat of punishment. The Players association which appears short on Constitutional Scholars these days said, “We should not stifle these discussions and cannot allow our rights to become subservient to […]

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I command you to call me “Your Lordiness Emperor Pooh-Pah; I shall obeyed”?

by Skip August 28, 2017

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. California Constitution: SEC. 2. (a) Every person may freely […]

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Gov. Sununu Calls Climate Alliance “quasi-meaningless” “political statement.”

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2017

Thank you, Governor Sununu! (PolitiFact) When [ NH Gov. Chris Sununu] was asked whether he’d sign onto the United States Climate Alliance – a state-level agreement to uphold the objectives of the Paris climate accord developed after the U.S. withdrew from the latter – he bristled. In an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio, Sununu […]

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A Message for “NH Mayors” from Warmist Bjorn Lomborg

by Steve MacDonald July 21, 2017

Bjorn Lomborg is a warmist. He’s a climate change guy who buys into the CO2 and man are warming the earth thing, and he’s convinced it matters. But he’s also about doing things that have value to address “the problem, ” and if you’ve been paying attention, he thinks the entire Paris Climate Accord is […]

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What Does Keeping the Paris Agreement Alive Actually Mean?

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2017

From the EU to California to Nashua and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, politicians and pundits are promising to keep the Paris Agreement alive despite President Trump’s exit. But what does that actually mean? It depends. If you’re Turkey, it means you expect bitter Paris Accord clingers to write you a check to pay for the cost of compliance. If […]

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Court: California Can’t Confiscate Magazines that Hold More Than 10 Rounds

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2017

Magazines holding more than ten rounds were grandfathered into a 2000 California law but in 2016 voters approved a measure to confiscate “large capacity Magazines” effective July 1st. That hasn’t happened. The court stopped the planned confiscation at the end of June. You can read a detailed history of the case in great at the Volokh […]

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They say that Progressives refuse to learn from History – California is nothing if not Progressive

by Skip May 25, 2017

The States were to be labs of Democracy where others could learn from their mistakes.  Vermont, Colorado, Kentucky, Hawaii, Tennessee; all tried variations of the vaunted end-game of Progressives – universal healthcare – for if you control that, you control people.  Sorry, am not buying the argument that all they want to do is “help” […]

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Heh! About that bill to implement single payer healthcare in California?

by Skip May 22, 2017

Ah yes – a false “right” for all to demand that others pay for their “faux” healthcare right.  Sorry, this isn’t a “right” – it is an ideological milestone for Socialists / Big Government / Collectivists.  You know – Democrats.  Turns out, however, that this “right” that the Dems, who have  super-majorities in California will […]

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California Democrats Vote to Let Communists Work Openly In State Government

by Steve MacDonald May 9, 2017

The alternate title might be, “California Democrats want to Come out of the Communist Closet.” The California government may soon employ openly Communist people in its ranks. The state assembly passed a bill Monday that would repeal a policy that had made being a member of the Communist Party a fireable offense. The legislation was supported […]

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Seriously, California? Oh yeah, that difference between Democrats & Socialist thing…

by Skip May 9, 2017

SHOT: California: Hey, maybe communism isn’t so bad after all EMphasis mine, reformatted: SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Being a communist would no longer be a fireable offense for California government employees under a bill passed Monday by the state Assembly.  Lawmakers narrowly approved the bill to repeal part of a law enacted during the Red Scare […]

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The “Solar Trap” Snaps on California Homeowners, I Mean Taxpayers!

by Steve MacDonald May 3, 2017

Back in August of 2015 I wrote about the slings, arrows, and outrageous (mis) fortunes that could befall homeowners who took the bait and “bought in” on residential solar installations being peddled by more vendors than you could count. If you are not scared off by the fly-by-night nature of the vendors, the sketchy nature […]

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California Banned Travel Before Trump Did

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2017

Effective January 1st, 2017 the People’s Republic of California banned state-sponsored (funded) travel to four US States. California Assembly Bill 1887, signed into law last September, prohibits requiring travel to prohibited states by,  …state agencies, departments, boards, authorities, and commissions, including an agency, department, board, authority, or commission of the University of California, the Board of Regents of […]

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California Schools Switch to ‘Climate Friendly’ Lunches

by Steve MacDonald February 16, 2017

Oakland Schools have partnered with Social Justice Enviro Wacko Group Friends of the Earth (FOE) to promote the Green Agenda™ through the lunch menu. FOE gave kids a lunch menu designed to eliminate foods it says are “unsustainable for our planet.” The new menu features far less meat and more plant-based food. Any meat or cheese the […]

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An ‘All Natural’ Earthy Crunchy California Secession Plan

by Steve MacDonald February 2, 2017

From Tony Heller. California has natural boundaries for secession. Every place west of the red line is politically and geologically part of a different continent, and his headed out to sea. It only seems fair to let them go, along with their 55 electoral votes. Think of it as a sanctuary state for accumulated strike-slip stress. […]

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See, It’s Not Just New Hampshire – California Underestimated Medicaid Costs Too…

by Steve MacDonald January 19, 2017

The incoming Sununu administration discovered a $65 million dollar hole at the New Hampshire Department of Inhumanly High Health Services ((NHD(i)HHS)) thanks mostly to expanded Medicaid costs they had not anticipated. Seriously? We here in our humble shop knew it would happen from day one. We knew that the Federal contribution wasn’t “Free Money™.” And […]

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Permanent California Drought Ends Unexpectedly

by Steve MacDonald January 9, 2017

Fake Climate News promised us lots of things including permanent drought in California and they were wrong again. “Right now we are on pace to have the wettest water year on record,” said forecaster Mike Kochasic with the National Weather Service in Sacramento, referencing conditions in Northern California. “The wettest was 1982-1983, and we’re on pace […]

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