Did Iran Seize Navy Boats in International Waters?

by Steve MacDonald January 17, 2016
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About those “Marine” Castaways captured in Iranian waters. So how did they get more than 70 miles and 90 degrees off their course, (some “short cut”) which at their speeds of more than 40 mph would have taken over an hour one way, and fall into the 12 mile limit of the Farsi Islands claimed […]

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Now this here’s funny…

by Susan Olsen March 12, 2015

…I don’t care who you are… Source:

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Notable quote – Peggy Noonan

by Susan Olsen September 11, 2013

“Another problem, and there’s no nice way to say this: It is hard to believe such a chill man has such warm feelings about the sad end of strangers far away.” H/T Instapundit  

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Syria: Obama Bulls**t So Pungent Even The Left Smells It

by Scott Morales September 6, 2013
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Call it skullduggery, chicanery, legerdemain or plain old hucksterism, they all last only so long before the mountebank that projects them finds his charade dissolving and evaporating into a brown, fetid mist leaving him hemming, hawing and clutching his well placed fig leaf. And so it is with our mountebank that occupies The White House. […]

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Flinging Toro Scat Home and Abroad, the Consistent President

by Scott Morales May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Not to be left out of the fun, O goes hardcore delusional in a scat slathered speech on Friday. After last week’s answerless press conference that displayed Obozo’s vacuity on a variety of subjects, one of which involves the murder of 4 Americans in an embassy while he was at a […]

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18 USC 922 – Prohibited Persons

by Susan Olsen February 4, 2013

Cross-posted in its entirety: H/T Ace of Spades 18 USC 922 – Prohibited Persons “There’s all sorts of “discussion” about firearms law in this country, 99.99% of which is nonproductive blather not worth paying any attention to because of all the intentional distortions being spread by participants propagandists. I use the word “intentional” here very […]

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