Euthanasia Isn’t A Budget Tool Rep. Cahill

by Ed Naile April 11, 2015

Republicans in NH seem to like a good beating now and then by their political opponents and the media – when they are not slapping the snot out each other, case in point, the Red Tailed Hawk/Planned Parenthood extravaganza in the NH House a few weeks ago. I don’t even have to explain what happed […]

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GrokTALK! – Mark Osbourne and the Budget Battle in Derry

by Steve MacDonald April 10, 2015
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Mark Osbourne joins the show to give us an inside look at what is becoming a no-holds-barred budget battle  between a town council elected to lower the tax rate and public employees fear-mongering to prevent any cuts to the budget. You can listen to the entire podcast here Follow us on YouTube, USTREAM, Facebook, and […]

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Democrats think you are SELFISH if you want to KEEP more of your own money

by Kimberly Morin April 1, 2015

While torturing myself listening to this morning’s painful budget session in the House, I also was watching Twitter. You wouldn’t believe (actually you probably would) the Democrats and ‘gimmie, gimmie’ more tweets that are being put out there.

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New Hampshire “Budget Cuts”

by Steve MacDonald March 31, 2015
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This needs some work, but I think you get the point.  The budget is growing, not shrinking.  We are spending more. Spending “less” more is NOT a budget cut.    

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Shouldn’t NH Move the RGGI Money to the Road Repair Budget?

by Steve MacDonald March 30, 2015
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Back on Feb 17 I made what I thought was a very sensible suggestion. If Global warming still causes increased snowfall… …seems to me the tens of millions in RGGI emissions reduction plunder we get annually would be  better spent offsetting the cost of snow removal. I don’t think they listened, but I have another, […]

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GrokTALK! Legislative Round Up

by Steve MacDonald March 25, 2015
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Max walks us through some legislation, including Poker, a bill to control abuses by child and family services, who voted for a 2.25% state sales tax, the Judiciary committee bailing on oversight over the judicial system, a tax on marriage to fund a domestic violence program, and the rhetoric on cutting expansions to the budget. […]

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NH Democrat Cindy Rosenwald Puts The Empty in Empathy

by Steve MacDonald March 17, 2015
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Democrat Cindy Rosnwald made an “interesting” observation on twitter yesterday afternoon. She would like everyone to know that Finance Committee Republicans “cut $2 million from community health centers.” Before we get to Senator Andy Sanborn’s very relevant follow-up question to New Hampshire Democrat Cindy Rosenwald (also via twitter), let me first remind you what kind […]

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Hassan Stiffs Concord Monitor And They Don’t Like It

by Steve MacDonald March 1, 2015
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Welcome to the Real World. This famous cinematic quote suits the moment as the Concord Monitor, the pragmatic-socialist New Hampshire “paper-of-record,” finds itself on the receiving end of progressive-bureaucrat obfuscation. In the movie, Morpheus has pulled the wool of the Matrix from Neo’s eyes.  The modern world as he knows it does not exist.  In […]

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Is the Litchfield School District Trying To Pull A Fast One?

by Steve MacDonald February 18, 2015
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The school district clerk in Litchfield can’t certify the ballot for upcoming town elections.  He tells me that the default budget number does not appear to be correct and no one in the School district would talk him through his concerns to a straight answer.  If the ballot is not correct he wont sign off […]

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After action GrokTALK! – Medicaid Expansion

by Skip February 14, 2015

During our discussion with  Greg Moore from Americans For Prosperity – NH we brought up the fact that the NH State Senate Republican passed Medicaid Expansion is already starting to see overruns and playing havoc with the budget – UNEXPECTEDLY much higher startup and on-going costs for many more people signing up for this Federal Govt […]

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GrokTALK! February, 14th 2015 – The Videos

by Skip February 14, 2015

Long GrokTALK! this week as we started a half hour early!  For those wishing to download the podcast and listen, Steve has the audio here. Want to watch instead if you missed the live stream?  Here you go! Segment 1 – Greg Moore from Americans For Prosperity – NH comes on to talk about NH […]

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Hassan’s Hilarious Budget Priorities

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2015
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Hassan’s latest budget spends four million to wine and dine the commuter rail fetishists– for something no one else wants or will use. And she is proposing a $15 million dollar increase in your taxpayer dollars UNH next year — that’s $15,000,000.00.  Add $5,000,000.00 on top of that in 2016 and an additional $7 million […]

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Tomorrow on GrokTALK! February 14th, 2015

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2015
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Tomorrow on GrokTALK! February 14th, 2015 the program begins EARLY! at 8:30 am with… Greg Moore from AFP-NH on Maggie Hassan’s Budget Guy Comtois with the latest legislative update Ron Moore  introduces our new weather and climate segment Ed Naile  has an interstate vote fraud update Josh Youssef explains how the Gilford School district violated […]

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It wasn’t “shovel ready” then and it isn’t “shovel ready” now, either

by Skip February 3, 2015

Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure!  I am getting to the point where I hate the word.  Why?  I have come to realize that it’s only a political talking point and that for all the talk and all that money, it’s simply about political posturing (at best) and cronyism (at worst).  We were promised an ROI on that […]

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SAU 2 budget finalization

by Skip December 22, 2014

There are a few activists out there that just record the stuff that generally either don’t get covered by the local media or scantily at best.  In smaller towns, this is especially true.  From time to time we get such videos to post – and we’re happy to become a hub where stuff gets such […]

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Dear Senator Ayotte – A Simple Yes Or No Please.

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2014
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A Letter from a reader to NH US Senator Kelly Ayotte Senator Ayotte: I’d like to remind you that the NH State motto, the state you purport to represent, is “Live Free Or Die”.  Live Free from the tyranny of Government, not without government, but with the liberty of the people.  Taking more and more […]

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Washington’s Budget Betrays the American People

by Don December 17, 2014

Washington Democrats and Republicans just passed a budget that rewards the special interests at the expense of the American people.  Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and Congresswoman Kuster voted for the special interests.  Congresswoman Shea-Porter voted for the people over the special interests. The budget was created by the political party establishments, including President Obama, Speaker […]

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Representative of Shawn Jasper’s financial accumen?

by Skip December 9, 2014

A lot of the LSRs are now viewable here; these are the placeholders for NH bills that our lawmakers in the NH House and Senate wish to bring forward and enact into law.  One of them was put in by Democrat appointed Speaker Shawn Jasper: 2015-H-0019-R     allowing municipalities to borrow funds from any fund controlled by […]

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Democrat Lies About NH and The Budget

by Steve MacDonald October 29, 2014
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Great letter by Fred Rice c/o Tim Condon at “Why New Hampshire?” There have been several recent specific instances of Democrats in Hampton lying and distorting facts. It’s easy to tell that they are coordinating their lies, since they all use the same targets, the same language and the same inaccurate figures and claims. And […]

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NH’s Exec Branch Does Its Impression of Dr. Carl Sagan With Your Money

by Steve MacDonald October 19, 2014
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Charlie Arlinghaus Instead, right now – before the election – everyone who wants to help control the budget and our current spending problem should tell us their target for spending. Last fiscal year was $5 billion. Do you intend to increase that amount? Will the current tax rates support any increase or do you have […]

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GrokTALK! – How NH Taxpayers Can Save 2 Billion Dollars

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2014
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We do eventually get to Maggie Hassan’s proposed budget expansion, but not before Mike and I bring up Democrat Renny Cushing’s proposed sexual consent bill. We then move on to NH Democrat John White insulting low income voters, then discuss the minimum wage and the value of accumulating entry level experience on the road to […]

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When a “Surplus” is not a surplus…

by JR Hoell October 8, 2014

Recently, “His Excellency” [NH constitution Part Second, Art 41: ] Governor Margaret Hassan proudly proclaimed that we had a budget surplus. Here She pontificates about how well her administration has done. HOWEVER, within a very short two days, the “Kool Aid® drinking binge” had completely worn off and Governor Margaret Hassan sent out this press […]

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Andrew Hemingway – NH Needs Creative Solutions

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2014
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Union Leader – NH needs creative solutions… It is time we start looking at our budget process in a different way. Putting a little bandage on a giant wound doesn’t heal it; it just hides the wound for a moment. That has been our state’s approach to our budget woes the past 10 years. If […]

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GrokSHOT! – Gilford School Board decides it is above the normal SB2 Legislative process…

by Skip June 3, 2014

…by which the Gilford School Board develops its budget, submits it to the Budget Committee (which can change that budget), and the budget prepared by the BudCom is presented to the Gilford Taxpayers at the NH SB2 mandated “Public Hearing” so that the townfolk can ask questions about the budget (and hurl invectives if it […]

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Data Point – Veterans Administration Budget increases 1998 – 2013

by Skip May 31, 2014

This is in response to Jon Hopwood’s allegation that Republicans were cutting the Veterans Administration budget: “ Inflation-adjusted federal spending on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has increased 92.2%  in the last 10 years, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, climbing from $73.3 billion in fiscal 2003 (in constant 2014 dollars) to $140.9  billion in […]

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New Hampshire’s Version of ‘Hassanpfeffer’ Has “Turkey” In It

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2014
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Hasanpfeffer is rabbit stew.  In New Hampshire we have something different.  It is called ‘Hassanpfeffer.’  It is made with a New Hampshire Democrat, “Turkey,” and hypocrisy. Governor Maggie Hassan, your typical light-weight, two-faced tax and spend liberal, has discovered that contrary to Democrat party talking points the economy is not that hot.  In response to […]

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Best Interest – for who?

by Skip April 30, 2014

From the Union Leader concerning the MET / Hospital tax ruled unconstitutional (emphasis mine, reformatted): CONCORD — Senate President Chuck Morse says a short-term fix is needed to address a recent court ruling that the state’s tax on hospitals is unconstitutional.  Speaking Tuesday at a Senate Ways and Means Committee meeting, the Salem Republican said […]

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Guest post by NH State Rep Jane Cormier: To Fund or Not to Fund

by Skip March 12, 2014

Note: emphasis by ME (not Jane). The Belknap County Delegation has been working to put together a fair and equitable budget for our citizens.  Unfortunately, there have been those who seek to demonize the conservative majority for their desire to prepare a fair and fiscally conservative budget.  The hysterical hyperbole from Rep. Ruth Gulick and […]

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Belknap County Convention – last budget meeting

by Skip March 6, 2014

To say that the Belknap County Convention’s budget meetings have been contentious is like calling a hunger crazed tiger a kitty cat.  Yelling, sulking, obstruction, power struggles, Liberals hating the Conservatives who were given the power by the people, Govt employees demanding more from the taxpayers, lawsuits by the Commissioners against the NH State Reps […]

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The Democrat Position on Funding the Government is WHAT!?

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2013
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Obama – “Republicans must come to a deal to fund the entire government” Yeah. There’s a name for that.  It’s called a Budget! House Republicans have produced several in recent years, all of them scuttled or shelved by Harry Reid, Obama’s anointed head-poo bah for the “shutdown” caucus, and leader in the same Democrat Senate […]

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