Nashua Mayor Asks For 4 Million From Surplus None of it For Commuter Rail

by Steve MacDonald August 14, 2018

I guess there are bigger priorities in Nashua than “Choo Choo.” Capital equipment. Playgrounds. Sidewalks. A few ‘plants’ to spiffy up the joint. Work on a community center. Repurposing technology and updating an online dashboard so residents can access information from about city projects and initiatives. Like choo choo? Nashua has four million dollars (leftover) and not a penny […]

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Drunken Senate Binge-Spends ‘Surplus,’ Asks House to Go Along

by Steve MacDonald May 14, 2018

So much for the Senate being the more tempered and ‘August’ body of any legislature. Ours just took one look at the surplus I discussed here and went on a spending spree. CONCORD ­— It started as a routine bill to create the position of state demographer, but has turned into what some are calling […]

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So-Called ‘Free Money’ for Rail Study Yanked From New Hampshire Transportation Plan

by Steve MacDonald May 7, 2018

In late April the NH Senate pulled a four million dollar rail study line-item out of the State’s ten-year transportation budget. The Senate passed the amended version, denying the choo-choo fetishists yet another expensive act of engineering voyeurism. The advocates for waste, fraud, and abuse were not happy.

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Did Congress Just Fund The Wall Without Knowing It?

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2018

Mike and I had a discussion last night (listen here) about a potential problem with Omnibus bills that can be summed up like this. 1. Congress allocates money to be spent. The President spends the allocated money. 2. Once Congress allocates money, their job is oversight of the money being spent. They don’t spend the […]

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Omnibus in Spiritus Sanctum

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2018

Mike Rogers joins me to discuss how Mr. Trump might be able to use the Omnibus as written to build his wall, and whether he can or will just give large sums he has no intention of spending back to the treasury – and whether Congress can do anything about that. Follow this program on Spreaker

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Omnibus in Spiritus Sanctum

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2018

(Restored) Mike Rogers joins me to discuss how Mr. Trump might be able to use the Omnibus as written to build his wall, and whether he can or will just give large sums he has no intention of spending back to the treasury – and whether Congress can do anything about that. This program has been reposted after […]

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New Hampshire’s Budget Voodoo Path to Expanded “Expanded Medicaid”

by Steve MacDonald March 12, 2018

On Saturday I referenced the passage of expanded Medicaid out of the State Senate. The new Bradley-Care Bill, SB313, complete with a new and improved five-year plan (instead of two, cue the Soviet national anthem) got the yeah votes of every Democrat in the New Hampshire Senate and seven out of fourteen “Republicans.” The chief […]

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Given the DC Swamp budget “compromise” that was just passed

by Skip February 11, 2018

It’s all ka-ka (or if you prefer, ca-ca). (H/T: Powerline)

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Noteable Quote – Prof. Don Boudreaux

by Skip February 10, 2018

The banner headline in the print edition of today’s Wall Street Journal would have been more revealing and no less accurate had it stopped after the first three words. (H/T: Cafe Hayek)

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Trump’s “Christmas Eve Gift” to the UN. Cut US Contribution by $285 Million

by Steve MacDonald December 25, 2017

As a big hearty “Thank” you to the UN for the 128-9 vote to declare Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy move null and void, the Executive and Chief sent an early Christmas present to the American People. The UN’s budget has been slashed by more than $285 million, according to Ambassador Nikki Haley, who said the cost […]

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The Keene State College Budget Crisis Evolution

by Steve MacDonald December 12, 2017

Keene State College has an ongoing crisis. Enrollment is down. They are running a deficit. In an article from this past September (in the KSC Equinox Student/Campus Newspaper) interim College President Dr. Melinda Treadwell said a lot of things, but this caught my eye. “[We need to be] getting students excited to see what a life at Keene […]

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Tales from the BudComm – outsourcing an answer?

by Skip December 6, 2017

Sometimes, I just shake my head.  This started when we were going over “Federal Projects” of which one is Title II whereupon the Feds allocate monies to the Various States and then the State Board of Educations then allocate their share to towns and cities based on grant requests from said towns and cities.  Briefly […]

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Laconia Daily Sun Aids Belknap County Budget Shell Game Deceptions

by Op-Ed November 29, 2017

by Rep. Mike Sylvia The shell game continues on County Drive. It’s understandable that this sleight of hand would lead to errors in the Laconia Daily Sun’s article covering the Belknap County budget. Commissioner DeVoy, according to the Sun, said: “…it was poor budget management on the part of the delegation that helped create the current […]

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If only more NH School Boards would do this – I know mine in Gilford doesn’t

by Skip September 24, 2017

In fact, mine operates on a philosophy of “let’s get away with as much as we can and spend it” – but more as we go along during our budget season.  No, this post is about one that did the right thing – “Huzzah!” to the Conway School Board (reformatted, emphasis mine): CONWAY — Conway […]

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NH Fiscal Policy Institute Hides Good News Behind What May Not Even be Bad News

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2017

In a recent report the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute (NHFPI) hems and haws its way through potential fiscal decline couched in “mights and maybes” and then (Surprise!) we get “substantially more” in paragraph four. While the preliminary accrual revenues for SFY 2017 show no growth over SFY 2016’s preliminary accrual numbers, the figures do […]

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But Chris, if it’s THAT important…

by Skip June 15, 2017

Emphasis mine, reformatted: Sununu presses Trump officials for continued funding of NH programs In a series of meetings with top Trump administration officials on Monday, Gov. Chris Sununu pressed for continued funding of environmental and education programs that are targeted for cuts in the President’s budget, but considered essential for New Hampshire. “ Essential, eh? absolutely […]

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Laconia Prepared to sell Land to Backstop Teachers Contract Even After Cuts

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2017

For the second year in a row, Laconia has to slash spending to make the teachers payroll. Nearly $900,000 in spending cuts will allow the Laconia School District to come close to funding the first year of a new teacher contract, the School Board was told during a budget presentation on Tuesday night. Cuts include eliminating […]

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Someone in the NH Senate Got a Phone Call About their Revenue Estimates

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2017

Back on May 17th, the New Hampshire Senate Ways and Means Committee produced revenue estimates $14 million below what the House handed to them. By May 21st, they had changed their mind. In an unusual move, the Senate Ways and Means Committee opted to revisit the revenue estimates for the General and Education Trust Funds […]

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TANSTAAFL – and Oregon is starting to learn that “free money” ain’t free

by Skip May 1, 2017

SHOT: Oregon lawmakers consider ending Medicaid expansion to shore up budget. Democratic lawmakers in Oregon are considering ending the state’s Medicaid expansion in an effort to address a $1.6 billion budget shortfall. The state’s Ways and Means committee, which includes both senators and representatives, suggested cutting Medicaid expansion in an effort to curb Oregon’s $1.6 billion budget […]

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Vote on Wendesday to Nearly Double Funding for Abortion Clinics

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2017

The NH House is set to vote Wednesday, April 5, on a state budget which dramatically increases funding to “family planning” facilities (aka abortion clinics). While Gov. Hassan appropriated $1,168 412 in 2016, and Governor Sununu proposed a budget with $1,757,774 in family planning funding, the House Finance Committee is proposing $2,017,643 in 2018. THIS IS […]

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Press Release: CNHT – The New Hampshire Budget

by Steve MacDonald March 30, 2017

For Immediate Release Coalition of NH Taxpayers 8 North Main St #4 Concord NH 03301 March 29, 2017 Concord, NH — The House deadline to pass a budget is April 6th, and the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers is very concerned. Over the past four years, we have seen a net increase under Gov. Hassan […]

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Republicans: formerly the Party of LESSER government. Now, how to tell them from the Dems?

by Skip March 29, 2017

First off, NH: As it currently stands, the budget will exceed $12 billion for the first time ever. The cost of running state government will be about $9,000 for every man, woman, and child in NH. Is your family getting its money’s worth? Can you afford to pay your share? Here are the numbers from the last budget […]

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Al Letizio Jr. & Dennis Senibaldi – is this one reason why they are trying to swing Windhams School Board race?

by Skip March 16, 2017

It certainly seems that way – it is clear that Al Letizio Jr. and Dennis Senibaldi don’t want ‘Grok friend Ken Eyring (the current Chair) re-elected to the Windham School Board.  Those two, and their Good Ole’ Boys (regardless of gender) seemed to treat that Board as their own fiefdom.  Once elected to the Board […]

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Trump Wants to Zero Out EPA Global Warming Programs

by Steve MacDonald March 4, 2017

Mr. Trump’s plans for EPA look to make deep cuts to their budget. (Daily Caller) The White House is pushing for significant cuts to EPA programs and staff levels, giving a glimpse of how the Trump administration plans on devolving more control to the states. The budget plan sent from the Office of Management and […]

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The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald February 28, 2017

  FairUS.org H/T Jane Cormier c/o Susan Olsen

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Democrats Said Business Tax Cuts in NH Would “Throw The Budget Off” by $100 Million, and They Were Right

by Steve MacDonald February 1, 2017

Remember when Democrats said that the Republicans proposed business tax cuts would lead to a budget shortfall? They were hyperbolic in their pronouncements. Doom. Gloom. Calling the proposal dishonest in what it pays for, Hassan blasted the GOP spending plan, saying corporate tax cuts to businesses based out of state would leave the budget out […]

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That 130 Million Dollar NH Budget Surplus?

by Steve MacDonald January 18, 2017

We brought in revenue above projections but someone already spent it. A projected end-of-year surplus, previously estimated as high as $130 million, does not exist, [Sununu] said. “I’m not sure if it ever existed. When we got in and started looking at the numbers, it’s just not there. We have had some favorable numbers on […]

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65 Million Dollar Hole Appears in New Hampshire’s DHHS Budget – Unexpetedly

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2017

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is reporting a $65 million dollar hole in its budget. The only people who didn’t see this coming were lawmakers who supported and expanded Medicaid and DHHS. Everyone else, you, me, us, knew that this expansion would create costs that would threaten the New Hampshire advantage of no […]

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Rindge Select-Woman Roberta Oeser Scheming to Circumvent Voters.

by Steve MacDonald October 21, 2016

Rindge Selectwoman Roberta Oeser scheming to circumvent the voters. “She is on the verge of violating RSA 31:95-b. She wants new cops in town so bad, she is willing to bypass the voters and just hide it in the budget so we cannot vote on this particular issue.” c/o Larry Cleveland – YouTube

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M.I.A. Maggie

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2016

  Forwarded to me by NH State Senator Kevin Avard. CONCORD – In today’s Union Leader, State Senator Regina Birdsell penned an op-ed criticizing Governor Maggie Hassan for her lack of focus on key projects that will help New Hampshire. Read the entire op-ed here or check out the excerpts below: “Gov. Maggie Hassan has […]

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