Brian Poznanski

Ghost of Poznanski Arrest from 2009 Returns

by Steve MacDonald February 20, 2013

Some stories have legs.  This one has at least 44 of them.  That would be both legs of former Democrat New Hampshire House Rep Brian Poznanski’s and the legs of 21 others, all busted for possession of alcohol (under age drinking), at a house party in Bedford, New Hampshire, circa Halloween 2009. Poznanski was newly elected, and had […]

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Playing 52 Pick Up, And Then Some

by Steve MacDonald November 7, 2010

New Hampshire Election Information ( has the results posted of its 52-pick up page an effort to identify and track the replacement of fifty-two “of the most statist and the most vulnerable legislators in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.”

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Seth Marshall Discovers Property Taxes

by Steve MacDonald May 15, 2010

  Hat tip out of the gate to fellow NHI front pager Richard Olsen Jr. for this fine bit or wordsmithing on Nashua Rep Seth Marshall’s brief letter to the Nashua Telegraph about a pamphlet on the burden of property taxes.  Mr. Marshall (it appears) feels blessed as if the contents of this pamphlet revealed the answer […]

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Get This Man A Space

by Steve MacDonald May 6, 2010

Two weeks later and Rep. Peter Schmidt (D-Strafford 4) still has to park in the No Parking Zone when other spaces are available.  Yes, this is a follow up to my earlier post–Peter " No Parking" Schmidt.  Apparently Peter is a real stand up guy.  Veteran.  Works hard.  Always shows up in Concord.  I appreciate […]

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Introducing Rep Kevin Hodges (D-Awesome Cool)

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2010

  Ah, the arrogance of youth.  Not long ago it was Brian "I have an LSR to get minors off for getting busted for possession of alcohol" Poznanski who was the whelp–having then gotten himself busted as a minor in possession of alcohol in front of a house full of minors and his LSR subsequently […]

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Poznanski, Leishman, Eaton, Et al

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2010

Terri Norelli isn’t all that interested in ethics.  In the past few months several potentially high profile cases have gone softly into that good night with as little pomp as possible.  First, an underage house member Brian Poznanski (D- Kegger)  is arrested at a house party in Bedford where he is violating the law with (an […]

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