Brett Kavanaugh

DISQUS Doodlings – This isn’t how ANY of this works, Bruce!

by Skip September 23, 2018

Well, Peter’s post “Republicans must not cower in the face of Democratic treachery” is getting a bunch of traction in the comments section and as I do from time to time, I mix it up in the comments instead of just putting my thoughts here on the front page.  This time, I just couldn’t help […]

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Presumption of Guilt – Another Reason to Oppose The Left

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2018

Differing on matters of policy is one thing but the New Left’s presumption of guilt, at least as it applies to presumed political opponents, is despotic. It must be opposed as should be any member of the Democrat Party who condones it. From the Wall Street Journal c/o Instapundit. As Ms. Hill and Sen. Hirono […]

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Chris Matthews reveals Democrats “End Game”

by Op-Ed September 20, 2018

by Jim Johnson The “Puke” Chris Matthews reveals Democrats end game for Brett Kavanaugh, which amounts to nothing more than blackmail. An orchestrated conspiracy hell bent on defaming a successful white male from achieving his full potential. Time to investigate the Democrats unholy alliance with the mainstream media and their in-your-face sustained attacks, and outright […]

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A Quick Thought on The Latest Kavanaugh Allegations

by Op-Ed September 19, 2018

by The Editors Judge Brett Kavanaugh was accused of some sort of misbehavior thirty years ago by a woman no one had heard of until this past week. So, what do we know and what do we need to know? GraniteGrok is here to help.

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What I Just Remembered

by Ed Naile September 18, 2018

What a bind the Kavanaugh nomination is in. We have an instance of repressed memory assault and attempted rape allegations from one Christine “Stormy” Ford against her, when she was 15 years old at a drinking party, by Brett Kavanaugh, who was then something like 17 years old. So, with these facts now come to […]

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Notorious RBG Not Happy With Kavanaugh Confirmation Histrionics

by Steve MacDonald September 14, 2018

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, speaking at George Washington University Law School, expressed a lack of appreciation for the partisan show that consumes the Supreme Court Justice Confirmation process “The atmosphere in ’93 was truly bipartisan. The vote on my confirmation was 96 to 3, even though I had spent about 10 years of my life […]

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Mitch McConnell: Kavanaugh Will be Confirmed in September

by Steve MacDonald September 9, 2018

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in an interview last week with Hugh Hewitt, was confident that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed. “He’ll be on board at the Supreme Court by the first Monday in October, which you and I both know is the beginning of the October term.”

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Why You Won’t Find Abortion in the U.S. Constitution

by Steve MacDonald September 7, 2018

Democrats should be happy that Judge Kavanaugh does not see a specific right to abortion in the words of the US Constitution. It means that the lib-states can do whatever they want. Lefty Landscapes can continue to “euthanize” minority populations before birth and legally “separate” immigrant mothers from their unborn babies. All at Taxpayer Expense! […]

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Feinstein v. Kavanaugh – Assault Weapons v. Semi-Automatics, and Common Use

by Steve MacDonald September 7, 2018

Dianne Feinstein has a problem. Sorry. We could fill a blog with everything with which Dianne Feinstein has a problem and, wait. I think we…anyway. Today’s “problem” is common use with regard to what the California Senator refers to as “Assault Weapons” and Judge Kavanaugh’s response regarding ‘semi-automatic’ weapons, precedent, and the second amendment. The Senator thinks that he and […]

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The Kavanaugh Compromise

by Ian Underwood September 5, 2018

Recent discussions regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court seem to have centered largely around two issues:  guns and abortion. Judging from my own experience, conservatives tend to be both pro-gun and anti-abortion, while progressives tend to be both anti-gun and pro-abortion: Pro-abortion Anti-abortion Pro-gun Conservative Anti-gun Progressive So it occurs to […]

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The Kavanaugh Amendment

by Ian Underwood September 4, 2018

If the answers to constitutional questions are in the Constitution, then it shouldn’t matter at all who sits on the Supreme Court.  We should be able to replace any subset of justices, and the same questions should get the same answers.  They’re all looking at the same document, right? You might be feeling some hesitation […]

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Blogline of the Day – What they fear most they first seek to destroy

by Skip July 14, 2018

Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh. They Fear the Constitution. OK, let me try to write short on this one for a change: Do I really need to explain why? When the Left is reduced to calling him a “frat boy” because of his first name, you KNOW they got nuttin’ and he isn’t the real […]

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by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2018

The left is so unhinged about the nomination of (XX) that the progressive monkeys are “digging deep” for any bit of poo to throw. This has ignited the Twitterverse with a new hashtag. #BrettKavanaughScadals. As you might expect, the denizens of said ‘verse’ are having a blast owning that hashtag to make fun of the left. Carrie […]

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Roe v. Wade is Just a Clump of Words

by Steve MacDonald July 12, 2018

Democrats are not progressive. They like old stuff. Trains to move people. Governments based on an unimpeachable ruling class. And Supreme Court decisions that even bioethicist and infanticide fetishist Peter Singer would like to see scrapped like Roe v. Wade.

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh has ruled that Net Neutrality violates the First Amendment.

by Steve MacDonald July 11, 2018

Ken White at Popehat has a detailed breakdown of important decisions written by longtime circuit court judge Brett Kavanaugh. The point being, not to advocate but to explore for the purpose of summarizing where a Justice Kavanaugh is likely to come down on future First Amendment cases. I found them all interesting but one, in particular, caught my attention and […]

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Tina Toon: Trump Puts The Hammer Down For Originalism

by Mike July 10, 2018

Donald Trump has definitely grown into the job, and it was clear he had done his homework when he introduced with obvious pride, his second Supreme Court Pick, Brett Kavanaugh. It was particularly significant that both Trump and Judge Kavanaugh emphasized fidelity to the text of the Constitution and the law in question, in order […]

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This is What I Want In a Supreme Court Judge

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2018

Most of the copy I’m reading on SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh revolves back to a common point. The guy is a textualist who opposes a reimagining of the separation of powers.  That includes courts and bureaucrats who too often think they get to decide what things mean instead of making Legislators do it. Kavanaugh is a committed textualist. As […]

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Women’s March Sends Out Press Release Against SCOTUS Nominee “XX”

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2018

Do you remember the nomination of Justice Gorsuch? Protesters had blank signs on which they wrote the name of the nominee, so they could hate on them. Whoever it was, they’d get sharpied on to signs that were then waved in ‘protest.’ Fast-Forward to yesterday and the latest Supreme Court nomination announcement. Before the words […]

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President Trump Nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2018

President Trump has chosen Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee and yes the left already has ads running against him. Here’s The Daily Signal’s Synopsis on Kavanaugh. Brett Kavanaugh Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Age: 53 Education: Yale University; Yale Law School Clerkships: Walter Stapleton (3rd Circuit); Alex Kozinski (9th Circuit); Justice Anthony Kennedy […]

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Trump SCOTUS “Kennedy Replacement” List Down To Two

by Steve MacDonald July 3, 2018

We’ll know the next Supreme Court nominee’s name on Monday, but by all accounts, the choices are already down to two. CBS News has learned that D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Chicago Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett are currently Mr. Trump’s leading contenders for the appointment to the nation’s highest court. A […]

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