$17 Million for Legislative Branch Harassment

by Scott Morales November 17, 2017

Burn it all down. Since, taxes and budget items were all the rage on Capitol Hill before the sexual harassment by “Grope ‘em While They Sleep” Al Franken (pictured, right) and the alleged “teenage girl mall stalker” Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, we might as well keep in mind the budget item for settlements and […]

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That “legislation” by bureaucrats kinda add up, eh? “Manhattan culinary staple China Fun shutters, blaming government over-regulation”

by Skip January 8, 2017

“Free compliance advisors are available for on-sight consultation aimed at helping small businesses comply with regulations.” At what point “a lot of Government” too much government?  Another example of government regulation run amok being buisness harmful. Manhattan culinary staple China Fun shutters, blaming government over-regulation We keep pointing these examples under the principle that at some […]

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NH bureaucrats now want to HURT your pets with the Drug Database

by Kimberly Morin December 5, 2016

Yesterday it was reported in the Union Leader that the bureaucrats making the rules for New Hampshire’s “druggie database” now want to require Veterinarians to not only add certain medications for pets into the database but they want to require vets to look up the human owners of said pets to check on THEIR information […]

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Notable Quote – Seton Motley

by Skip November 3, 2016

But we have spent the last half-century-plus training Americans not to appreciate accomplishment and pursue it themselves – but to envy others’ success, and want society to punish them for having the audacity to excel. And that’s where government comes in. Populated in far, far too many instances by people steeped not in the pursuit of […]

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You cannot serve those you loathe. And bureaucrats loathe us.

by Skip October 9, 2016

In the free market, if you do not serve your customers, you’re history.  The accountability is via Profit indicator: if you are not selling something that works, your profit will suffer.  Price your offering too high, people will not buy and your profit will suffer.  Price is too low and be unable to recoup your […]

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And I thought the Feds “solved” this problem via regulations on gas cans

by Skip October 5, 2016

You know, the “new” ones (left) that are almost impossible to, you know, actually use without spilling far more copious amounts on the ground than, you know, the pre-Smart People old style cans (right; that actually did the job they were intended to)?  Reformatted, emphasis mine: Belmont resident burned adding gasoline to campfire BELMONT — […]

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Data Point – Taxation without Representation

by Skip August 10, 2016

From The Hill: Since President Obama took office in 2009, the federal government has issued 600 major regulations totaling $743 billion, according to a new study from the conservative American Action Forum.  The Obama administration issues an average of 81 major rules, those with an economic impact of at least $100 million, on a yearly […]

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This can’t be good as our Republican “Constitutional leaders” are joining with Democrats in allowing bureaucrats taking away our Rights by putting us on a list

by Skip June 23, 2016

And Kelly Ayotte, former NH Attorney General and one that is supposed to know about Rights, has gone full Monty on Collin’s no-due-process-before-but-you-can-petition-a-judge-afterwards law that goes after guns instead the true enemy – Islamic Jihadis. A bureaucrat can take away your Second Amendment Right simply by deeming you “suspicious” – no charges, no evidence, no […]

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If only the NH and the US Legislatures would to the same: DO THEIR JOBS!

by Skip May 23, 2016

Instead of sloughing it off on the Executive Branch to fill in their “legislation holes”.  And become “jealous” of both their power AND responsibility to the point of not allowing the Executive Branch and the Courts to fill the Legislative role in our separate branches of governance.  Tennessee – a model to follow? During the […]

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Addicted to ‘Something’ in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald January 30, 2016
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By special request, this is a (just under 3 minute) monologue I recorded in place of a top-of-the-hour news read. It is on the expansion of Medicaid in New Hampshire (the re-authorization theater), the state’s “Heroin epidemic,” and inspired by the great works of Theodore Dalrymple on opiate addiction and the bureaucracy. .

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Guest Post – Tim Corbett

by Susan Olsen February 23, 2015

Letter to the Editors of the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, and SeacoastOnline. “To the Editor: This past week while watching public testimony on a variety of gun bill before the House Criminal Justice Committee something struck me. We had paid State employees there during public testimony advocating on behalf of the Department of Safety to […]

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The Scourge Of Regional Planning Simplified…Almost

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for The Scourge Of Regional Planning Simplified…Almost

Democrats lied to pass ObamaCare and continue to lie as it fails on all points because it could never be anything more than a big unwieldy machine that denied you choices.  ObamaCare took what worked for you, made it unworkable, then forced you to find a way to comply. And while we can debate just […]

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The Maze of Unaccountability

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2013

If, over time, you’ve managed to build a maze that no one can get through, something so complex that even those tasked with it’s oversight and maintenance cannot only not oversee it, but who because of that can never expect to be held accountable, then the exercise of elections and appointments is merely a ceremonial […]

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The Enabling Effect of Government Agencies on…New Hampshire Fisherman

by Steve MacDonald June 7, 2013

Senator Kelly Ayotte was on WGIR with Jack Heath the other morning (per-recorded interview if I’m not mistaken) to talk about the effects of a recent decision affecting the local Fishing industry. She is trying to overcome the arbitrary observations of a local regional board, that have resulted in a decision with the force of […]

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Sustainable Communities Initiative (the Federalization of local zoning codes): Lakes Region Planning Commission Meeting

by Skip March 9, 2013

Yes, the unelected, unaccountable and mostly self-funding (multiple taxpayer teats at the ready) group of Commissions that started off doing road planning between neighboring towns – and suddenly, are experts in such varied things as Economic Development to Broadband Deployment in just a few short millions of dollars grants-writing.  And now that THAT information is […]

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We force you to wear a seatbelt because it will save your life.

by Skip January 25, 2013

As stupid an argument as can be said as in “since you OBVIOUSLY won’t take responsibility for yourself, we shall make you take responsibility for yourself”.  And if you do not, the force of Government will take away your money (via a fine) or take away your time (with jail time).  I am glad to […]

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IF You Can’t Take The Heat – Surround Yourself With More Bureaucrats

by Steve MacDonald November 1, 2012

The Obama Czars exist to do Obama’s job. They are also there to deflect blame into the warren of unaccountable bureaucrats that have exploded around the Czars and cabinet agencies.  Bureaucrats are as nameless and faceless as the people whose lives they try to direct without fear of reprisal.  Bureaucrats don’t stand for re-election, nor […]

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Microcosm of Nanny State Failure: School Lunch

by Steve MacDonald September 25, 2012

Being programmed by the state has finally hit kids where they live–in the stomach.  And there is an important lesson to be learned if the kids and their stomachs are listening.  That lesson is this: Federal mandates apply force, limit choices, and result in waste, and that is exactly what has happened thanks to Michelle […]

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How Many Employees Do You Have?

by Steve MacDonald August 21, 2010

After posting this on Wednesday–the discovery that New Hampshire has the third highest number of welfare employees per 100,000 residents in the nation (More than California by the way which, if you noticed is a tiny bit bigger than New Hampshire)–it occurred to me that this may not be the only circumstance in which the […]

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A problem for the Oily Populists.

by Steve MacDonald July 29, 2010

Paul Hodes is scalp hunting BP over the Gulf Oil spill—even though BP ponied up 20 Billion already and has spent plenty trying to fix things besides.  Fine and dandy “but how do I use that for populist traction” cries Sugar Daddy Hodes.  “I need votes.”  His answer is another press release promising something or […]

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