The Pussification Of Kellogg’s Tiger

by Mike December 4, 2016

While we were peacefully enjoying our Frosted Flakes every morning, thinking America and Tony the Tiger were both just G-r-r-reat!, a liberal revolution was seeping into the very fabric of our country (thanks, Obama!), and apparently oozing its way onto our breakfast tables (thanks, Kellogg’s!). The first sign of trouble came early in Obama’s reign, […]

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Kellogg’s Values Now Include Cop Killing?

by Steve MacDonald December 1, 2016

Kellogg got some more explaining to do. “The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which maintains strong financial ties to the Kellogg Company, has provided at least $930,000 in support of the controversial work of the Black Lives Matter organization.” Kellogg Inc. is uncomfortable advertising on Conservative Websites because they don’t align with their values. Values that include […]

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Would Andrew Breitbart Think The Same Thing This Time Around?

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2016
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Would Andrew have said the same this time around? I think he would.

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Social Justice Warrior SMACKDOWN that needs to be Shared

by Kimberly Morin January 1, 2016

Given that I’m in the midst of writing about the left wing feminists and social justice warriors of the ‘Free the Nipple’ movement, this post appeared on my news feed at the absolutely appropriate time. This is an epic take down of the people who demand you agree with them or they will bully you […]

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Why Did the NHGOP Scrub this Press Release

by Steve MacDonald November 16, 2015
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  Mike Flynn at Breitbart has a nice long piece on Kelly Ayotte’s declining fortunes in New Hampshire politics. No, not the ‘the base wont vote for that Georgetown Kool Aid drinking establishment RINO‘ misfortune we’ve been on about. He’s referring to RLCNH Chair Aaron Day’s threat to run as a third party candidate in […]

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Quarantine Shaheen Street Art Hits New Hampshire

by Scott Morales November 3, 2014
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Quarantine Shaheen street art posters were plastered throughout New Hampshire yesterday.  The poster depicts a zombified Shaheen complete with O’s campaign logo for her eyes.  Which is a nice touch, it succinctly conveys what’s she’s been doing in DC for six years.  How she serves the people of New Hampshire.  She serves them like an […]

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GrokTALK! May 31,2014 – The Videos

by Skip May 31, 2014

As always, Steve has the podcast video here. Pre-show – Groksters Steve, Mike, and Skip just yak a bit. Segment 1 – Frequent commenter Chris P. Bacon (aka, the “Baconator”) calls into the show and keeps the crew laughing Segment 2 – The gang talks about the news of the Day and Week: Weather / […]

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GrokTALK! Live Stream for May 31st, 2014

by Steve MacDonald May 31, 2014
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This week (GrokTALK! for May 31st, 2014)  Breitbart contributor Warner Todd Huston joins us to talk about retail establishments that insist on being gun free, and NH House rep, and candidate for the NH State Senate, Regina Birdsell joins us to talk, end of session ‘fun,’ campaign season, and her race for the upper chamber.  […]

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Is Polygamy A Recipe for Social Chaos?

by Steve MacDonald December 24, 2013
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Ken Klukowski at Bretibart shares some thoughts on the Utah Polygamy Ruling… It is one thing to say that you do not think anyone should make moral judgments in public policy, though again no one really means that. It’s nothing short of Orwellian to say that it’s morally right and praiseworthy to redefine marriage to […]

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Now I’m Not Alone…In Wondering About DHS Stockpiling Ammo.

by Steve MacDonald February 10, 2013

Back on Februry 7th I speculated… If you are the government, and you want to hamstring gun owners whom you object to, why not buy massive quantities of ammunition to both drive up the price and corner the supply?  If no one else can get it or afford it, you–by default–not only have more of […]

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Seven “Firsts” for the US Economy

by Steve MacDonald January 1, 2013

From Wynton Hall at Breitbart…an end of year (or beginning of year) list of Mr. Obama’s new normal.  This is his America, and that of Democrats who have had a majority control of the US government for six years now. Mr. Hall calls these “seven firsts for the US economy.” 1. All-time record annual average […]

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Here’s a great example of what’s causing Republican angst lately – and a fact staring down the NH Dems

by Skip October 1, 2012

Tim has a great chart about political registration – while it is true that it is not all roses blooming for the Republicans, it looks downright nasty for the Democrats.  And using that as the foundation, look at this from (yes, again) The Corner: Obama Three Points Ahead Among likely voters, President Obama is at […]

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RightOnline 2012 – I’m gonna have to get the guys to report on this: “Occupy Unmasked”

by Skip June 17, 2012

Certainly, I have done enough posting about the Occupy Wall Street movement, especially here in NH.  Once again, I have another reason to be a bit jealous of the Groksters who went as they had the chance to preview this new movie by Citizens United (yes, THAT Citizens United) covering the OWS as a whole.    […]

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Some Super Fac’s About Super PAC’s – Before the Left Rolls out Their Tired Narrative Again

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2012

  From John Nolte at Breitbart/Big Journalism:  A few fac’s about super pac’s 1. Just like a campaign, Super PACs are required to publicly disclose any donor who contributes any amount over $200. 2. You wouldn’t know it from the media coverage, but… Yes, Virginia, there are pro-Obama super PACs currently hitting Romney and they’re […]

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Obama Woz Here – Our President Inserted into History!

by Mike May 25, 2012

From Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro– You can’t make this stuff up – Obama has a very good imagination already! The White House website has always featured biographies of past presidents…….. Now, however, President Obama has decided that those other presidential biographies weren’t complete without a sentence about him. Seriously. As it turns out, all past presidents […]

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Yet More Fraudian Slips from the Fake Background of Our Composite President

by Mike May 20, 2012

A week or so ago, I noted that the odd perspective and lighting had led analysts to question the authenticity of the famous Obama-Osama situation room photograph. (Another Fraudian Slip from the Obama Administration?) Little did I know that, like many politicians, Obama had been partial to a little creative resume enhancement: You don’t have […]

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Adoption “Advocates” Have No Sense of Humor?

by Steve MacDonald May 14, 2012

In the new Avengers movie, Thor is defending his brother Loki–the arch villain in the film–when he is reminded by Black Widow that Loki has killed 80 people in two days.  Thor replies, “he’s adopted.” I laughed.  The theater laughed.  It was funny. But not to Mara Parker from Trinidad, California.  She was offended and […]

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Do You Have The Stones To Outlast the Federal Government?

by Steve MacDonald March 22, 2012

Most Americans would never last this long.  And that is exactly what the tyrannical bureaucracy depends on.  They need you to give up so they can abuse the people and their rights,  unchallenged.  But these folks went the distance and not only won, they embarrassed the EPA.  We need a few million more just like […]

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Should Obama’s DOJ Introduce “Project Street Walker?”

by Steve MacDonald October 20, 2011

Given the success of project gunrunner, its seems obvious now that Obama and the DOJ will need to deploy a similar program based on the repeated remarks of Vice President Joe Biden, now being echoed among the Democrat party leadership. That if we “do not spend billions of dollars by this Friday, we risk increasing the number of women raped.

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