Brit Hume

Humor – at Al Gore’s expense

by Skip January 7, 2018

Next he’ll tell us that if the earth cools, it will cause hot weather —> — Brit Hume (@brithume) January 6, 2018 Hey Brit where did you get your climate science degree? — Nancy J (@nardwein) January 7, 2018 Same place Al Gore got his. — Brit Hume (@brithume) January 7, 2018 HEH! […]

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The Republican Party Has Left Us!

by Mike October 24, 2015

Brit Hume postulates, on behalf of the Establishment, that the conservatives in Congress are the real “Republicans In Name Only” because 40 of them are giving the 207 Democrat supplicants in the GOP fits: Dear Brit, let me explain something which Trump understands better than you do: These 40 members of Congress have sworn allegiance […]

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Preventable Disasters:
Did Feinstein Torpedo Hillary? Why?

by Mike January 21, 2014

When the report came out, some of us were a little surprised by how critical it was of the State Department and Administration, even though its studious avoidance of naming either Hillary or Obama appeared somewhat strained. It occurred to me that Feinstein’s report might be a subtle way of both torpedoing Hillary, and burnishing […]

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Brit Hume: Tea Party Arose from GOP Establishment Failure to Restrain Govt. Spending

by Skip October 18, 2013

From Big Journalism, the set up graf: Fox News political analyst Brit Hume conceded that Republicans that grew the federal government while they were in power the last decade may have ultimately been responsible for the recent standoff over the budget because their actions helped create the Tea Party that now stands fiercely opposed to […]

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