Brenda Grady

Brenda Grady – OFA Shill and Democrat Party Mule?

by Steve MacDonald August 2, 2013

New Hampshire House Rep Brenda Grady (D- Merrimack) has proven herself to be exactly what I claimed she and her husband were (he did not win office) before the election last November; mules for the state Democrat Party’s partisan agenda. While the Grady’s tried to style themselves as less partisan, moderate candidates, who would work […]

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Immunity Bill for Gun Owners Passes the House

by Scott Morales February 22, 2013

How would many Democratic N.H. House Reps, (including the only Merrimack Democratic House Rep), one Republican Rep, and hoplophobes answer the following questions? Suppose someone hotwires your F-150, spins a few doughnuts in your neighbors lawn, and then proceeds to tear through an intersection only to T-Bone a Statey.  Do you think you should also […]

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Brenda and John Grady – Toeing the Liberal Lie in Merrimack

by Steve MacDonald November 4, 2012

I wasn’t going to expend any effort on these two, Democrats,  more moderate on their face than most I am told by some, but Democrats none the less.  But today (Sunday), they dropped off a page of printed nonsense at my home which requires some attention. There are four bullet points on their missive to […]

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