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by Steve MacDonald October 1, 2013
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Obama wants America to think this is all the Republican’s fault but if that were true, how come they all showed up to find a way to prevent the shutdown….and not one single Democrat could be bothered? Because Obama told them not to show up.   He wanted it.  Make him own it.

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Beware New Hampshire House Committees Bearing Revenue Estimates

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2013

Beware Democrat Majority New Hampshire House Committees Bearing Revenue Estimates. The Union Leader headline says it all; “Committee ups revenue estimates as budget talks start” The House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday upped its revenue estimate for the next two fiscal years before House and Senate budget writers sit down Friday to begin negotiations over […]

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Why I vote for going over the fiscal cliff….

by Tim Condon December 2, 2012

“Our fiscal situation is so crazy that a few analysts have begun suggesting that maybe going over the fiscal cliff is our best hope.” And here too. And yet another here.

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