Ah yes, the bully Progressives are always trying to make themselves…

by Skip April 20, 2018

…the victims.  Race card, Gun card, Bully card, Victim card…where would they be without them? Projection. (H/T: Powerline)

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Social Justice Warrior SMACKDOWN that needs to be Shared

by Kimberly Morin January 1, 2016

Given that I’m in the midst of writing about the left wing feminists and social justice warriors of the ‘Free the Nipple’ movement, this post appeared on my news feed at the absolutely appropriate time. This is an epic take down of the people who demand you agree with them or they will bully you […]

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Every NH Progressive is a foot soldier in NH State Rep Petey Sullivan’s “Tolerance & Diversity” Army

by Skip December 3, 2013

Those NH Progressives – such a tolerant bunch – they love EVERYONE.  Nice to see that Peter Sullivan has marshalled them all behind him in the Democrat War On Women and Minorities and showing that they hate religion – see this Facebook entry by Sullivan? “Yeah, I said it, and I stand by it. The […]

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Take It Back or Burn It Down?

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2013

The current New Hampshire Republican Party has devolved away from being any kind of bulwark against creeping progressivism and the ardent promotion of candidates who will man the bulwark or (God help us) take us into battle, to little more than an exclusive party for hand-picked political insiders, partying away in the captain’s quarters of […]

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First New Yorkers, and now those in Connecticut

by Skip April 1, 2013

Well, it looks like the Esteemed Leaders in Connecticut have decided that they can no longer trust law-abiding citizens with what are standard capacity magazines for modern sporting rifles (AR-15s): Connecticut lawmakers announced a deal Monday on what they called some of the toughest gun laws in the country that were proposed after the December […]

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Immigrant Do-gooders want others to care for those they bring – yeah, that’s responsible

by Skip April 1, 2013

From the Union Leader: Ready or not, the refugees are coming The state’s refugee resettlement program is expected to spread from Manchester to Nashua in the coming weeks, with 50 refugees headed toward the Gate City. Officials in both cities are expressing concern over the plans. “I was talking about my concerns with the head […]

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The American Dodge Ball Association of America Reponds

by Susan Olsen March 28, 2013

Scary indeed…  

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Quick Thought – Role of the State; what about Liberties?

by Skip December 19, 2012

From Tim’s post: the New Deal settlement has been reshaping Americans’ expectations about the nation-state’s reach and role. Consequently, the U.S. federal government will continue to provide a social safety net, regulate the economy, and shoulder a substantial share of responsibility for safeguarding the social and economic bases of political equality. The State is responsible for […]

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No Bullies, Like Union Bullies

by Scott Morales August 14, 2012

Below is text taken from N.H. House Speaker William O’Brien’s Facebook page: Here’s what union-controlled government has become in New Hampshire: Union operatives are pulling my yard signs from public areas and replacing some of them with union signs. Union thugs have twice gone into a general store in my town and threatened the woman […]

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Northern Pass: Still Ignoring the Overarching Reason for Opposition

by Rick Olson May 26, 2011

“The only people who support the use of eminent domain for private development are cities that use it, developers and businesses that benefit from it and planners who plan it. Everyone else hates it.” – Dana Berliner, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice  Yesterday’s Union Leader featured, Another View of Why New Hampshire should be open […]

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Government To Mandate PLAN Chip In Your Cell Phone

by Steve MacDonald May 19, 2011

..your President wont have to worry about wasting a crisis. He can just create them as needed, and text them right to your cell phone. “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

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by Rick Olson May 11, 2011


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Northern Pass: Redux Of 1970’s Pope County Michigan

by Rick Olson March 10, 2011

Continue Reading, Northern Pass: Redux Of 1970’s Pope County Michigan

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Dr. Brennan Picks His Poison

by Rick Olson March 8, 2011

Continue reading, “Dr. Brennan Picks His Poison”

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